A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Whenever that is…

When I first heard the title of Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, I conjured up images of fairies drifting in circuitous flights while competing with fireflies and outwitting venomous bats. There are a lot of bats in Wisconsin where I grew up. I imagined the night both hot and sticky but there would still be a bonfire where families would gather and dance.

It took place in the middle of summer, of course.

Fairy Roses on a Midsummer Night

In Colorado, the magic of summer surrounds us too. The lush landscape fills with wildflowers. Even the foothills turn emerald green. Whenever I’m outdoors, I awaken my senses to drink up every moment by inhaling the fresh sweet scent while listening to the symphony of birds. Babies are born all around our property. I dream of them at night. Super weird, I know!

But, looming around every corner of my garden is the notion that my favorite perennials only last a few weeks. Some, like peonies, fade after one. I take photographs to capture their short blooming season. I want summer to last.

But I have always wondered, when is the middle of summer?

Unfortunately, I have heard several people say, “Can you believe it’s the Fourth of July? Half the summer is gone already. Can you believe how fast it goes?” Blah, blah, blah… Disheartening words for someone so attached to the season of long days.

Trellised flowers in Midsummer

I applied logic to these outrageous statements to see if there was any truth in them. Don’t laugh. I do use logic once in a while. How can the July 4th be the middle of summer?

1. If these summer skeptics are defining summer by Memorial Day and Labor Day, it puts the midpoint somewhere in the third week in July.

2. If they use the equinox, then summer is in it’s youth at Independence Day, only a mere three weeks into its three month lifetime ending on September 23rd.

3. But if those too early naysayers use school semesters to delineate the midpoint marker of summer, then it would vary. If the school year ended the first week in May and starts again in mid-August, then the Fourth could be the midpoint. Sorry.

Roses in Summer

Californians have year-round summer, enjoying mild temperatures throughout the year. But the strangest thing happens in June. Clouds roll in. Temperatures plummet. Some of its residents will don winter coats, no lie. Temps may only reach a frigid sixty degree high. Belly laughing aside, with humidity, it does feel colder. They even have a name for this cool drab month:


Yes, we made the mistake of going to LA twice during the month of June. The first time, we rented an Airbnb in Malibu. Hanging out on the beach required layers of clothing over my swimsuit to keep warm against the chill. The cold ocean didn’t beckon like it did in July the year before.

Later, while I perused a small retail store, two ladies who worked at the shop sipped wine while waiting for me to leave so they could close for the evening. They grumbled about the retched gray month and looked forward to the beginning of July.

“Three more days until summer!” she said to her friend. They raised their glasses in a toast.

Whoa. Her words blew my mind. Summer starts in July?

That is very true for Colorado this year.

Last August marked the last day of seventy degree temperatures in Colorado. We didn’t reach seventy again until late April. Then we had the coldest May on record followed by a cold nasty June. We had to cancel our backpacking trip on June 22nd because it snowed! It was the coldest spring.

My roses are two months behind. The first flush usually arrives in the first week in May, but they woke up the first week of July! Everything is blooming at once as our summer season has compacted. It’s gorgeous but I feel cheated. Summer has started in other places in the country without us.

Summer flowers

We hit ninety degrees the last week of June. That was the latest recording of the 90’s since the 1920’s. It finally felt like summer.

As someone from the Midwest, who now lives in the Southwest, I define summer as three months of warm temperatures to be spent outdoors. Last week felt like the first week of summer!

So, I am officially pushing the midpoint of summer to mid-August.

I’m dreaming of warm nights under the stars where I drink in the magic of the season. We don’t have fireflies, but moonlit fairies still dance dodge bats. Bonfires will be plentiful. Families with gather and tell scary tales and laugh. I plan to enjoy this summer all the way through September.

We can’t possibly have an early winter like last year, can we? That would be a nightmare.

Early Winter in Colorado! Roxy is stuck in a maze of snow

Is summer in full bloom where you live? Are you ready for winter or do you wish you lived in a different part of the world?

