Winners and A Sneak Preview – From Amish to Artist, Meg Delagrange!

Pete Klismet, one of the first FBI profilers in the country, generously offered to give away three copies of his international best selling book, FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil.

Here’s a description of his book:

Pete was one of the original FBI agents selected to what was then, and is now, the most select group of agents in the FBI.  It’s almost like a ‘Psychological Seal Team.’ Many apply but few are chosen. Pete was one of the lucky ones.

A 20 year veteran FBI agent, 10-year police officer, and award-winning author, Pete Klismet takes us on a remarkable journey through his days as a street agent in the FBI, into the revolutionary and controversial training of FBI agents as criminal profilers, and then back into the field to apply the training in high-profile murder cases in the Midwest and into the minds of the killers themselves.

The reader will follow Pete and a small cadre of agents as they go through what he describes as “Profiling Boot Camp.”  Read as they review cases from which knowledge of the most violent predators in our society is gleaned.  

How does he come up with his profiles? Follow his thought process, and be prepared to be shocked when an accurate profile by Pete is ignored in a murder case, and six people are wrongfully convicted as a result of incompetence and over-reaching theories by law enforcement officers in the Midwest.  And, worse yet, these six people served over 70 years in prison for crimes they did not and could not have committed.

The winners of the book are:

Renee from Craves Adventure,

Daya from Notes from the Novel,

and Scott from Kindred Spirit!

Email me at with your address and Pete will send you a copy!

FBI DIARY - Profiles of Evil by Peter M. Klismet Jr.

Didn’t win but would love to read Pete’s book? Here’s the Amazon link!

And here’s the link to Pete’s other books.

My next guest is Meg Delagrange.

Meg grew up in an Amish community. She married and moved to Japan where her new husband was stationed. What happened after that? You’ll have to tune in. Meg’s story is a very wild ride!

Meg Delagrange from Coloring Spirit, my next guest on the Wild Side Podcast

Meet Meg Delagrange who calls herself a Coloring Spirit. She was born Amish surrounded by a gray world without color. But, nothing could keep the color locked up inside her. Instead, she broke out of the gray box to explore this big, colorful world. She is an internationally known artist whose artwork has colored places like Tokyo, Japan, Uganda, Africa, and across the United States. Meg is a successful entrepreneur, growing a business from 45 sales to over a million. She is a proud single mom and continues to break through barriers and limitations while defying social prejudices against single parents. 

You can find Meg’s art at

Meg shares many wonderful, candid, and eye-opening stories. Subscribe to the Wild Side Podcast. You won’t want to miss this amazing episode.

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Who would you like to interview if you had a chance? Who should I interview next? Could you imagine growing up Amish?

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10 thoughts on “Winners and A Sneak Preview – From Amish to Artist, Meg Delagrange!

Add yours

  1. OMG! I just read here that I won! So Exciting. Can’t wait to read the book! Thank you for choosing me or for luck choosing me…whatever. lol
    That aside and me being who I am, I must say…Meg D. is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. WOW, I didn’t even realize I’d entered! That’s just the sort of book my dad likes reading at the crematorium (for real!), so I’ll let him borrow it first. 💙


  3. Why I’m a Squatter too, have been since those people went off on an extended vacation nine years ago. I use to be their gardener, I haven’t seen them I swear! aren’t my rose lovely?

    You should come over and will party, but come at 2:00 am and part down the street, and please, do enter the den window, my neighbors are light sleepers, oh and bring a few coats or five, I am a environmentalist and do not wish to have any chimney smoke being seen, I mean use the firewood. You gotta check out the indoor pool, and the art on the walls.


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