Embarrassing Injuries

Embarrassing injuries and how to heal them. A cautionary tale! Outdoor adventures, health and fitness, wellness and self care, positivity and inspiration, life lessons, live your best life, skiing #health #injuries #selfcare #lifelessons #lifestyle

I’m the queen of embarrassing injuries. Four of them hit me in a row last year, defying the bad luck comes in threes superstition. Calf tears, hamstring pulls, and several ankle sprains as a tennis player should have taught me what to do when injured. Yep, but I can be the queen of major mistakes too.

Talk about stupid and I haven’t even gotten to my latest story. One time, I hurt the tops of both feet when running for a short ball returned while playing tennis over Memorial Day weekend. I took Ibuprophen and Tylenol before playing matches that summer. Endorphins did the rest to mask the pain. When one foot still hurt in October, I had it x-rayed. It was broken. Ten days of wearing a flat shoe healed it. Sheesh.

In my defense, my latest ridiculous injury originated from heli-skiing. (That sounds so much cooler than what happened over the holidays.) Temperatures soared the last day of our trip. Skiing in heavy snow while on skis waaaay too long for me (do I sound defensive?) proved hard to turn. To prevent avalanches, our group turned alongside tracks made by our group.

A shot from on top of the world in Canada –

Heli skiing in Canada! Life lessons, live your best life, self care, outdoor adventures, positivity and inspiration, life hacks, #life #lifelessons #liveyourbestlife #outdooradventures

One time, my shoulders and upper body turned, but my right knee didn’t. My medial collateral yanked my knee as the joint bent in a strange and painful way. Youch. Good thing I didn’t trash it on the first day.

A couple of years later, again in heavy snow, I twisted that same ligament. After healing it a second time, my MCL would occasionally flare up but never gave me that much trouble.

I forgot about it until this summer. Yes. Summer. While vacationing in London, we slept in the hardest beds ever. I tossed and turned. During one of those tosses, I twisted my upper body, but my leg didn’t move since the sheets and comforter were tucked in tight.

That dang medial collateral ligament fired up like a bee sting! I was up for hours. The next day, I limped around the city. Eventually, the pain subsided and I forgot about it.

Until Christmas.

Insomnia struck. I had thousands of things to do the next day including shopping, preparing for family to arrive, wrapping presents, and baking, yada, yada, yada. I needed a good night’s sleep.

The first time I looked at the clock it read midnight. Then 1:00, then 2:00. When it was 3:00, I turned over and ZING! I twisted my knee. Oh, how it hurt. It took until 5:00 AM to finally doze off.

Have you ever noticed how you can’t sleep when you’re the most exhausted and really need it?

The next night, I tried Melatonin. It kept me up ALL night. I seem to have the opposite reaction to drugs. Hyperactive on Valium before eye surgery. Lots of pain with oxycotin. You get my drift.

I discovered the culprit of my insomnia and unplugged my clock. Yay!

Now when I wake up, I roll over and go back to sleep without thinking about it. I also make sure the bedding is loose. Slept like a baby the rest of the holiday. 

We skied after Christmas. My MCL was still sore but I took Tylenol. The ligament warmed up with endorphins and blood flow. I also wore elastic knee braces. Plural since I had a partial knee replacement four years ago and like to keep it warm. The second day, I forgot my braces. When I arrived home, it stiffened up.

Embarrassing injuries and how to treat them. A cautionary tale of mistakes made, but solutions found! Wellness and self care, life lessons, live your best life, outdoor adventures, health and fitness, life hacks, #lifehacks #injuries #health #fitness #skiing

More mistakes were made.

I went online and Googled: Exercises for a medial collateral.

Then, I lay on the floor and did the painful leg lifts. I assumed it was in some sort of spasm and stretching the tight ligament would release it.

The next day, I limped into the kitchen more sore than ever. Since it was five degrees outside, I didn’t feel bad about staying home and not skiing. Like most injuries, it got worse over the next two days.

It took me a while to realize how stupid I had been.

I should have Googled: How to heal a medial collateral:

Google replied with loads of the exact same advice:

Ice and elevate it, and use compression. DUH!

I’ve had so many injuries, I should have known better. Whether I twisted it on some super steep mountain or in the sheets of my bed, bodies need time to heal. So here I am, up in the mountains the following weekend and it’s still sore. I’m icing and elevating instead of skiing today. It would have been healed by now had I used a little self care.

All because of exercising my knee too early. GAH! Hence, this is my first life hack of 2019. Seems like I’m always learning something.

