Adventures in Car Camping with Dogs at Turquoise Lake

I haven’t camped for a long time, so when the opportunity arose and my husband and I had a free weekend, we pulled out the camping gear, shook off the spider webs and headed for Turquoise Lake near Leadville, Colorado.

This shot was taken when we camped on a regular basis, back when my kids were blonde!

Kid's campfire and making s'mores

Our Bichon, Roxy, has never gone camping. With constant leashing, sleeping in a tent, and weather, I wondered if she would like it. There was only one way to find out.

And how long would her coat stay white? About one minute.

Wammer Jammer camping dog

I’ve been backpacking, but this was Cadillac camping or a variety of glamping. Okay, that’s a stretch, but instead of parking at a trailhead and carrying everything to survive an overnighter and lots of hiking, we parked right at the campsite. A water tap was located right across the road from us. So much easier!

Cadillac camping

We set up camp, took a hike, and made a discovery. You’ll find out in the video.

Camping Turquoise Lake

As darkness fell, so did the temperature. We hustled to start a fire and dinner.

Turquoise Lake campsite

But as clouds gathered in the distance, time ran out… Oh, nooooooo!!!!

Watch the video below to find out what happened…

Hope you enjoyed your virtual camp out! Were you surprised by Roxy’s reaction?

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55 thoughts on “Adventures in Car Camping with Dogs at Turquoise Lake

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  1. Why does it rain when camping? Seems to happen all the time. Loved the waterfall. I was also surprised at how many other campers there were in that area. I guess if you have a drive-up site that is going to happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for watching the video!

      It’s pretty normal to rain in the afternoon in the mountains and is usually accompanied with lightning, so hikers on 14ers try to be down by noon. But at night? Not so much. We must have attracted a big thundercloud! LOL!

      I had no idea this lake existed.

      There were several State Park campgrounds located around this massive lake. Most campsites could be booked online while the others were first come first serve. We dinked around all morning in Breckenridge thinking it would be easy peasy to get a site. We forgot that it was the last weekend before back to school!

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  2. Well, you can take the dog out of the house but you can’t take the house out of the dog. Or something like that right?

    Looks like a nice little get away.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. I used to camp our when I was younger, haven’t done it for decades! Roxy seems to agree with me! Nice video, loved the cascading water, the beautiful lake and Roxy’s clear annoyance at what you’ve put her through!


  4. Made me homesick for camping! We tent camp, have camped cross country a couple times, most recently five years ago. Our dog loved it, he stayed in the tent with us and enjoyed every minute of it. Looks like an incredible site and hope you get to do it again soon. ❤ Cathi (DAF)


      1. We did have the perfect dog for almost 18 years, he had to leave us three years ago. Dogs are so wonderful to have share our lives with us. Ours went camping with us so often, he got excited when he saw us pull out our camping equipment. Love your blog, Susie, thanks for sharing your life and words with all of us. Cathi


  5. Looks like fun. Ba beautiful place to camp, but where in Colorado is it not? Loved the video. You have a very pleasing voice as a narrator and Danny was great as supporting cast. I’m thinking 2020 Oscar for best documentary!

    As for Roxie, I am very familiar with that stink eye you got at the end. Our dogs are half Bichon.

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  6. I used to feel about camping the way Roxy does. Then our kids convinced my husband to get a small, hard-sided camper. Suddenly I don’t mind camping as much. We’ll be at Turquoise Lake over Labor Day. Looking forward to it!


    1. Oh, wow!! That is a fantastic place to camp. I had no idea it existed and we’ve had a place in Breck for twenty-three years! “Mind blown”
      I grew up camping with a fold out camper. There’s nothing like waking up to the great outdoors!!!


  7. Yay for car camping! I am always happiest up in the mountains, but there is something to be said for camping somewhere convenient where you can park nearby and bring a proper pillow!

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  8. Camping, hiking – these aren’t for me . Give me a nice holiday resort far away from the bugs and creepy crawlers any day. I admire anyone who can actually go out and live with nature. Hope Roxy wasn’t too agitated


  9. If everything is warm, dry and perfect, you’re not camping HAHA. Looks like fun. (Your tent does OK in weather? We’ll have to upgrade ours) Glad those marshmallows were managed. It’s not camping without marshmallows. (Roxy probably stink eyed those, too..nothing worse than sticky face for a dog. I think there’s a space on the book shelf for you car camping/hiking with dogs book…some of the available ones are getting scorned for being outdated. Will remember this lake area)
    Thanks for the waterfall sounds – enough of a CO fix to get there the scorching day here. HAHA


    1. Thanks for watching, Phil!
      Roxy is usually a good sport but seemed a bit surprised by our sudden drop in living conditions. Thank God our tent didn’t leak! I saw saw young guys pouring water out of their tent the next morning. Next time I’ll bring a dog coat for Roxy!

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  10. Roxy doesn’t look too impressed with that camping lark, perhaps she’ll get to love it if you keep going? Turquoise lake looks fabulous though.


      1. She looked like she was really missing the couch at home so she could just look out at nature without experiencing it so first hand. I usually don’t like the kennel idea, but maybe in her case it would make her happier than the alternative.


  11. I think domesticated dogs today are the progeny of those wild dogs who were least impressed with the wild. They consciously decided to abandon the wild for a roof, scheduled meals and a warm hearth. Roxy is trying to convey all that information and her sense of betrayal in that dirty look.


  12. Heyyyyyyyyy there! Good to see you again. I was glad for those awesome pics and the sounds of the waterfall. I fall asleep to that sound every night, it’s super soothing. But thinking Roxy was so ready to go home. Ha! I was tripping out on Roxy giving you the evil eye, that was so funny 🙂 thanks for taking me in the ride 😉


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