Paddle Boarding with Dogs!

My dog, Roxy, joins me in all kinds of adventures. When I went paddle boarding for the first time, I noticed several dog paddlers of the canine kind. Big dogs and little dogs. Most seemed to be having a great time.

Paddle boarder with dogs on Union Reservoir. Click for my experience and how to paddle board with dogs! Paddle boarding | outdoor adventures with dogs | fun with pets#Colorado #paddleboard #paddleboarding #dogs #adventures #outdoor

Here’s a dog who couldn’t get enough paddle boarding and dog paddling.

Shark life preserver on a paddle boarding dogs

I wondered how my poofy Bichon would like it. She can be adventurous. She loves hiking, but our last camping trip surprised me.

After purchasing a doggie life preserver, with a handle to pull her out of the water, I thought I’d give it a go.

Roxy seemed okay with the orange getup so I carried her out to the pond. We have a radio containment system and I don’t want her to snoop where the wild cats and coyotes hang out. She’s never been back there.

Would she paddle board or jump off?

See for yourself.

Watch her head in the ten second video. Does she look like she wants to come to shore?

Thinking the novelty may have worn off, I took her out again to see her reaction. Ha! She stayed on the board after I got off. I had to call her to come!

Paddle boarding poofy dog happy to chill out on the board and not come to shore!

Even without webbed paws, I’d say Roxy loves the water. Well, she loves paddling above it, anyway.

Do you have a dog? Would you consider paddle boarding with it?

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Paddle Boarding with Dogs! Click for what you need to make it an enjoyable experience! Paddle board | Dogs | Pets | fun with dogs | Outdoor adventures | Colorado #paddleboarding #paddleboardingdogs #paddleboardingwithdogs #dogs #Colorado

29 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding with Dogs!

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    1. My daughter has a big beautiful mutt. She paddle boarded with her dog and her boyfriend on her board! It’s from Costco and a lot more stable. We have one too, but I like my little skiff. It’s tough in whitecaps though!!!

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  1. How fun! She looks like she is enjoying it. We do not have a dog. Growing up I always wanted an Old Engkish Sheepdog but my brother was allergic. Now I am allergic too. Six kids might be all I can handle. We saw a sheepadoodle while in Annapolis and I admit I fell in love. I do not think Coach would go for it. Ever


  2. Ha! That’s awesome! I didn’t see any dogs paddle boarding with their owners in the ocean when we went but the lake looks totally peaceful and a shark-free Zone 🙂 it was fun when I first did it. I never realized what a core workout it would be plus the arms. I thought it would be a breeze really chill but I felt my muscles working it. Glad Roxy joined you!!!


    1. Hey Guat! Great to see you!
      The ocean adds a whole new element. A good workout, for sure! Not so much on my little pond. When I go for a quickie, it’s all about finding a little zen time. I have run into some choppy waves at the reservoir. 🙂 Definitely shark-free and full of doggie fun.

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