A snowstorm is predicted tonight but it’s already snowing and it’s early afternoon. I’m sure my knee will be fine enough to ski tomorrow. I will have all week to compress, ice, and elevate it. Let’s go skiing!

Do you have any recurring injuries? Do you tough it out or baby them?

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89 thoughts on “Embarrassing Injuries

Add yours

  1. It sounds to me like you love your sport so it must be worth It!
    I get plantar fasciitis but I cannot predict what might set it off. Bad shoes, bare feet walking- I had to totally give up flat pumps!
    Insomnia sucks. If you can sleep you can handle most things in life x


    1. That’s true about sleep! Tightly tucked in sheets can cause plantar fasciitis too. I try to remember to flex my feet before stepping out of bed. I’ve avoided that injury so far. *knocks on wood*
      Thanks for reading, Orla!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think these kinds of things are more common than we think! My two most embarrassing: 1) Tweaking my back while leaning out of bed to pick up a book that had fallen on the floor when I dozed off while reading (I kept retweaking it and it turned into a chronic injury that took years to feel better); 2) breaking my toe while practicing yoga at home! (jumping forward and not using my coreto lift my legs high enough, so my toe caught on my sticky mat).


    1. You’re right! I’m sure we’ve all done something silly. I hope both of your injuries have healed.

      While watching Dancing with the Stars, I kicked my leg in the air and pulled my hamstring. Lol!


  3. Actually, I tend to be pretty lucky in the silly injury department. Most of my injuries are from something hellashish happening (water on the knee from a skiing accident – where I didn’t even fall down, just twisted my knee on one of those pebbly icy areas but kept right on going downhill.) I guess I’m just not accident prone.

    That’s not to say I haven’t done something stupid, because I have. Can you say trying to run in 4″ stilettos and turning an ankle? Yeah, that was stupid. Trying to walk on solid ice in rubber soled shoes? Yeah, another not too bright moment. But no major injuries.

    As far as melatonin goes – I had issues with it the first 2 nights I took it, but now I take it every night. I think it does help. I take 3 gummies (even though the bottle says to take 2) and I usually find myself extremely sleepy in about half an hour. Maybe give it another shot. Or try reading a really boring book.

    Here’s hoping the rest of 2019 is injury free my friend.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks so much, Patricia! We’ve both been through enough.

      Ice is the worst. Broke my wrist two years ago while wearing super soled snow boots. I needed bear trapper crampons!!! I forgot about the fall I took last year in a restaurant. That was the same week I poked my head with a nail in the attic. They’re all coming back to me now. LOL!


  4. As I was reminded by my orthopedic surgeon – all impact sports are done. I’ve skied once and that was it, it don’t go well and I will forever be the punchline of a very embarrassing story. I love the snow and I love looking at it and perhaps shovelling it but that as far as it goes. Hang in there, recovery takes a lot longer than we realize (or want it to) so take your time, the mountains aren’t going anywhere and there will always be snow!


    1. Thanks, Clay! Yes, I’ve slowed down with this one. I’m watching the Golden Globes and the weather forecaster keeps breaking in on commercials warning of the humongous snowstorm in the mountains so we’ll see. It’s getting better every day.

      Knees are tricky. I plan to hit the gym hard this year but you know those best laid plans that pave the way to hell. I’m already a week behind. Lol!


  5. Oh wow you’re sounding as old as I feel! I stacked it snowboarding a few years ago. Landed on my butt on a patch of ice. For the next few days my right glute was so swollen it was like I had succeeded in getting half a ghetto booty, whilst the other side remained somewhat the figure of a 12 year old skater boy.

    It was about 2 years later when I was doing a personal training course that I finally had it seen to. The swelling had gone down however there had been constant aggravation to my right glute and hip ever since. I went to a physio who stated that my snowboarding stack had resulted in me “disconnecting my glute”. I’m not sure if this was his explanation in laymans terms or what, but through many, many sessions of dry needling glute strengthening, I finally have my skater boy figure back again with an equally strong left to right glute ratio.


    1. Ha! What’s a skater boy figure? I’m assuming my pancake-like buns are somewhat similar. LOL! Yep, sometimes those old injuries linger and then magically disappear. I’m glad to hear your glutes are a matched set once again after rehab. That sounded so painful!

      I just clicked to your site and WP says it’s been deleted. Do you have another photography site?


  6. I’m so sorry about your injuries, but I have to add how impressed I am at your overall athleticism. I am certain that I don’t have you skill or courage! It sounds to me like the healing can be complicated when you’re not certain of the best treatments, but you do seem to heal well enough to get back out there! So again, Susie, I’m impressed! I hope the rest of 2019 will be safe and accident-free!


