How to Get Fit Before Summer or Anytime!

How to Get Fit Before Summer or Anytime! Click for tips and tricks to get into shape by motivating to exercise. Finally! With a little virtual help! Health and fitness | self care | live your best life | life lessons |#fitness | outdoor adventures #health #exercisegoals #fitnessgoals #fitness

Get fit starting today

The days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner. Are you scrambling to get fit before beach season or do you feel super unmotivated? Why try if there’s not enough time, right? Because our bodies are amazing. It doesn’t take as long as you think to build muscle and tone up. You won’t lose forty pounds in a month, but adding an exercise routine will improve the way you look, and most importantly, the way you feel about yourself. You can start today.

Setbacks have prevented me from getting into a routine. *cue tiny violins* I pinched my meniscus in December. Week after week, I’d push my physical activities and then would take a week off to rehab it again. Gah! So frustrating.

Looking back, I think it would have healed more quickly had I kept up exercise to increase circulation despite the pain. Done with my lame excuses, I pulled out my bike and took a ride a week ago. We live on a huge ass hill so I always dread the ride back home. This time, as I chugged back up, it seemed easier. Even though my exercise through the winter had been in fits and starts, it made a huge difference in my body. My legs are stronger. Two days later, I hit some tennis balls. I hadn’t run in a really long time. Right afterwards, my back freaked out with all the twisting, but I was fine the next day. See?

Even sporadic fitness is good

I think most of us have is a crazy idea about fitness routines. We decide we are going to work out at least three times a week. Then we miss one or two sessions and give up. NO! Don’t do that. Forget about yesterday. Start fresh today.

The other problem is our brains are addicted to habits. If exercise isn’t one of them, we won’t do it. The weird thing is, we feel so much better after exercising. So how do we overcome the resistance quickly so we can shape up?

My favorite tips to get fit fast before summer:

Don’t overthink it.

I can talk myself out of anything. If the debate arises, exercise will become something I’ll do tomorrow.

Twins argue inside my head when I want to exercise. Click for tips to motivate and get in shape before summer! health and fitness, Exercise, self care,Set an alarm to exercise

Set an alarm on your phone with just enough time to dress and get out the door. Then don’t think about it. Just heave that heavy sigh, add an eye roll, and go!

Got Alexa?

When I plan to exercise, I set a reminder.

“This is a reminder. Go for a bike ride.”

Hearing her voice works. LOL!

Give yourself some fitness options.

If I only plan to bike or hike and it rains or snows, yes, it snowed this week, I get outside anyway!

Take a winter walk

Got an exercise bike? Here’s a tip to keep it from becoming a coat rack.

This really works for me. When I start riding my exercise bike on a regular basis, I choose a book I reeeeally want to read. Then I ONLY read it while riding. So I know we are supposed to focus on our bodies when we exercise to get the best possible outcome, but hey, if it gets me on a bike instead of continuing to hunch over my computer, I’d say that’s a huge win! This works for TV programs too. Only watch a particular show while on your bike.

Multitask while exercising

Multitasking works. Gotta make a call that will take an hour? Exercise while you catch up.  Listen to a podcast like The Wild Side. Distraction techniques can keep you going!


Use a Bullet Journal with a fitness section for quick results

My bullet journal lists sit-ups and planks along with PT, (physical therapy), exercise classes, hikes, tennis or biking. I also include meditation and affirmations since getting fit and strong is on my manifestation list.

Again, don’t freak out when you miss a day. Everyone has good days and super bad double zeros. Draw a line to separate each day so you focus on today only. Be honest no one else is going to see your bullet journal unless you’re crazy like me and share everything. LOL!  Go ahead. Judge me…

Work out with a friend

This is a big one. When I played tennis I scheduled a couple matches a week. Since I committed to playing with friends, flaking out was not an option. Besides, doing anything with friends is fun.

Most of us don’t have that luxury. I don’t have one, but I am getting to know the instructors at the gym and a few regulars so I do feel like I’m part of a group when I go.

Class workouts support the instructor.

My daughter is a spin instructor. It makes her day when the class is full. That’s why, if I’m running a little late, I go anyway. Some gyms keep track of the number of attendees. Every time we go, we support the instructor. That’s extra incentive.

Exercise support through social media

I started a hashtag, #WRFitness for virtual support. Use it to check in when heading to the gym or on a hike, biking, you get the drift. It’s all about accountability. If you use the hashtag, I’ll like it and comment with an attaboy-girl to encourage you. As Wild Riders we can use the hashtag to check in and encourage each other.

Accountability through texting.

A while ago, my daughter and I texted each other when we went to the gym. I remember a couple times when I saw she was on her way to yoga, spin, or the gym, I rolled my eyes and then went downstairs to bike for a half hour. Once I was down there, I’d lift weights and would run through various exercises.

It worked until she started working out every day and my knee fired up. Poor me. LOL! Thing of the past. Now I’m looking forward to summer and am striding towards my goals. You can too.

