Ultimate Life Hacks from 2018

Ultimate Life Hacks from 2018! A tips and tricks mashup from lifestyle, writing and blogging experiences to help you navigate 2019. Click for 12 new ideas! Live your best life, life lessons, personal growth and motivation, Positivity and inspiration, Manifestation, books, writing and publishing, writing tips, Creative writing, blogging tips, fiction, novel #tips #lifehacks #inspirational #lifestyle #life

2018 was an educational year filled with “AHA! I get it now!” moments resulting in many life hacks that will make my life easier next time, hopefully. If I remember. I’m the type of person who loves to share so you don’t have to go through the same frustrations. I become super happy when making someone else’s life a heck of a lot easier. I hope you will find something here that will make you say, “Aha!” too.

Enjoy my look back and 2018 mashup.

#1 A trick to avoid afternoon slump.

How to beat Mid-afternoon slump, woman sleeps at computer

Have you ever hit that afternoon yawnfest when all you want to do is climb into bed and sleep until dinnertime? Yeah, well I have. Then one day, I discovered a new way to get my heart pumping and I cranked through the rest of the day.

Click for the trick:

How to Beat Mid-Afternoon Slump.

#2 Become the next WordPress Editor’s Pick

Stand out and get noticed. Most people emulate, carbon copy, and duplicate to become popular. Unfortunately, readers can see through these pale comparisons. This is true for everyone screaming to be heard over the roar while garnering an online presence.

Look at me! Learn how to be Discovered and stand out from the blogging crowd! Click to be seen by the editors at WordPress. Blogging tips and tricks with ideas for new and old blogs #blogging #blogging tips

Don’t want to wait around?

There’s a cheat code for becoming Discovered on WordPress. Although, I haven’t used it, click to find out how to get the editors to consider one of your blog posts. You can nominate someone else too!

Click to find out my little secret. How to Be Discovered on WordPress.

#3 The trick to becoming more creative.

Are you plugged into to the Internet more than you might like to admit? There’s a creative price to pay for not letting your brain do its thing. Click to find out what that is.

Why Being Bored is Best for Creativity

An illustration of my brain on inspiration.

#4 Stop Struggling. Write thousands of words a day.

After you have unlocked your creativity, it’s time to get those words on the page. I made a list of tips and tricks to keep the flow going throughout the day even if you work.

How to Write Thousands of Words a Day

#5 Finish your book by writing it in ONE MONTH.

I never would have thought I could write a book in six months let alone one. I came up with a list to help you reach your goal.

How to Write a Book in One Month

How to write a book in one month! Tips and tricks to make writing flow! books, writing, and publishing, writing tips, fiction, novel, creative writing

#6 Find more success and less frustration by embracing your own creativity.

I took a trip to California where people take being creative to a new level starting with appearance. Click to unleash your inner unique spirit.

How to Be Creative in a World Full of Sellouts

#7 Made a few branding mistakes? Don’t think you have one? Believe me. Everyone does.

We’ve all seen this on Facebook. Some people can’t resist posting when angry. Here’s the delio. Everything you put in writing becomes your brand whoever you are and whatever you do. Most don’t realize written words influence their reputation and image.

The good news? No matter how much you’ve damaged your brand, there are ways to fix it. Click and read on.

Your Personal Brand and How to Improve It!

#8 Discover more Hygge moments in 2019.

Back in 2017, I wrote an article about the cozy hygge lifestyle and what it means. Last summer, I wrote a new list of ideas to capture these special moments.

On the mountain and enjoying a hygge moment. Click for 12 lifestyle ideas! Life lessons, live your best life, tips, life hacks and DIYs #lifelessons #life #hygge

#9 Reach your goals this year.

Okay, so making a vision board works. The more specific the better. Be honest and have fun with it.

Make a Vision Board and Reach Your Goals!

#10 A simple way to avoid failure.

It’s amazing how similar reaching your goals is to accomplishing a physical feat. Click for simple ideas to keep your eyes on the prize! Anything is better than seeing it waaaay above your head while landing on your butt.

How to Avoid Major Failure

#11 How to navigate conversation with a cancer survivor.

Ha! So, I’ve been guilty of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. Many times. After hitting my five year cancer free mark, I came up with a list of the worst things to say to a cancer survivor so you don’t put your foot in your mouth. It’s not a comfortable position.

What Not to Say to a Cancer Survivor

Heck yes, these boobs are fake t-shirt

#12 Why you should challenge yourself in 2019.

There are times in your life when challenges appear out of nowhere and you’re left with a decision to make. Do you face it or run away and hide? I propose going for it. Every challenge whether it’s in business, relationships, travel, a physical activity, or just a plain old facing a fear, builds confidence. This list will make you think twice before saying no next time.

10 Reasons Why a Challenge is Worth the Whiplash

(I just went through this decision-making process when being asked to go on a hut trip. Unless it’s below zero, I’ll add this accomplishment to my list early in 2019.)


I hope you enjoy these inspirational articles. They all come from my own misadventures, temptations, major mistakes, and experiments in my work and wild life.

Happy New Year!

May 2019 be filled with fun, joy, and laughter. I hope you reach your goals and all of your wishes come true. Can you imagine? Yeah. That’s the first step. Reread #9.

Happy New Year 2019

Are you ready for the New Year? Was 2018 an educational for you?

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