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Whenever that is

53 thoughts on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Whenever that is…

Add yours

    1. Thanks, John! Everyone is talking about how profuse the blooms are this year. It’s as if the extra sleep paid off for them. 😴
      That’s right! Didn’t you get a few flakes of snow last winter?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, briefly, lasted a day at best. Was the wettest winter I’ve seen in my six years here! There are a couple months of cool and wet but mostly the weather is stable.


    2. Returning to Michigan from Vegas in October is roughly equivalent to returning from Florida in January. The difference is startling!

      Me on a Monday: strolls out to the pool for one last swim before flying home, enjoying 88 WITHOUT HUMIDITY!

      Me on a Tuesday: clutches her hoodie closer while standing on the tarmac at O’Hare and prays that her father remembered her winter coat.



      1. Oh, wow!!! That’s unusual for the Midwest. It should be hit by now. When we went to Vegas, the temperature never budged from 112! We ran from sprinkler to sprinkler… at night!!


        1. I was referring to returning from Vegas to Michigan in 2008. I imagine it was supposed to be 80-something that day in Vegas, and I think it was only 45 in Chicago.


  1. Good thing you haven’t come to California this July because we are having JULY GLOOM this year.

    I like using the solstice/equinox calculation, although, having grown up in New York, where fall colors begin showing in September and school started right after labor day, I still feel as if summer goes from June 1 – September 1.

    Enjoy it while it lasts!


    1. I’ll bring the sunshine when I come!
      It was super strange this year since we went from snow to 80-90 degrees. We didn’t have a spring. I hadn’t been outside much at all in June. Summer has settled in and it’s gorgeous!!!
      Thanks, Audrey!


  2. Come down to the swamp. Summer starts the first week of May and ends in early October. Just don’t come this week. We are expecting Hurricane Barry, but it won’t make landfall near us.


    1. I Love NOLA! I haven’t been tuned into the news and missed Barry. I hope you’re right and you miss him too. 🌂 ☔️
      We usually have a mild winter, early spring and long summer. Not this year, but it’s beautiful!


  3. I’ve never taken it literally as the middle of the summer; rather that it just happens to occur in the summer…with fairies and forced marriages and actors getting zapped into donkey heads. 😂


  4. We had a gorgeous spring, but summer heat is well nigh upon us now. No matter, cooler, nightly beach walks while the dogs chase ghost crabs is worth enduring the heat of the day. The crepe myrtle trees have the neighborhood, nay, the whole city aglow in rose and lavender colors.


  5. The seasons are all screwed up everything this year. Some say global warming is the reason, but I don’t really think that’s the case since winter seemed to go on, and on, and on, and on this year and I don’t just mean here in Mississippi. I mean everywhere. You said yourself summer is compacted this year. It’s the same here, although we’ve been hitting the 90’s for a few weeks and with the heat index (whatever that is) it’s more like 100+ every day. Add in that stupid humidity and it’s frightful to be outside. Plus the mosquitoes will run you back inside pretty darn quick.

    But, your flowers are abundant and gorgeous. I hate to garden so I just give my few measly pots of blooms a drink of water and hurry back inside before I sweat to death. You’d think things would grow better here, but they really don’t. Only the weeds thrive. Flowers need lots of extra stuff that I don’t take the time to do. Did I mention I HATE gardening?

    As always, I enjoy your posts. Have a great rest of the snow-free week.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks, Patricia!
      I do love gardening but we’ve been gone a lot. I spend time outside in the morning.
      The reason it’s cold is we’ve screwed up the jet stream. The polar ice cap is melting while other parts of the world, like Colorado, still has snow! We had to walk through a 50 meter snow field on a hike a couple days ago. Crazy!


  6. In Northern California where I am, summer doesn’t start until September! We could get some warm temperatures this weekend but then the fog comes back in. I don’t mind – hot weather also means wild fires and I’d rather do with out those.


  7. We’re slap bang in the middle of summer here in England where I think summer begins at the beginning of June so the midpoint would probably be mid-July. Not sure about three months of hot weather but a few weeks would be good.


