An Insane May Colorado Snowstorm in Photos

May Colorado Snowstorm of 2019! Click for phots of this devastating and beautiful storm.

Weather in Colorado is unpredictable, but getting this much snow, this late in the month is unusual and record-breaking. Mother Nature at her best and worst. Luckily, while perusing tender plants at Home Depot last Friday, I overheard two ladies talking about the rumor of snow. Although it didn’t show up on my weather app, I kept my flats in the garage. I’ll wait a few more days before planting them.

May Colorado Snowstorm of 2019. Click for photos of this crazy storm!

They only predicted an inch or two north of Denver, so I figured it wouldn’t be enough to collect on trees, shrubs and the grass. They were wrong.

May Colorado Snowstorm of 2019! Click for some wild nature photography! #Colorado

Beautiful and yet the end of my apple crop.

May Colorado Snowstorm of 2019! Click for beautiful photos of this intense storm! Nature Photography

May Colorado Snowstorm of 2019! Click for some photos of Mother Nature's wrath in Boulder!


Check out the video below from my Instagram. I posted a story earlier today too.

How’s the weather where you live? Have you already started planting annuals?

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An Insane May Colorado Snowstorm. Click for photos!

73 thoughts on “An Insane May Colorado Snowstorm in Photos

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    1. 😂 The sun has peeked from behind the clouds and the snow is melting. It’s supposed to rain the next two days. Moisture is always welcome in Colorado even if it’s in the frozen variety!
      Thanks, Anneli!


  1. And I thought Minnesota was bad! We’ll be getting some rain tonight from the same system that brought you that snow, but no snow in our forecast, thank goodness! Do you know how many inches you ended up getting? Great photos!


  2. Ugh! I’m actually in Denver on vacation- first time here. I’m leaving this evening, but of course this would happen my first time in a new place. 😂 oh well, I’m from Buffalo, and it’s just a day like any other. Haha.

    I’m sorry about your crops! Is there a way to resurrect them after the snow melts?


      1. northern South Carolina… in the mountains here, which I love, but it is extremely hot this week and we usually don’t see this weather this early in the year. I would love some cold weather!


    1. Right? We’re in the same drought. My kids just visited San José. Any moisture is good, even if it’s white and fluffy and ruined plans for many Colorado gardeners!
      Good to see you, Audrey!


  3. This was not unheard of where I lived in California as well. I remember my senior year of high school it snowed the last week of school. By graduation day it was almost 90 degrees again. Crazy stuff. I also remember camping at Donnor Lake one summer on the 4th of July holiday and it snowed on us up there. Never a dull moment when you live in the mountains.

    It’s been very pleasant (finally) here in Vicksburg. It took a long time getting here but we’re finally getting some beautiful spring weather.

    Sorry you lost the apples. We usually lost the cherries in California.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Hey, Patricia! Great to see you!
      Yep, mountains get snow but we’re only a mile high so this is sort of late for us. We did get a trace of snow down here in June one year. That year, it snowed every Wednesday. LOL!
      I’m glad you’re missing the severe weather. I’ve lived here long enough to wait until planting.


    1. LOL! Love Beaver Creek. Yep, they’re two miles high so they get snow later. It’s unusual down here to get this much. Seems like all the weather rules are being bent into wild-looking pretzels. 🙂
      Nice to see you, Jan!


  4. Oh no, this just cannot be good for the Fruit orchard farmers in the region or for those knew Tomato plants. We just planted our new start plants. we have been getting fierce lightning strike here. One huge Cedar tree was hid and it burned its core right out leaving it in flames and another strike blasted the roof of a home and the bolt burned a silver dollar sized home clan through the homes walls like a laser weapon. Crazy weather indeed. Stay safe and keep close a pair of butane warmer socks when you’re out on the Tennis Court Susie. You do some summer sport comedy photos where your wearing snow gear while playing summer sports 🙂


  5. Oh My Goodness – Blanket of Whiteness!!! Your pup must give you an eye test in the snow with her being white too. You know where I live and probably do not want to hear about sun, blue skies and warm temps. Crazy Weather lately! I have family in Little Rock and they call it the new Seattle with all the rain that has been happening there. Like they say wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


    1. Thanks, Renee!
      Yep, I’m ready for a vacation. LOL! It’s still dreary and cold here which is also an anomaly. We usually bounce back and this is after one of our coldest winters on record. Bring on the warm weather!
      I have to really watch Roxy in the mountains for that reason. No one would see her on the road!


  6. Wow that looks crazy Susie. It seems far too late in the year for snow, especially that much snow. Wonder what this means about the summer? Good one, bad one, snowy one?


  7. If your kids are on similar schedule as our schools, the prom attendees were so not amused!
    Still, any moisture this time of year is good moisture, right? (How’s the run off from the Mts? Lakes/reservoirs full?) this could be a good thing – as well as an unexpected blog post.
    (Trade! We’re 90’sF and sooo humid. the dog is already refusing to go outside )


    1. Wow! I can’t believe the heat you’re having. I expected to wake up to snow again this morning. Kids here are almost done with school, so prom was a couple weeks ago, but Breckenridge extended their season. They’re staying open until June 9th. Let’s go skiing!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. The weather has been very strange. I am a believer in global warming and have been expecting this, however, still catches you off-guard. We have had so much rain that many farmers who would, normally, have harvested after Thanksgiving still have crops in the field.


    1. Hey, Scott! Great to see you!
      Yes, I agree about global warming. Farmers must be stressing out about these super intense and unpredictable weather trends. It’s still gloomy here. What happened to our 300 sunny days?

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hows Roxy doing in this snow you got? I hope that the snow is now melted. We are searching for female miniature Golden-doodle pup for Ryker for EMO / service dog. As for me, I am going to need a entire pack of EMO dogs to help me 🙂


      1. rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, thunderstorms, sun, rain, sun…more rain than sun. We’ve been trying to get a yard planted before our daughter gets married in our backyard in July. We have a mixture of mud, dirt clods, grass, straw…oy! We do have high temps quite often…80!


  10. Neck and ear nibbler here you know, so with being said, and adding to it that I am nocturnal, do to this ridiculous run of varying temperatures, here in the PNW, I can tell you how many times I have hauled the oil filled heaters up and down the stairs to and from the upstairs storage closet. Talk about stair climbing workouts, it makes for dang find calves and gluteus maxims. This is ridiculous weather, as normally we are enjoying awesome fair weather days with green kills and awesome vivid blue skies with outside temperatures at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. You know those days where its feels warm not too and the air feels lazy sunny, almost surreal, as the rest of the nation is getting serious nasty weather, of which I feel so guilty about. There is a reason why we don’t live anything more than 60 – ish miles from the Pacific Ocean. Can you hear those song birds singing? ‘Van Morrison ‘Tupelo Honey’ LP.’ 🙂


  11. Crikey, you’re at 5,430 feet (1,655 m) if you reside in Boulder, Co. and if you’re living in your mountainous cabin you’re even more elevated. It’s no wonder that you’re snow bound in the marry month of May. We are only 430 feet (130m) above sea level here.


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