Another Wild Wednesday!

It has been a wild travel month. When I first wrote this, I had just returned from Wisconsin and was on my way to New Jersey and New York. What I didn’t know was that it was actually Thursday, not Wednesday, so here we are two weeks later!

Not wanting to miss anything while I was away, I recharged my critter cam. I walked back to the pond to position it on the arbor and discovered a sleepy owl. They are usually very aware of their surroundings, so I have found it difficult to photograph them up close and in their personal space. I took this owl by surprise.

With the rushing water in the background, it didn’t hear me, so I started talking to him. He still didn’t hear me. He must have been sound asleep!


When we drove home from the airport, an enormous owl spread its wings and flew to the pond behind our house. I wonder if it’s disappointed that we’re home or if he kept an eye on the house while we were away. I prefer the latter.

I’ve taken lots of photos of owls over the years. Boulder County is known for being home to a wide variety of them.

On another wild note, I noticed our acorns are enormous this year. They’re dropping from the oak trees. Usually every squirrel in the neighborhood plucks them in July when they’re still green. Does that mean winter will be late this year? It hit 99 degrees on Sunday. I’m ready for cooler weather.

Lots of acorns this year. I wonder if winter will be late this year.

I’ve traveled in four time zones over the last six weeks starting in California. The first night home, I went to bed at 9:00. The second night I nodded off around midnight. It has taken a while to settle back into life in Colorado. I’m packing my bags AGAIN for the Rocky Mountain Writer’s Conference, but at least it’s held in Denver.

Come October I’ll be off on another Wild Adventure…

Another Wild Wednesday

I hope you have a Wild Wednesday!

Are you seeing any signs of fall? Do you have any fall vacation plans?

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38 thoughts on “Another Wild Wednesday!

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    1. I don’t expect to happen upon one that close up ever again.
      I’m at a point where I’ve taken so many classes and read so many books that I’ve got a pretty deep well of craft information to reach into. Any deeper and I may fall in! I’ll still take a couple of classes and will pitch two books, hopefully find some beta readers, critique partners, and a professional editor. Whew! I will be thoroughly exhausted by Sunday…Wish me luck!

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  1. When my daughters were still consumed by the Harry Potter saga —not that they have got better of the fascination— they pressed hard for adopting owls as pets for a while. But owls are best-off free! You have nailed those to perfection in your shots. Owls have an honourable perch both in Greek and Hindu mythologies.


    1. That is hilarious, although it seems they are adopted for educational purposes. I saw one along
      It’s several other birds in Breck. By the way, I’m a recent Potter-head!
      One morning some kid kept screaming outside on the street. Then I noticed a huge owl sitting on a planter. It turned around and SCREECHED!! 😂 We host many different kinds here in Boulder. Your daughters would love it! In the winter, they sit on top of the chimney and hoot. I can hear them throughout the house!

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  2. How fun to have a “critter cam!” I know we have visitors to our backyard pond, but I don’t always see them. I think I need one of those cameras! I love owls, and your close encounter is wonderful. Keep enjoying all of your adventures. Our fall trips are within California and we are spending time up and down the coast at least through the fall. It still feels like summer, but the acorns are dropping in our yard, too, so a little evidence of fall is creeping in! 🙂


  3. Love the owl photos, there is something about owls that just looks majestic is’;t there? Such wonderful looking birds. We get a lot over here but you hardly ever see them as they seem very secretive. You get around a bit too don’t you? Even when you aren’t having an adventure!


    1. Wow! I would love an early snowfall.
      The monstrous acorns are still dropping. Maybe the lions and wildcats in the neighborhood thinned the squirrel population. If not, I think we’re looking at a warm fall and late, mild winter. Dang! I love the change of seasons!

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  4. I am a little late- here it is another Wednesday. I enjoyed the owl pics. I remember in high school one used to hang out in a tree in our front yemard. Suburban Chicago. We were thrilled.

    Lots of traveling happening over here. Our oldest son plays water polo on the east coast. Coach and I took 4 youngest kids to Annapolis last weekend to see him play. Friday my youngest and I will fly to Princeton Univ to see him play wp again. I fly solo to his home games in NY early Oct. It’s his senior season, so trying to squeeze it all in. Oh we were in Vancouver in July- all 8 of us, thanks to Irish dancing but that’s another story.


    1. There is something about owls that is super cool. The other night I was recording the sunset and a screech owl wasn’t having it. LOL!
      Wow! How exciting to have an athlete in the family. Traveling is the best. Irish dancing???


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