The Ultimate Guide: 10 Things to do in Breckenridge

My Ultimate Guide for 10 things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado includes photos of fun winter activities. Click for travel tips and fun bucket list ideas! Travel North America, United States, Outdoor activities #Breckenridge #Colorado #outdooradventures #traveltips #travelnorthamerica

It’s about time I wrote this ultimate guide of 10 things to do in Breckenridge Colorado. This pretty mountain town is one of my favorite places in Colorado! Skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions for tourists in winter, but there are many other activities to choose from.

But first, a little history about Breckenridge:

Breck was established in 1859 after prospectors discovered gold in placer mines (dug straight down) along the Blue River and Idaho Springs during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Soon others rushed to Summit County to stake a claim.

Last month, I bushwhacked through the forest and came upon a clearing. When the snow sloped downward in a large bowl, I turned back. I didn’t want to fall into a placer mine by accident! These commonplace mines are located along most trails.

General George E. Spencer named the town after Vice President, John C. Breckinridge and gained the first post office between the Continental Divide and Salt Lake City. Yes, flattery wins. When the VP sided with the Confederates as a brigadier general, the townspeople changed the spelling to Breckenridge.

In 1961, the first ski runs were cut into the Ten Mile Range on Peak 8. Since then, Breckenridge Ski Resort has expanded to Peaks 6 – 10 providing a wide variety of terrain for all abilities of skiers and boarders.

Whale's Tail, on the top of Breckenridge Ski Resort, one of the Ultimate things to do. Click tor an Ultimate guide and 10 ideas for your next trip to Breck! Colorado, Outdoor adventures, Travel North America, Untied States #skiresorts #travelcolorado #colorado #breckenridge #bucketlistideas

10 things to do in Breckenridge:

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Spend the day or half a day skiing or riding one of the most beautiful mountains in Summit County. With 2908 acres and 187 trails, you could easily spend a whole week exploring Peaks 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Make sure to have your picture taken by Epic Mix at the top of Peak 8!

the gang at breck.png

Park in town and take the gondola to Peak 7 or 8. From there the Breckenridge Ski Resort is yours to explore.


Bring them with you or rent at one of three Charter Sports locations in Breckenridge.

There are many awesome snowshoe trails in Breckenridge.

Click for the conditions of winter trails in Breck.

Snowshoeing in Breckenridge, one of 10 ideas of things to do. Click for the ultimate list and guide to this pretty mountain town! Photography, things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado, travel tips and advice, Travel North America, United States, ski resorts, outdoor adventures

The Nordic Center

Check out the Breckenridge Nordic Center for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing where equipment can be rented. Or stop by their rustic lodge for a drink and snacks and enjoy the view. There’s plenty of free parking.

Nordic Skiing in Breckenridge, one of many activities listed in my ultimate guide. Click for photos and ideas for you next trip to Breckenridge, Colorado! Travel North America, United States, ski resorts, winter activities, outdoor adventures #travel #breckenridge #colorado #outdooradventures #skiing

Ice Skating

This is a blast and a good workout. I grew up in Wisconsin and figure-skated after school. Not challenging enough? There’s a hockey rink next door. The indoor rinks are available to the public for a very reasonable fee.

Ice skating inside the Ice Arena, one of 10 ultimate things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado. Click for more ideas and fun photos! #Colorado #traveltips #Breckenridge #iceskating #outdooradventures


Spend the day shopping. Main Street is lined with boutiques and restaurants of all kinds. From high-end retailers like Overland Sheepskin to souvenir shops, I’m sure you will find something to take home with you.

Breckenridge dining, drinking, shopping


My favorites include Giampietro Pizza for a slice and a salad. Flipside Burger for handcrafted shakes, triple fried fries, and natural burgers. Southridge Seafood Grill for the obvious, and Legends Steak and Italian for their cozy atmosphere and a delicious meal. Stop by The Crown for a cup of hot chocolate, or something stronger, and play a game while resting up for tomorrow’s activities. There are several seating areas and games to choose from.

Breckenridge Recreation Center

Want to stay in shape while on vacation? The Breckenridge Recreation Center includes indoor tennis, a pool and splash area, a gym, rock wall, racquetball, and several fitness and weight rooms. They are all open to the public.

Ghost tour

I took the ghost tour a couple of years ago. It was filled with documented historical highlights of the town along with incredible stories. I remember reading about the wind sheer that leveled trees down the mountain all the way to the cemetery but didn’t know the bone-chilling events leading up to it. The town had formed a procession to that very site the day before.

Breckenridge ghost tour. Spooky and documented in this amazing mountain town's history.

Escape Room Breckenridge

That was the most intense hour I’ve ever spent in Breckenridge. When you sign up, they may add people to your group. The more puzzle-solvers the better. It takes a team to unlock the clues before time is up. Tick, tock… Escape Room Breckenridge

Weekend Events

From Ullr fest to the International Snow Sculpture Challenge and Mardi Gras there is always something going on in Breckenridge. Check this link to see what’s on Breck’s event calendar.

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Challenge, one of the ten reasons to add it to your bucket list. #snowsculptures #breckenridge #colorado #thingstodo #travel

2020 UPDATE:

Sleigh Ride with Breckenridge Stables

Sleigh ride and dinner!

Our family went on a sleigh ride and enjoyed a surprisingly amazing buffet dinner through Breckenridge Stables. It was very cold so dress like you’re going to play in the snow. They provide wool blankets, but I would bring a warm one.

Sleigh ride dinner in Breckenridge

I could go on and on, but these ten ELEVEN ideas should fill your time pretty quickly. I hope you add Breckenridge, Colorado to your ultimate travel bucket list!

Have you been to Breckenridge? Which activity intrigues you the most?

Escape Room – You Have to Try This.

Snowshoeing Photo Essay

Breckenridge’s Short-Lived Masterpieces – Photo Essay

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    1. Thanks, Phil! I went this weekend and couldn’t believe the artistry. Another post in the works.

      I’ve gone on several ghost tours, but Breck’s is so full of amazing historical facts, like the shoot out in the ’70’s, the red light districts, and the colorful characters that added to its history.

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    1. I would think you’d be acclimated by now. LOL! I finally can stand the cold but it took a month of running around in it on the weekends! Good thing we’re not getting those sub-zero temps. Are you?


  1. Enjoyed this post, Susie, and thanks for the history. The photos are great, especially the one of your pup hitching a ride. We have visited Breckenridge in the summertime and enjoyed the shopping and restaurants. Didn’t know about some of the other activities. Not sure I’d do the Escape Room. I tried a corn maze here in Virginia one autumn and had to be rescued by some teenagers….major fail!


    1. Thanks so much, Al!
      Hahaha! Corn mazes can be intimidating especially at night. At least an Escape Room is timed so you know the door will be opened in an hour.
      Roxy’s has fur between her pads so they pack down with snowballs. I’ve tried booties, but she needs garters. 🙂

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  2. Woooah! 2908 acres and 187 trails!? That sounds huuuuge! It must take years to explore them all if you just visit occasionally!!

    We’re slowly improving with our skiing, so maybe we need to book an international holiday to visit Breckenridge!? I guess we’ll have to visit more of the hills here in BC first!


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