Exercise to prevent injury

I worked out with a personal trainer for almost a year before last summer. When he moved to another club, I got out of the routine. Although I was stronger than the year before, doing nothing but occasional walks and bike rides didn’t cut it. That’s why I twisted my knee. IN BED WHILE TURNING OVER, FOR GOD’S SAKE. I hope that wan’t too loud. Super embarrassing and so preventable. I’m not going through that again. No excuses. There’s still a bit of swelling, but it is so much better.

Start very small to get in the habit.

There’s no way most people will continue an exercise routine if it’s too intense from the start. “I’m going to run three miles three times a week!” Haven’t exercised for a while? Take a thirty minute walk. Don’t want to? Take a fifteen minute walk. Want to start running again? Do a walk run, but mostly walk at first. If you build up to it, you won’t have the setback of being too sore to go out and run two days later.

It takes time to build habits. If they are in small sessions that don’t take long, like planks and sit ups, I’ll do them. I increase the amount as I get stronger. Easy does it in short time frames goes a long way in developing habits

Remember to use #WRfitness to get virtual support from me!

Use the hashtag – #WRfitness on Instagram and Twitter and let’s support each other. Heading out to exercise? Tweet it. On a nice walk? Take a photo for Instagram or Twitter. You get the drift. Start small. Start moving! Any exercise is exercise. You’ll feel better and enjoy your summer a little more.

Would you be interested in a Wild Rider Fitness Challenge? What are your favorite ways to exercise? Will you join #WRfitness by posting on Instagram and Twitter?

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33 thoughts on “How to Get Fit Before Summer or Anytime!

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  1. I go to a studio (Barre, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Yogalates, Reformer Pilates) that uses an app to schedule your classes. It links to my cell calendar. It helps me schedule time for me to take 50-minutes (2 to 3 times a week) out of my day to do for me and my whole, well being. I work in a massive building – it is just a walk from the parking lot to the building, so nothing like a built in workout at work. It helps that I LOVE the studio I go to and I want to work out – the instructors and studio staff are so nurturing and supportive. I have been toning and strengthening and an added bonus is that I am actually shedding some weight in the process too. I have my annual wellness visits in the Fall and will be interesting to see what my physicians say about the hard work I have been putting in. My massage therapist is noticing a difference and actually more massage than body work lately, which is good because body work is like exercise. Here’s to Health, Wellness and Happiness My Friend 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. I’m so proud of you! Way to go, Renee!
      Scheduling really helps me too. It sounds like you’ve adopted a really great routine with lots of variety. I bet your doctors will be pleased. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I found that the notifications on my iwatch do a great job encouraging me to stay active…I hit all of my goals every day and I also love how you added Alexa to the mix – this new technology can really help motivate!


      1. I set it for calories burned, time spent standing by hour and exercise…and am prompted all day on my progress…it’s a great motivation, and fit bits do the same while also monitoring how much sleep you get!


      1. If I could hike on a trail everyday, I’d be happy as a clam. I love reaching a mountain summit. Since that’s hard for a Kansas boy to do that daily I like my bicycle and to lift some weights. My Apple Watch leads me to my daily goals.

        BTW – I follow a few other bloggers and think your site is great. Somehow you are able to produce information on multiple topics and they are all congruent on the site. I like your style!


  3. Are you sure exercising while on the phone is a good idea? It will probably sound really strange when you have to catch your breath every time you have to talk. 🙂


  4. I’m with you. Just keep going, even if it’s something small. One thing goes haywire, do something else. Every day. Cat naps after lunch help! Great tips. Happy getting ready for summer!


  5. It’s tough to regularly exercise when we’re constantly on the move. We walk a lot and try and cycle if we can borrow a couple of bikes but a routine is out of the question. Need to get more organised I guess ……


  6. Hey Susie, i exercise 6 days a week. I love to hike, jog, walk and bike. ( written in the order of preference) I follow a couple of people on Youtube when I want to sweat it out indoors. I have posted some pics on instagram with a hashtag WRFitness.
    Your blogs are always inspirational and thank you for that.


  7. Forest trekking / bird walks, (That’s ‘birding’ there, and not actually walking like a duck), 🙂 Mushroom hunting, walking.


    1. I went birding a long time ago and will have to go again. It was fun to have them pointed out by an expert, so I’ll go with a meetup.
      Mushrooms! Wow. I’d be afraid I’d kill myself. LOL!


  8. As for Mushroom hunting, we team up with a Forestry Worker, and a Shoom n’ club. I have bought my the best of the Mushroom harvesting books. I trust her, but I have had two ‘secret Rendezvous in my past. All is cool now but still I just cann’t be eating shooms she has picked for me.


  9. No I have not heard of such news. I personally have only eaten Shiitakes, Maitake, Portobello (ports make for the most delicious Pizza along with roasted tomatoes and other veges. Where was I oh yes, Portabellos, Chanterelles. Kissing affiiar with a hot wild blonde that once brought a passenger plane down for um, ‘joining the mile high club. Oh man was she a good kisser. Nope, never ate Magic Shrooms but probably I won’t being that I am a Daddy and husband. The good old days were wild indeed, and oh do I have stories. I bet you have stories as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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