  8. I wish it was summer where I am! Winter, winter, winter… endless winter in NZ just now. Well, OK, it’ll be over in about 12 weeks, but hey… On matters of when midsummer actually happens, there’s a specific astronomical thing involving the difference between the Earth’s actual spin, its orbital velocity, and the way we measure days that causes our clocks (which are rigorously 24 hours) to get a bit out of synch with the equinox. So over here it’s been getting darker in the mornings over the past couple of weeks since the winter solstice, and over your way it’ll be lighter, earlier, since midsummer’s day. I mention it because maybe that’s why midsummer always feels like it’s happening later than the equinox (and, over here, midwinter is an endless gloom… grumble grumble… :-))


  9. When I see snow pictures in the summer I’m grateful for the warmth we have, even if it’s raining. Winter will be upon us soon enough. I’m going to enjoy every day of summer. Love your flower pictures!


    1. Thanks so much, Anneli! I bet your gardens are amazing this year too.
      Yes, I sniffed an apple cinnamon candle the other day and was hit with the same realization. Fall will soon be here. In Colorado, snow can soon follow. *gulp*

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Firstly I wish to state that Roxy is so cute there, and next I want to comment that your flower garden is so inviting, I love those violet blue Irises, and those beautiful purple flowers all the lush greenery and the gentle contrast of the delicate light pink roses, I can just imagine the fragrances. Who grew them, did you or Courtney’? My deep red roses are beautiful. And the blooming of the sweetly pungent little white bells of Lily O’ The valley flowers have pasted for the spring. But yes I too am feeling cheated of the hot summer days. As Potted chili peppers plant although has blossomed and budded the starts of the Chili peppers. The Tomato plant has not yet blossomed the tiny yellow flowerets to but tomatoes. We have just had too much over cast skies, mild heat as last night it dumped a bunch of rain upon the city. And days have been of pleasant mild temperatures of in the mid 70s’ I believe we have only seen but a few days of heat as in Fahrenheit temperatures in the 90s. I have also noticed there have not been many butterflies or humming birds this year. Even the cherry tree produced a lesser cherry yield this summer. Again those are beautiful flowers Susie and Roxy is dear as always.


    1. That is so sad, Brock! The inept tree trimmers decimated my apple trees last year so we won’t get many apples, but the sun is bright here with storms coming late in the day. I hope the season rebounds for you.
      BTW, Courtney would giggle. I do all the gardening in this family. LOL! Thank you! Danny does his share of trimming though.
      Enjoy your Thursday!


  11. There’s another way of determining the middle of summer which actually can make July 4th the middle: it’s the amount of the summer stuff (hiking, swimming, gardening, biking, tanning, etc.) that’s been done by that point, and the summer stuff that’s left to be done.
    To give an example of how it works, imagine you go to a Caribbean resort or a skiing resort for a week – you may remember the first couple of days well enough, but the days after just meld into a blur and only take about the same amount of the brain memory storage since you’re more or less doing same exact thing for the later 4-5 days as during the first 2.


    1. So we should only go for two and save money… or make sure we make a variety of plans.
      We have a trip planned in July and have two huge trips in August so we’re on our way to a long, memorable summer, hopefully… 😂😎


        1. That’s my plan! I discovered that time-lengthening trick too. It’s easy to stick to routine, so this year, I’m changing a lot of things. So far, so good! Thanks, X!


  12. It’s nice to be able to define things yourself. (Some learn early – yea!)
    It does look like a floral shop there now. -(Short performance window makes things more intense and drives more to cherish it more?) Splah, soak and roll n it ( ’cause summer is rolling quickly Aaarrrgh)
    (OH, Susie, if you could please stop by and read today’s post – you’d understand)


  13. I am a firm believer that global warning is happening, slowly but surely. It will be marked by longer cold-cool areas and short (maybe really hot) summer times. Our summer began very late and it has just cleared 90 the last couple of weeks. School begins on a Friday, August 2nd this year. Summer is going and I do love cooler weather, but cold? nope…getting too old to have fun, just risk falling.


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