    1. Thanks so much, Debra! I’m hoping for safe year too, for both of us! Some of these setbacks are more irritating than anything else, but I’m anxious to get back out to ski and hit the gym too. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. It’s snowing, hard!!!


  7. I’ve had a lot of injuries over the years and have been left with a lot of chronic side effects. There is only one “skiing” injury I can share…as embarrassing it is. It’s hard to believe that this Canadian girl can not ice skate and had never even attempted skiing until my mid twenties. My best friend at the time was sure he could get me on the slopes and change my mind about winter sports. He had me try on his skis in his living room and was attempting to make me comfortable with some basics like bending your knees and getting in and out of the skis. He didn’t get far before I took a major tumble and wiped out his coffee table among other things. There was a lot of blood and I had to be taken to the hospital. My injuries were more embarrassing than serious, a lot of pain, swelling and vivid colours. That was my last attempt at skiing.


    1. OH, NO!!!! I’m sorry I laughed but you never got on the slopes. Most accidents happen in the home! He must have felt terrible. You must have hit your head since you mentioned vivid colors. No fun at all. I can see where that was the end of skiing for you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No apologies necessary. How can you not laugh…it’s hysterical! Once, while waiting for back surgery, I took a pretty good tumble down my front steps. I had lost the use of my left leg from the back thing and a friend was helping me down. I ended up sprawled on the ground. My friend was mortified and terrified. All I could do was lie there and and laugh and laugh and laugh. She eventually joined me on the ground laughing. We were quite the picture laying there laughing so hard and not able to get up. When I finally had the surgery my good leg was in a cast from the fall. We still laugh about it.

        The vivid colours were actually the bruises all over me.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing injuries, including managing to sit down really hard in the edge of a hard chair and bruising my ‘whoopsie’!


  9. We seem to have this in common, however; it is due to being an active human. I had an injury in my late 30’s that took me two years to recover from (i.e. learn to walk, step, etc. again) and it will last me my lifetime – the damage is done. I have learned to be more patient as well as schedule in relaxation and rest. I no longer can or really want to hit the gym 5 days a week – 3 days a week works best for my whole being along with being active the other days (i.e. walking, etc.). It seems to be working for me due to feeling better and actually experiencing an over 20 lb weight loss in the past year. For right now I want to stay on my two feet and not be in two wheels, so I have learned to slow my roll. I have learned to listen to my bodies needs for a change of pace in the past year. Falling off my bike in June set me back a bit, but it was road rash and a bit of bruising. Thank goodness not a major spill. Hang in there and Take Care (((((hugs)))))


    1. Oh, wow! Congrats on the weight loss. 3 times a week is fantastic! Way to go, Renee!
      With the prediction of 90 mile-an-hour winds, we headed down the mountains instead of skiing today. I really need a few more days before stressing it out.


  10. You are a perennial source of inspiration and solace, Susie. I could write a 7 volume saga about my broken (well, almost) back, but I’d be lucky if could just keep writing at my blog.


      1. There is the original incident, the Fall while trying to board a moving train to grab a seat –a common enough phenomenon in Mumbai suburban trains, end the successive eruptions along the years, not to speak of the long waits in the doctors’ parlours… But, as you said, it’s all about overcoming the challenges.


  11. They all sound so painful!

    One embarrassing injury was dropping a motorbike whilst doing the slalom…this was during training for my bike license. Ended up with a Gamekeeper’s thumb (skier’s thumb), which needed operating on and now I have only 50% use of my thumb and the talent of doing ugly party tricks with my hand. I’m sure my surgeon was an equestrian doctor! After 3 months, I got back on my bike and got my license.

    The way I look at it is that at least I got to age 45 without an operation! 😉


  12. If it makes you feel any better, I have sprained my right ankle numerous times since I proved to be a lightning fast short distance runner in middle school. (Not now, too old and fat..lol) But, I lost count of the sprains sometime after 20th one, or was it the 30?… 😉 Anyway, the last time I did it was long after my running days but, was the worst sprain yet. I went down so fast, my hands were still in pockets when I landed flat on my back…lol Entire right foot swollen, black and blue and purple and some other weird color for 3 weeks. All of that healed. But, ever since, it lets me know the tendons and ligaments are on borrowed time when I start to push too hard. Good ‘warning system’ I guess though. Doctor reminded me when this happened that this is also ‘your bad knee which you will need replaced one day… maybe sooner if you don’t watch it with that damned right ankle.’..lol


    1. I wear an ankle brace and it doesn’t effect my speed at all. As soon as I don’t wear it while playing tennis, down I go. Luckily, I don’t need it for anything else. Sounds like yours is much worse!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I think I have probably done a lot of damage to the tendons, etc. Good news, is the ankle joint and adjoining bones are all in great shape. The knee issue is cartilage loss starting with a child hood injury aggravated over subsequent years from running, sports, etc. in the Navy.


