Record-Breaking Winter Snowstorm in Colorado – Before and After

I’ve lived in Colorado long enough to know that weather can be unpredictable. When forecasters warned of a sixty degree drop in temperatures and snow, I battened down the hatches. After transplanting annuals and cutting the last of the lavender in eighty degree heat (Yes, 80 degrees!), I went inside to shower. Minutes later, the wind howled.

I captured a before and after video of this record-breaking and extreme snowstorm. The wind comes up pretty fast —

I cut most of my roses yesterday, but a few weathered this crazy snowstorm.

A snow covered rose bush

I didn’t get to the hydrangeas, but they’re already dried out.

Snow covered hydrangea

The bird bath shows how much snow accumulated this morning.

Snow covered bird bath

Cupid seems a little cold today.

A snow covered cupid

What wasn’t predicted was accumulation of snow on the highways. The Eisenhower Tunnel closed for a while too. I wonder when ski resorts will open…

A view through a trellis at a potting shed in the snow

I took this shot a couple hours later. The snow has stopped and it’s melting. But, temperatures will bottom out in the teens tonight. Brrr…

Note to self: I need to spend some time outside in a t-shirt to get acclimated.

A view of a snowy pond and trellis

How will I remember the date of this snowstorm? It’s my wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Danny! I’ll be sure to wear a winter coat to dinner tonight…

Don’t forget to watch the dramatic weather change in the video at the top of this post!

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What’s the weather like where you live? Is this storm heading your way?

48 thoughts on “Record-Breaking Winter Snowstorm in Colorado – Before and After

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      1. it’s that quiet that snow brings that I love. You wake up to gray skies and the brightness from the snow and you feel like you are wrapped in a comfy blanket just watching the snow fall. I love it! Hope we get more than we did last year (2 days), we were in Florida and missed it completely.


    1. Really? I’m from Wisconsin!!! It went from a high of 82 degrees to last night’s low of 16 degrees! The pond is super foggy today and snow is still on the ground. It looks like January!


  1. That’s some dramatic change in temperature isn’t it? Serious drop. The UK would come to a complete stop if that happened here! Happy Anniversary Susie. How many years is it?


    1. I wonder how it affected the animals. Between those fierce high winds and drop in temperature, I’m sure it took a few by surprise. It’s 19 degrees right now!
      A lot of years! LOL! 32! Feels like 10.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always used to think you folks from Colorado exaggerated about the weather. Then on a visit to Denver I was treated to one of those days just like in your video. As the Monkees once said “Now I’m a believer!”


    1. No exaggeration necessary. It’s insane! I’ve always been a weather girl so l love to watch storms rumble in. It’s super cold here this morning. More like a morning in January! it dropped to 16 degrees last night and it’s hovering around 19 right now…

      Yes! And I wouldn’t leave “here” if I tried…dododododdly do do do…

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  3. It was quite a sudden and wild storm! I was thinking it was awfully early for snow, then discovered it snowed all day on Oct 10 2018, too. I feel like this was a typical Colorado transition. When it comes to weather, Colorado is a drama diva.


    1. It has snowed in September several times. The difference was the plunge into the single digit temperatures in Denver. From 82 degrees, 9 was drastic and a record-breaker! I LOVE our DRAMA DIVA! LOL!
      Thanks, Kit!!


  4. Well hopefully it’s moving our way. We need a cool down, but mostly we need RAIN. We broke some kind of weird weather record here for most days without rain. Crazy for our part of the country.

    Cool video footage. Stay inside where it’s warm.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. And the COLD! Denver hit a record low of 9 degrees last night after the 80’s the day before. Talk about extremes! It is pretty though. I do love crazy weather, especially when I can enjoy it from inside the house!


  5. About the closest I’ve seen to that kind of crazy weather, was one year it snowed here in Virginia at the end of April. Everything had already bloomed, grass had already been cut twice, etc. It melted over night, and the next day was back to 80 or so…lol Oh, and Happy Anniversary to you both!


    1. I love that smell!
      We’re traveling in Europe. I’m actually on a train and we’ve had super nice weather but are heading north! We could have a foggy morning… just in time for Halloween! 🎃


  6. Great pictures of a fall Colorado snowstorm. I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, and the extreme weather changes are interesting to say the least. Temperature swings can be wild, like from hot to cold. But it can also warm up quickly because of Chinook winds. I’ve seen it go from about 20 below zero to 40 above in 6 hours.


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