My Secret Project REVEALED!

Announcing the Wild Side Podcast with Susie Lindau where people share their wild side! First episode is bloggers at a bloggers bash in London. #Podcasts #podcast #entertainment #culturepodcast

Hey, Wild Riders!

I’ve been working on a secret project for a while now. It started as a germ of an idea which grew into a quest for inspiration.

I’m super excited to announce:  

My first episode of The Wild Side with Susie Lindau Podcast will launch Friday, March 22nd! Woohoo! *dances around the room*

I hope that wasn’t too loud. 

If you have read my blog for a while, you know all about my Wild Ride. I’ve heli-skied in British Columbia, hitch-hiked from Chicago… on a plane, and taxied strangers to and from the mountain when I couldn’t ski after surgery. Those are off the top of my head. I’m all about Wild Rides.

It’s time for others to share their Wild Side.

My first podcast take place at London’s Bloggers Bash where bloggers share their meaning of Wild and tell us about their Wild Side. You may know some of them!

Bloggers Bash Attendees

They share a Wide Range of Wild. Say that three times fast. From life-changing events and exploring new cultures to taking crazy physical risk, and I mean crazy, my guests share their experiences to inspire others to embrace their Wild Side.

Other guests include a 101-year-old man, a drug and alcohol counselor with dating advice, an FBI profiler, a health and sexuality writer from Girl Boner Radio, and an ex-Mennonite (closely related to Amish) turned website designer and artist, with many interviews to come.

Every two weeks, an episode will be uploaded to iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and Google Podcasts. I hope you will listen, rate, and review it.

Watch for the launch of The Wild Side Podcast on Friday, March 22nd. That blog post will in include a contest to win an Amazon gift card. Woohoo! 

Get ready Wild Riders, things are going to get WILD!

Do you listen to podcasts? Who would you like me to interview?

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61 thoughts on “My Secret Project REVEALED!

Add yours

    1. Thanks so much, Jack! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Yesterday, I spoke with a hypnotist who is interested in being interviewed. Lots of wild adventures ahead!


  1. Dang, Susie, this is exciting! Can’t wait. I’ve got some pretty wild stuff to tell you about, like the time I went a whole day without a nap!


  2. Well good for you. I’ve been doing some research about podcasts lately as a way to market books. So, I’ll have to tune in to your new adventure and see what it’s all about.

    Best of luck to you in this endeavor.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. How exciting! Looking forward to your podcasts. And yes, I listen to them from time to time. My favorite time is in the car (my average drive from home to anywhere is 20-30 minutes). Most of the podcasts I listen to involve mediums interviewing dead people. I don’t care who you interview- I know it’ll be great.


  4. Wow, Exciting news there Susie.

    You caught a ride on a airplane, I bet it went something like this: So I was barnstorming when I and my biplane exited the barn there was a young lady standing upon the top wing of my biplane, with hay in her hair. 🙂


  5. The Wild Ride Podcast eh? Sounds great. How do you find enough time to do all of this Susie? Not too much screaming on the podcast though please, need to keep it calm ……..


  6. This is very exciting news, Susie! I love to listen to podcasts as it is, but this will be something very special for me to follow. I am delighted!


  7. Way to go, Susie! I can’t wait to listen. I know your new adventure is going to be wild and wonderful! Onward!


    1. Thanks so much, Renee! I’m super stoked and can’t wait to launch it a week from this Friday. Life just got WILDER!
      Happy Tuesday! There’s a blizzard coming in tomorrow. LOL!


  8. This is so exciting, Susie. I can’t wait to hear the podcasts. Thanks for giving the Bloggers Bash the first podcast. I’m biting my fingernails hoping I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t when you were asking me those questions. 😳


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