Jim Cram – An Amazing Centenarian

Meet 101 year old Jim Cram, Learn about his Wild Side and secrets to healthy living

In this month’s episode, 101-year-old, centenarian Jim Cram shares his wit, wisdom, and his Wild Side. From a close call with death on the day of his birth to the events that shaped his life, Jim shows us the value of family, work, and following our passion. He also gives us tips for a long life while we learn that his defied most beliefs. Jim passed away in December of 2018 at 102, and had an extraordinary quality of life until the end. Amazing!

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In this podcast episode, you’ll be blown away by Jim’s focus and gift of storytelling.  You will be swept away to another time by his enthusiasm and excitement. I think you’ll enjoy it.

As he takes us on a short journey of his extraordinarily long life, you will discover wild events that made a profound impression on him. They inspired and shaped his life by becoming his passion. He also shares secrets to longevity.

Keep in mind that Jim lived in assisted living. NOT a nursing home. In other words, he lived in a care facility much like a condominium without the kitchen. He had full mobility and an incredible quality of life. You would think that after this interview, he slowly declined and passed away. Nope. According to his daughter, Jo Ann Joselyn, he died suddenly on December 19, 2018, taking everyone by surprise. He was one hundred and two!

I had the pleasure of meeting both Jim and his his daughter, Jo Ann at his apartment. It was filled with memorabilia, the walls covered with photographs. After the interview, he pointed out a few that were very meaningful to him.

The carousel of photos below includes Jim’s highlights:

  • Jim Cram – July 3, 1916 – December 19, 2018
  • Jim and his daughter, Jo Ann Joselyn, who coordinated the interview.
  • Jim’s father photographed the Wright Brothers’ plane in 1916, three months after Jim was born.
  • Two photos of Jim with his wife of sixty-nine years, Josephine (Firkins).
  • A photo of Jim in uniform with his father.
  • Rachmaninoff concert program.
  • Two photos of Olga Kern from Russia.

Enjoy the slideshow and preview to this month’s episode!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be sure to listen to the interview to learn about Jim’s passions.

Jim also shares his secrets to a long and healthy life. Let me know if they surprise you.

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I hope you’ll listen to Jim Cram’s inspirational podcast and share it with your friends and family. Maybe you’ll be a centenarian.

Was it surprising to hear about Jim’s Wild Side and passions? What was your favorite? What would you have asked Jim?

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19 thoughts on “Jim Cram – An Amazing Centenarian

Add yours

  1. Susie this was amazing, your voice is so pleasant. With that said. Jim is a delight as well. He is a year older than my 1917 Elgin Watch. And here you’re interviewing this amazing man’s amazing life, And life it truly is in deed. His spirit as is your own Susie are timeless. when we live each breath of each moment, we become living novels of wonderment. Yes Susie you to shall become a great living novel of a century of Joy and Life Celebrated’ we are novels and from within our heart lanterns we do shine. Thank you for sharing and as well a great thank you to Centurion Mr. Jim Cram. And his loves ones.


  2. OK, this is my third try to post a comment here. If it does not work, I give up.
    This is an amazing interview! Jim certainly is a gifted story teller. You are very fortunate to have been able to document his history like this.


    1. Gosh! Are you on your phone? I don’t know why that happens.
      So few people live that long and yet we all strive for good health and longevity. It was a gift to meet and interview him! Thanks so much for listening, Michelle!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not on my phone. I’m one of the few people I know who only use my phone as a phone…and a camera. We have ridiculous fees here in Canada and it is cost prohibitive to do anything involving data on our phones.


  3. The sharpness of his mind, memory, and speech at 101 is phenomenal. Though it is sad that he passed away, the LIFE he lived! Wow!


    1. Right??? At 102 years old! I was the one who was nervous. He stayed focused and alert throughout the interview! It was a real treat to talk with him about his amazing life. Thanks so much for listening, Kevin.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed his interview immensely. Jim and my dad worked together at Boeing in WIchita during World War II and became close friends. Both families lived in Plainview, a very large housing project built for Boeing (and perhaps Cessna and Beech?) workers during the war. His daughter, JoAnn, was a year younger than me, and was my first friend! After the war, the families went their separate ways, but exchanged Christmas cards for many many years. What a treat to hear his stories!


    1. Awww! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I bet you have a few stories to tell too!

      JoAnn is in Rotary with my husband . I met her with Jim at a CU game when he was approaching 99! Jim was sharper than most forty-year-olds and was such a pleasure to interview. Thank you for listening, Sue!


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