A Colorado Snowstorm Adventure!

A Colorado Snowstorm Adventure! Click for phots of one of the most intense snowstorms of the century and see how being tested can bring out perseverance! Outdoor Adventure, eye candy, nature #nature #Colorado #photography #eyecandy

After rehabbing a pinched meniscus since December, I was ready to ski again. I left yesterday morning and hoped to hit the slopes by noon. I missed last weekend’s champagne powder and planned to make up for it. Then I hit a giant snag. With snow flying and road closures I had to make a snap decision.

BUT my drive up to the mountains soon became a Wild One. The Eisenhower Tunnel closed due to a power outage. GAHHHHHH! I-70 is the main artery from the Front Range, (including Boulder and Denver) to the high country and epic mountain ski areas. There have been several major and unprecedented avalanches in the last few days.

Avalanches occur when snowstorms during cold temperatures bring light powder in feet to the mountains. But when temperatures rise and subsequent blizzards dump more feet of heavy snow on top, the light powdery snow underneath becomes unstable. Any slopes over 30 degrees can slide. We’ve had several in the I-70 corridor and March is our snowiest month! Lots more to come.

The driving app, Waze, told me to take a frontage road to avoid the standstill.

I followed this ice truck most of the way to Breck. Ironic or what?

Ice Truck. How ironic~

When that traffic became a standstill near the Fraser exit, I thought for sure the state troopers would make me turn around. I really didn’t want to drive back home to wait it out.

I rolled down my window and told her I was heading up to Breckenridge.

“You have to drive north over Berthoud Pass and head to Kremmling. Then take Highway 9 to Silverthorne.”

It was 10:30. And just like that, remaining 45 minutes of my drive became three hours.

Such a bummer. Would I get to ski? My chances were becoming slimmer by the mile, especially when a car in front of the ice truck slowed to 20 MPH.

By the time I arrived in Breckenridge it was 2:00. I couldn’t believe the amount of snow! 62 inches in seven days, not counting the almost 2 feet that fell today. Roxy tried to walk outside the door and it appeared to have been shoveled recently!

Snowed in Breckenridge!

We do have a snow plow guy. I called him about the snowy driveway and he said he plowed twice today. Amazing. I barely made it in and had to shovel to drive into the garage.

Then I looked at the deck.

A snowy deck almost completely submerged in snow!

When I opened up the shade, I laughed out loud!

Insane amount of snow.

Oh, no!! Do I ski or do I shovel? There’s so much work to be done.

Tons of snow in Breckenridge. Do I ski or do I shovel?

I stood in front of the stove and stared at the clock. I remembered my WOTY, change. I considered changing into my ski clothes to go skiing. It was already 2:40 and the ski area would close at 4:00. It would be easy to find parking this late in the day and there wouldn’t be a line for gondola to the mountain. Would it be worth skiing for a half hour? I decide to go for it.

Skiing Breckenridge, finally. YAY!

I got to the top of Peak 8 in record time and skied a couple of runs. Then it was time to shovel. Every time I read that line, I let out a sigh.

Snowy sunset after a insane snowstorm!

As the sun set over the mountains, I dug in and shoveled for a while. I can’t wait to hit first chair tomorrow!

A selfie after attempting to shovel the mighty snow

How much risk are you willing to take? Do you go for it even though most of the day is over? Would you have turned back to go home or taken the long road over the pass?

TOMORROW: A Secret Project will take the Wild Ride to a whole new level! 

Stay tuned!

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43 thoughts on “A Colorado Snowstorm Adventure!

Add yours

  1. Wow! Now that’s some serious snow. Here in the Pacific Northwest, around Puget Sound we’re usually beginning to welcome spring this time of year and cleaning up the yard. A few years ago, I’d even mowed by now. But we got about 4-5″ of very wet snow last night, so it looks like I’ll be shoveling cement today. Love your pictures and your adventure!


    1. Wow, Susan! That’s super unnatural for your area. Thank you!
      Mather Nature likes to strut her stuff!
      I’m skiing right snow and took a few more pictures. It’s amazing!


  2. I would’ve gone for it, I think, though snow shoveling is the worst thing you can do to your body, Susie.
    Once again, you’re my hero.
    Congrats in advance to you on the super secret project!


    1. Me too, Ally! There were some super slow drivers but I just drummed my fingers on the steering wheel and took my time.
      I’m skiing ⛷ right now and more snow is coming in. It’s insane!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, I’m just stubborn enough to keep going, especially since I’d already come so far. But, I probably wouldn’t have gone skiing for just half an hour. That’s hardly worth it to me. I’d have shoveled then hit the slopes first thing in the morning.

    Good for you! That’s a LOT of snow.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Ugh! Ice is the worst.
      You and I are two birds of the same feather! I’m really glad I drove up. Danny was AT skiing to huts and had to drive all the around I-70 to get to Breck. He got a huge workout in the storms but would never miss a ski day. We’re skiing right now!


  4. I was raised in Reno Nevada and have been stuck in the Sierras in many a blizzard. Now I pass on such adventures! Back then cars were not as reliable and equipped for snow as they are today. But still… I’ll pass!


  5. I was wondering about the avalanches being near you this year – take care
    Nothing is as pretty as new CO mountain snow – and getting to it before anyone else does. It is beautiful (glad the snow plow guy is one it – or the place might be totally invisible)
    Have fun!


    1. You still can barely see our house with all the snow! It has melted a lot over the last few days, but more is coming in! They did more avalanche mitigation near the tunnel today. They are trying to stay ahead of it. The blankets of snow have created some gorgeous scenes!
      Thanks, Phil!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. A PLB is as an important to carry along with you as is a winter parka and as is drinking water, and taco bell hot sauce packets. An ACR 2881 Res-Q-Link will coast 297.85 on Amazon.

    Here we are only three months into 2019 and in our state we’ve lost three skiers that had fallen into ‘Tree wells’. Those Avalanches Colorado has had there this year like the ones on Copper mountain were scary, and again proves just how sudden and how fast the Avalanches hit, and proves the dire need for a PLB. Great Pictures and post you have here Susie. Be careful out on those winter roads and while skiing.


    1. Thanks, Brock!
      I heard about that guy. He should get Taco Bell for life!
      We’re being very careful. C-dot did more avalanche mitigation today and shut down the highway near the tunnel for a few hours. More snow is on the way!


  7. That slope on the deck looks like it could be a good run.

    By the way, did you notice there are two ghosts in that picture from the two-pane window? The one in the middle of the right pane looks like Casper peeking over the snow. The one in the left pane (uper right) is a little scarier.


    1. Ha! Great idea, Al! I’ll have to try skiing off the deck. Thanks for pointing out those ghouls. They must have been freaking out about the snow too judging by the one ghost’s expression. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You would have enjoyed a few cups! Another storm came in the next day. More to snow is due to fall next week! We depend on snowfall to fill the reservoirs so any moisture is always welcome!!
      Thanks, Widderwoman!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Patricia! I skied three days in a row but hit a wall of muscle exhaustion on Sunday. LOL! A huge blizzard is due to come in tomorrow. What a wild winter!!!


    1. Oh, yeah! I had been in the car for hours and couldn’t just set to work on clearing snow. Another HUGE storm is due to hit us down in Boulder and Denver tomorrow bringing blizzard conditions and a foot of snow! I guess our drought is over. LOL!
      Thanks, Deb!

      Liked by 1 person

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