  13. The worse thing I ever did, and I have no idea how I did it, was tear a rotator cuff. God did that hurt and PT was pure torture. Worse is not knowing how because you can’t figure out how to prevent it! Take care!


  14. Some people just move too fast for the rest of the world to keep up with ( which is why you are always bumping into things and having body parts land where it should work if only the world’s dimension of movement was the same as yours?
    Hope you are chillin’ without the icing now.
    I’ve spent the last week recover from a sledding incident…actually our Malamute, having watched far too many Christmas/snow movies went from snoozing at my feet while we chatted with friends in the front driveway – 0-90mph in the blink of an eye as she misinterpreted my friend’s “Bye, Molly” to mean “Hey come run along side my bike, Molly” Dragged down the drive – well actually I swear I has flying horizontally for a bit. Halted by leash and “sit”, the dog looked puzzled at me on the ground. No bones broken, few bruises actually…or amber you couldn’t see them for the road rash…lots of road rash…arm loads of road rash as it was warm. Darn. Road rash without the fun of skateboarding or roller blading. Well, that’s the fun locally
    Take care up there! (And LOVE the card! Thanks)


    1. OH, NO!!! I bet everything slowed down as you fell. I hope you feel better soon, Phil!
      I like the idea of the world speeding up for us so the rubber hits the road and doesn’t leave a rash. LOL!
      I’m so glad you finally got the card. Yay!!! Happy New Year!
      Thanks so much, Phil!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Wow, Susie! Sorry you have experienced so many joint problems. Especially when they hit you in the bed. You do know that sleeping is not supposed to be a contact sport, right?

    I finally solved my two recurring pain problems last year. I replaced my bad hip with a store bought model.

    Then I hired a hit man, (he claimed he was just a pain management anesthetist) to go in and kill the nerves in my lumbar to stop the back pain. I’m sure he could do the same for your ankle pain. Just a flat fee and travel expenses. No names please. Let me know.


  16. I fractured my knee while standing on a sawhorse, Susie…. So I may be the King of Embarrassing Injuries.
    But great work on this post and I’m so sorry you’re suffering intermittently.
    My knee hasn’t hurt in awhile but when it does…


    1. Didn’t that injury have something to do with a garage door? Ouch!

      Overly anxious to get back to fitness, I took a hike yesterday and fired it up again. It’s so frustrating! I have to look at it like glue. I wouldn’t pull at something I had just repaired, right?
      Thanks, Hook!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep.
        I was trying to rip an old piece of wood frame off the front of my garage and my arm bounced back and I fractured my knee when I twisted my all-too mortal body.

        Just go easy on the exercise (baby steps) and you should be fine eventually, Susie!


  17. ‘Oh yes’ an Egg Create mattress and a bottle or Dark Rum, or Kailua ladies, sounds like a vacation for sure. Susie you’re vested in life when you own a professional grade deep cycle ice pack and professional grade electrical heating pad. I woke up the other night with double calf cramps! That’s right you just haven’t lived fine and well’ in life until you’ve been shocked out of a deep sound slumbering sleep by doubles screamers! Have you ever tried climbing down from a five foot high four posted pine bed grabbing your solid rock spastic calves? I didn’t think it was medically possible for both calves to so into spasms at the same exact moment.
    That’s an awesome and serene snowy mountainous scene there Susie I want to be there. I really love that image and so miss the mountains of Northern Idaho. Oh and for Christmas I really made out well, I got my Stocking filled with lump Coal for all the ‘Potty words’ I bleated out like when crashing my toes into the fine hard wood ‘Lane’ Coffee table. I was hoping for a bottle of Kahlua and knee braces but hay I’ll take the coal lumps, summertime is coming and that means BBQ’s. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! Thanks for swinging by to make me giggle, Brock! So sorry to hear about your calves. I’ve had feet that spazzed out at the same time, but not giant muscles. OUCH! And your bed is five feet off the floor? Wow. Who sleeps underneath?

      I’m glad you’re putting a great spin on Santa’s delivery. You could always fire up the coal to warm those muscles.

      Liked by 1 person

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