Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship

International Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge, Colorado. Click for a virtual tour of my favorite photos! Travel Colorado, Tips and advice for North America and eye candy #snowsculptures #travel #breckenridge #colorado #eyecandy

Breckenridge, Colorado has hosted the International Snow Sculpture Championships since 1990. This year, sixteen teams from around the world chiseled and sculpted huge mounds of snow packed into 20-ton blocks. They had ninety-six hours to complete these magnificent but temporary works of art. No power tools were allowed.

I photographed these eye candy sculptures so you could take a virtual photographic tour!

If you’re planning a trip, it takes place every January.

International Snow sculpture championships in Breckenridge. Click for photos of this amazing competition! Travel Colorado, North America #snowsculpture #colorado #BreckenridgeEach entry was based on an original sketch. It was interesting to see how close they came to duplication.Accordion and very difficult. Snow Sculptures at Breckenridge. Click for amazing photos! #snowsculptures #art #breckenridge #colorado #travelI was amazed they were all carved by hand. The one below, entered by Ecuador won Artists Choice.snowsculpture3

Ullr, the god of snow is the mascot of Breckenridge. It won People’s Choice!


Team Germany won Silver for Walls with Holes.

Team Germany won bronze for this entry. Click for photos of 15 other snow sculptures in Breckenridge! Eye Candy, Travel Colorado#Colorado #snowsculptures #art #Breckenridge #travel

Love this one!

Chess pieces Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge. Click for photos of this amazing championship! #travel #Breckenridge #winter #snowsculpture #colorado

I loved how the colored lights added so much to the snow.

Team Mexico won for their entry, Cenote Gardens. (below) My favorite too!


A hint of spring in this orchid entry.


And who doesn’t love hippopotami? Team Great Britain won Bronze for this entry.


And astronauts.


Some were imaginative.


Like this spider web something rather.


And then there was the intricate entry.


A better shot taken with my book club friends!

Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge! Click for photos of this amazing event! Colorado, Travel North America #Breckenridge #Colorado

And more astronauts.


And an Octopus and a chef? Ouch.


From Team Wisconsin, from which I hail!

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships! Team Wisconsin

There were a lot more entries this year.

With temps around ten degrees I made it around the displays and couldn’t wait to warm up at home.


On Tuesday, they were all destroyed and became snow mounds once again. What?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Which one got your vote? Were you surprised by the creativity? Any ideas on what they should sculpt next year?

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52 thoughts on “Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship

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  1. Unbelieveable vision and artistry! They do something similar here with sand sculptures at the Neptune Festival, but they don’t have to wear 10 pounds of clothes and fight the cold. Swimsuits only. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Susie.


    1. Thanks, Al! Next year, I would love to watch them start on those huge blocks. I don’t know how they figure it all out so they don’t chop off too much! And how do they get the snow to be so consistent? None of the yellow stuff either…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How on earth do they create such incredible sculptures out of just snow? Unbelievable and equally unbelievable is that they are smashed down so soon after. Love the astronauts.


  3. Beautiful! Oh my,.. my nephew was just there too and shared a few pics, how beautiful those ice sculptures are! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I think they don’t want kids climbing on them and getting hurt. I can’t imagine that’s the reason since Breck is surrounded by mountains where anyone could get hurt. LOL!
      I’ll ask around. Thanks so much for stopping by, TS!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Susie, there is a festival in Ottawa called Winterlude. We have been a few times & watched as the carvers create their magic in both snow sculptures & ice sculptures. Unbelievable talent!


  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing these amazing sculptures. My favorite is hard to pick, because they’re all incredible, but it’s the Flower of Life. The intricate, geometric design. I’ve been lucky enough to see an ice castle years ago in upstate New York. But I’ve never seen snow sculptures.


    1. It’s sweltering here in Breck today with 40 degree temps! Dang global warming.

      Yes. I stop at drawing and painting although I did make dried flower centerpieces, swags and wreaths for a while but without a stop watch or a team to direct. “No, Charlene, not the eucalyptus. The dried hydrangea. Hurry! Ten minutes left!!!” LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. They are all so beautiful and creative, it would be hard to choose! All that hard work to have them only last a short while, much like sand castles. Good thing for photos and bloggers to share them! You look like you had a fun time, Susie but I’m like you. I’d be thinking about when I got to get home and warm up!


    1. It was about 10 degrees and we were dressed for dinner not standing in the cold. Brrrrrrrr!! Yes, they took a lot of effort considering they were plowed over the following week. I wonder if the artists could bear to look!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Appreciate all the pictures – carvings so intricate and the lighting makes it all very magical. Hard to pick a favorite with the toothy fish, the hippos, the very first on and that simple/complex last one. Cool.
    Glad you made the trip!
    (Oh, Japan just opened their annual ice sculpture show for Feb – another excuse to travel – you must compare artistic styles HAHA)


    1. Last weekend hit the mid-40’s. I bet the snow sculptures would have suffered in the heat. They were plowed under a few days before.

      I’m not sure when I’ll get to Japan. You’ll have to take pictures for me! 🙂
      Thanks, Phil!


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