Putting the Garden in Covent Garden with Fleurs de Villes

Putting the Garden in Covent Garden with the Fleurs de Villes competition. Click for eye candy! Fashion, floral design, Photography, England, Things to do in London, tips and advice, Travel Europe Destinations #CoventGarden #floraldesign #Travel #TravelLondon #photography

Whenever I travel to London, I visit Covent Garden, the lively shopping and dining area in the heart of the theater district. The skylit Apple Market, filled with shops and booths, is always a surprise. Look what I discovered in October. The Fleurs de Villes competition put the garden quite literally in Covent Garden.

Blooming Couture in the Apple Market at Covent Gardens. Click for photos and reasons to add it to your bucket list! Travel London, England, Bucket list, Travel Europe Destinations #Travel #London #England #fashion #arts

Once inside the Apple Market, I had to take a second look. White mannequins stood on tables in various poses. Flora and fauna covered the models with the most amazing dress designs.

Flower and fauna dress at fleurs de villes at Apple Market in London. Click for photos and reasons to put London on your Bucket list! #London #TravelBucketlist #England #Couture #fashion

One was a replica of a dress in the Royal Ballet. The designer replaced wilted blooms and refreshed his living art project.

Putting the Garden in Covent Gardens. Click for gorgeous Floral couture and eye candy. #fashion #arts #couture #travel #london

Amie Bone Flowers took first place.

Playful Floral Couture at Covent Garden Apple Market. Click for eye candy photos and reasons to go to London! #Travel #arts #couture #Coventgardens #England

They had to look fresh all weekend. I’m sure there was some magic involved.

Amazing green fauna dress at Covent Garden.

She should have been holding a crystal ball.

Amazing dresses at Covent Garden Fleurs de Villes competition. Click for photos, eye candy, a little history and travel tips! #fashion #travel #london #coventgarden #photography

Marie Antoinette or Mother Goose? Either way, I love it.

Pink rose blossom dress in Covent Garden in London. Click for amazing photos or these artistic creations! #Travel #London #Couture #fashion #art

I love this mannequin’s attitude. Bring it world!

Putting the garden on the girl! Beautiful entries in the Fleurs De Villes at Covent Garden. Click for photos! #photography #london #travel #coventgarden #fashion

Using a spray bottle must help but I would worry too. This was Friday and the living couture had to last until Sunday.

Photos of the Fleurs de Ville at Covent Garden. Click for inspiration and travel ideas #arts #floraldesign #photography #travel

This one has a Polynesian feel with its grasses and reeds.

Reed dress in Covent Garden. Click for photos of these amazing creations. Travel London, England, Europe Destinations, Fashion, floral couture, Art

Fleurs de Ville is a traveling show. Next stop, Toronto in April.

Putting the Garden in Covent Garden. Click for photos of floral couture in the Apple Market. #inspiration #travel #photography #eyecandy #fashion

This entry got my vote.

Floral dresses in Covent Garden at the Apple Market Fleurs de Villes Competition. Travel London, tips and advice, Things to do, Bucket list, Fashion, arts and crafts #travel #London #England #Photography #eyecandy

Located between Charing Cross and Drury Lane, Covent Garden got its start in civilization as walled-off land used by Westminster Abbey for crops and orchards in the 1200’s. Somehow or other, the gardens of the Abbey’s convent, dropped the n and became Covent Garden. Something to do with the accent, perhaps?

Inside Covent Garden while enjoying the architecture

Henry the VIII seized the property from the Abbey in 1552 and developed fancy-like housing to attract a high-end clientele. This architecture became the standard for estates and towns built thereafter, according to Wikipedia.

By 1654, fruit and vegetable stands lined the marketplace and the once fashionable square slid into disrepair and repute. It soon became a red light district.

Covent Garden in London, England. Click for photos of the Fleurs de Villes floral couture competition! #floralideas #couture #coventgarden #london #travel

In 1830 the area was “reorganized” by Parliament. They cleaned house and hosed it down. Architect, Charles Fowler, erected the neo-classical, Covent Garden Market building.

In 1974, the market relocated since traffic became congested. The Covent Garden Market reopened in 1980 and became a prime tourist location. It’s on the top of my things to do list every time I come to London.

There’s alway so much to discover in Covent Garden. One time, we had tea at the Laduree.


With high-end and marketplace shopping, theater, and restaurants, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit too.

Have you ever been to Covent Garden? Have you ever seen living dresses? Is London on your bucket list?

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46 thoughts on “Putting the Garden in Covent Garden with Fleurs de Villes

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  1. Been to Covent Garden countless times and its a fabulous place, full of life and so many great little shops and bars. The Fleurs De Villes displays look amazing and what a wonderful place to present it. Love all the history you’ve found out too, wasn’t aware of any of that. Great post Susie.


  2. Absolutely beautiful to look at. But can you imagine if you really had to wear one of those outfits? The little bugs crawling around in there…. (chuckling, but I’m still blown away by how beautiful it is in spite of that).


  3. Wow! Stunning! Reminds me of the annual flower show in Boston my mother would take us to when we were kids. Thanks for the history lesson and tour of the Covent Garden. If I’m ever in London I’ll have to visit.


    1. You should! There’s such a cool energy there. Musicians play in one of the markets. Buskers do their thing to entertain in the plaza, and lots of happy people just take it all in.
      Thanks so much, Susan! Great to see you.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. These are stunning Susie!

    I love that Covent Garden so often has interesting things on display like this! It is always a pleasure to take a detour there to see what is going on. I have never seen anything quite like those dresses though. They must have smelt wonderful!


    1. I’m so glad, Orla! I had no idea it had been a red light district at one time. When they cleaned house, they got out the hose. 🙂 I would love to grab a bite to eat and listen to the musicians some time. There’s always so much to see and do in London. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. I’m going to keep an eye out for this show when it comes to Toronto in April. It sounds amazing. Thanks for telling us about it.


    1. It really is eye candy for the soul. I tried to capture it on film, but didn’t do the texture justice. The combination of colors of flowers and leaves was stunning. Thanks for reading, Lydia.


  6. I have been to Covent Gardens and agree it is a delightful place for many reasons. Didn’t know the history though so thank you for that.

    If I wore dresses, those would be something to try. Well, actually I do, but only late at night and after Patty is asleep. But please keep that between us. And the same for your 25,000 followers.


    1. You would love London, Denise. I’ve been there a few times and am just starting to get my bearings. I found it best to walk so I don’t ever miss anything! It’s full of history in its nooks and crannies. No wonder so many writers are inspired there. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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