Boulder Creek for Wordless Wednesday!

For how long I have lived in Boulder, you’d think I would spend a lot of time hiking Boulder Creek. I drive over it, but hadn’t walked the trail for a long time. It was, well, see for yourself!

Boulder Creek! Click for photos of this extraordinary place in downtown Boulder!

With tons of snow melting in the mountains, the runoff is filling rivers.

High water on Boulder Creek! Click for photos of this amazing place!

People chilled out on the rocks while the river rushed by.

People chilling on the rocks along Boulder Creek! Click for photos!

This is the perfect place to collect your thoughts and relax.

Boulder Creek, a perfect spot for chilling out. Click for photos!

Or come out of hibernation for a photoshoot!

Boulder Creek photoshoot. Click for photos of the rushing river in downtown Boulder, Colorado!

My husband, Danny and I walked from the creek to a new rooftop restaurant called Corrida to catch views of the Flatirons before sunset.

Danny and Susie on top of the rooftop restaurant. Click for photos of Boulder Creek!

A fun way to spend a few hours in Boulder, Colorado!

Click on the video to hear the roar of the river. I love that sound!

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Beautiful Boulder Creek! Link in profile for photos.

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40 thoughts on “Boulder Creek for Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. Looks beautiful!

    I may have mentioned that I spent 2 weeks in Boulder for work back in 2001. Really only had one weekend there and a work colleague took me to the mountains. Can’t even remember the name of the area but it was something like the movie Deliverance.

    Wish I’d had more time to explore though as remember it being quite lovely…a long way from Australia!


    1. It’s a gorgeous getaway. The creek has risen a lot since I took those photos. I don’t plan to raft until later in the season!

      Deliverance? 😂 I wonder where that was. Maybe Manitou Springs. Ha!

      Oh, yeah! Boulder is very different. It’s nestled in a valley up against the foothills. Snow capped mountains of the Continental Divide rise up behind. I hope you get a chance to come back!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Susie, Ferris Beuler said it best, ‘life moves pretty fast. if you don’t look around once I a whole, you light miss it.’ That how I feel lately. I have gotten into my routine and that is ALL I see. I gotta get out and see the things around me. AMD there is a lot to see. Keep looking ‘cause you are going to find it. Peace.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is so true, Clay. I love the Ferris Bueller philosophy. This is my year of change so I’m making a huge effort to get outside of my routine to shake things up. Six months in, 2019 really does look and feel different than 2018.
        Peace to you, my friend! Enjoy your days off!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! Currently I am on a ‘tour’ of the middle section of the US and I am in Vicksburg, MS before driving to see my step-mom in Oxford, MS. It’s been an excellent trip. Keep shaking things up!


            1. Yes, indeed. I have been following her blog for years. We met a couple of years ago when I did a day trip to Vicksburg. Stayed in the Baer House last night! Had dinner with she and her husband and have had a lovely visit.


    1. Exactly! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been down there for so long. It had a great energy. Students hung out in hammocks, others played hackie sack, while fishermen and kayakers enjoyed the water.


  2. Susie! I’m cracking up because I fall asleep to that sound. It is so peaceful:) these pictures are great, but then again your travel pics are great no matter where you go, even in your own back yard. Every time you post these I have to put a little extra change in my dreamy travel budget. Glad you’re doing well and still rocking your Word of the Year 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Guat! I’m still reminding myself to change and shake things up. Getting out of routine helps to stretch out time too.
      Speaking of getting out of routine, I’m coming your way in July. We’ll have to meet up!


    1. It is! I would guess it’s twice as full now. There is so much snow in the mountains, it’s insulating itself and isn’t melting as fast as usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if some patches become glaciers and are still there when the snow flies next winterl!!

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  3. Hi

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2019, 1:57 PM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

    > susielindau posted: “For how long I have lived in Boulder, you’d think I > would spend a lot of time hiking Boulder Creek. I drive over it, but hadn’t > walked the trail for a long time. It was, well, see for yourself! With tons > of snow melting in the mountains, the runoff is f” >


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