Want to Know about Profiling?

I met retired FBI profiler, Pete Klismet at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. What is psychological profiling exactly? How did he become a profiler? What was his toughest case? Pete has all the answers. Tune to my fifth interview on The Wild Side podcast on Thursday, September 19th to find out Pete’s definition of wild and learn about his wild side. Pete will give away three copies of his international best seller FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil!

FBI profiler Pete Klismet. A preview of my next guest on The Wild Side podcast!

Pete is the director at Criminal Profiling Associates. He’s also a national award-winning author of the international best seller, FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil (Published in Australia, New Zealand, Asia)FBI Animal House; FBI Diary: Home Grown Terror; Profiling Violent Offenders: The FBI Method (Fall, 2017) You can find his books here.

He’s a member of  Public Safety Writers of America, Cold Case Investigators of America and Rotary International.

You won’t want to miss this interview! It will go live next Thursday, September 19.

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Episode 1 –  Bloggers at the Bash in London give their definition of wild and share their wild sides.

Episode 2 – Then learn about the wild side of Jim Cram, a 101-year-old man and his secret to living a long life.

Episode 3 – In my third interview, health and sexuality author and speaker, August McLaughlin shares a wild Hollywood dating story, what it was like to film a sexy commercial, with a mime, and lets us in on how an eating disorder helped her discover her passion, helping women embrace sexuality through Girl Boner books and her podcast!

Episode 4 – Psychoanalyst, Marc Azoulay shares his wild stories about the challenge of meeting women in bars while being a recovering addict and alcoholic. Yes. It can be done and it’s pretty funny! He also shares tips on building confidence.

Tune in next Thursday, September 19 for the next episode of The Wild Side podcast where you’ll hear all about Pete Klismet’s wild side, how he got into the business of FBI profiling, and a few of his most famous cases.

It’s a wild one you won’t want to miss!

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?

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10 thoughts on “Want to Know about Profiling?

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      1. A couple of dads were CIA who were always going on mysterious trips. Wish they would have been able to talk more about what all that was going on – even their kids were kept in the dark
        Sometimes the most ordinary neighbor really is the one secretly leading the adventure movie life. Can’t wait to see what your friend says. (Was this the Aspen writer’s workshop? Another writer friend has been relaying some cool stuff from there, too)


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