Embarrassing Injuries

Embarrassing injuries and how to heal them. A cautionary tale! Outdoor adventures, health and fitness, wellness and self care, positivity and inspiration, life lessons, live your best life, skiing #health #injuries #selfcare #lifelessons #lifestyle

I’m the queen of embarrassing injuries. Four of them hit me in a row last year, defying the bad luck comes in threes superstition. Calf tears, hamstring pulls, and several ankle sprains as a tennis player should have taught me what to do when injured. Yep, but I can be the queen of major mistakes too.

Talk about stupid and I haven’t even gotten to my latest story. One time, I hurt the tops of both feet when running for a short ball returned while playing tennis over Memorial Day weekend. I took Ibuprophen and Tylenol before playing matches that summer. Endorphins did the rest to mask the pain. When one foot still hurt in October, I had it x-rayed. It was broken. Ten days of wearing a flat shoe healed it. Sheesh.

In my defense, my latest ridiculous injury originated from heli-skiing. (That sounds so much cooler than what happened over the holidays.) Temperatures soared the last day of our trip. Skiing in heavy snow while on skis waaaay too long for me (do I sound defensive?) proved hard to turn. To prevent avalanches, our group turned alongside tracks made by our group.

A shot from on top of the world in Canada –

Heli skiing in Canada! Life lessons, live your best life, self care, outdoor adventures, positivity and inspiration, life hacks, #life #lifelessons #liveyourbestlife #outdooradventures

One time, my shoulders and upper body turned, but my right knee didn’t. My medial collateral yanked my knee as the joint bent in a strange and painful way. Youch. Good thing I didn’t trash it on the first day.

A couple of years later, again in heavy snow, I twisted that same ligament. After healing it a second time, my MCL would occasionally flare up but never gave me that much trouble.

I forgot about it until this summer. Yes. Summer. While vacationing in London, we slept in the hardest beds ever. I tossed and turned. During one of those tosses, I twisted my upper body, but my leg didn’t move since the sheets and comforter were tucked in tight.

That dang medial collateral ligament fired up like a bee sting! I was up for hours. The next day, I limped around the city. Eventually, the pain subsided and I forgot about it.

Until Christmas.

Insomnia struck. I had thousands of things to do the next day including shopping, preparing for family to arrive, wrapping presents, and baking, yada, yada, yada. I needed a good night’s sleep.

The first time I looked at the clock it read midnight. Then 1:00, then 2:00. When it was 3:00, I turned over and ZING! I twisted my knee. Oh, how it hurt. It took until 5:00 AM to finally doze off.

Have you ever noticed how you can’t sleep when you’re the most exhausted and really need it?

The next night, I tried Melatonin. It kept me up ALL night. I seem to have the opposite reaction to drugs. Hyperactive on Valium before eye surgery. Lots of pain with oxycotin. You get my drift.

I discovered the culprit of my insomnia and unplugged my clock. Yay!

Now when I wake up, I roll over and go back to sleep without thinking about it. I also make sure the bedding is loose. Slept like a baby the rest of the holiday. 

We skied after Christmas. My MCL was still sore but I took Tylenol. The ligament warmed up with endorphins and blood flow. I also wore elastic knee braces. Plural since I had a partial knee replacement four years ago and like to keep it warm. The second day, I forgot my braces. When I arrived home, it stiffened up.

Embarrassing injuries and how to treat them. A cautionary tale of mistakes made, but solutions found! Wellness and self care, life lessons, live your best life, outdoor adventures, health and fitness, life hacks, #lifehacks #injuries #health #fitness #skiing

More mistakes were made.

I went online and Googled: Exercises for a medial collateral.

Then, I lay on the floor and did the painful leg lifts. I assumed it was in some sort of spasm and stretching the tight ligament would release it.

The next day, I limped into the kitchen more sore than ever. Since it was five degrees outside, I didn’t feel bad about staying home and not skiing. Like most injuries, it got worse over the next two days.

It took me a while to realize how stupid I had been.

I should have Googled: How to heal a medial collateral:

Google replied with loads of the exact same advice:

Ice and elevate it, and use compression. DUH!

I’ve had so many injuries, I should have known better. Whether I twisted it on some super steep mountain or in the sheets of my bed, bodies need time to heal. So here I am, up in the mountains the following weekend and it’s still sore. I’m icing and elevating instead of skiing today. It would have been healed by now had I used a little self care.

All because of exercising my knee too early. GAH! Hence, this is my first life hack of 2019. Seems like I’m always learning something.

A snowstorm is predicted tonight but it’s already snowing and it’s early afternoon. I’m sure my knee will be fine enough to ski tomorrow. I will have all week to compress, ice, and elevate it. Let’s go skiing!

Do you have any recurring injuries? Do you tough it out or baby them?

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  1. You’re not the only person to do things to your body. Both my little toes have been broken twice by sliding into wood surrounds,been caught by a heavy door, or kicking immovable objects. Had a knee replacement after slipping on concrete steps because I wore jandals just after it had rained. Others: dropping a movable oil heater on my foot causing a split that ended up taking 6 weeks to heal because it was stitched too late(still pulls painfully at times). Broken thumb because I had it tucked into a heavy backpack, tripped, fell with all my weight onto it. Broke my numeral head in three places tripping up a high verge and landing on my elbow that needed on op, metalwork, years of physio and exercise to keep it mobile. Numerous falls forward in embarrassing places(malls, hospitals). I have a large bust that often means when I trip I can’t recover without landing face first. WLS and exercise has lead to a major improvement here. Life gives you pain and so brilliant stories that have others laughing at your antics.


      1. Weight loss surgery. My highest weight was 147.7 kgs and I would yoyo up and down 20 kgs every season. My brother offered to pay for it privately. I took him up on the offer. It has made a major change to my life. I am healthier and I exercise way more. The amount of food I can eat is much smaller andI am aware of my nutirional needs and limit the wants to trats not meals and only on occasion not regularly.


  2. wow Susie, my head was spinning reading this.
    My kids have the same thing as far as reverse reactions to meds. they would get hyped on benadryl ??!!
    Now, please stay in one piece the rest of the ski season!!


    1. Thanks so much, Denise!
      I’m still struggling. I walked a couple of miles on Monday thinking it was over and POW! That little tendon fired up so much the next day, I could barely walk. The healing is very gradual. Dang. So I’m taking it slow. Lots of healthy foods, rest and hot tub soaks. 🙂 I learned a valuable lesson. GET IN THE GYM AND STRENGTHEN YOUR KNEES! Okay. I get it. Hey! That’s probably what the feather was about. A gentle reminder without allcap shouting.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. From my point of view of just getting over a head wound from tripping in the bedroom and hitting my brow on a dresser (19 stitches, thank you), I will not pass judgment; however, something I have discovered. My chiro told me he had been told that melatonin pills really don’t work much at all. It needs to be absorbed really well in small amounts and pills don’t usually do even that. The answer? Go to your local grocery and find 100% no sugar added cherry juice. You may have to try a couple of brands. I use Meijer at 3.49 a bottle. Pure cherry juice has plenty of natural melatonin in it and the juice will be absorbed well. 3-4 oz 1/2 hour before bedtime. The first night, I slept quickly and twice as long (for me, that’s about 4 hours). It has been as much as 6 hours straight. I have bathroom issues and stoke issues so 1-2 hours was about all I could manage at a time.


    1. First of all, OUCH! That sound so painful.
      Thanks for the cherry juice tip. Next time I’m going through a streak of sleepless nights I’ll definitely buy some. Who knew? Thanks, Scott! It’s always great to see you!

      Liked by 1 person

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