Wild Cats, Snow, and Hitting the Slopes for Wild Wednesday

This Wild Wednesday features huge wild cats, silly dogs, skiing and snowboarding, and lots of snow in Colorado.

Bobcat in the backyard

My Arlo outdoor camera has recorded all kinds of wildlife this year. My favorite is the big bobcat that has hung out since last summer. I’ve kept the doggie door closed since my poofy Bichon, Roxy is no match for any of the critters that lurk throughout the day. The snow hasn’t kept them from lurking in the yard to mark their territory.

Check out the video! While the wild cats prowled, Roxy trotted into the kitchen and surprised us. She is hilarious and a showoff.

I know! That cat is huge. How did you like Roxy’s outfit?

It’s been a snowy start to the season. November closed out the month with tons of snow. It’s nice when it’s light and fluffy. Not so great when twenty inches meltdown to fifteen.

Scrape and fill that shovel.

Shoveling heavy snow in Niwot, Colorado

Lift the heavy white stuff without losing any.

Shoveling heavy snow in a long driveway. It's all about Wild Wednesday

And then give it the old heave-ho! Then do it again and again and again and…

Giving the snow the old heave-ho. Shoveling a long driveway

I had help. In fact, Danny shoveled for about three hours. Tell me about it! He wouldn’t take a break, come inside for a while, or drink water. Somehow, he survived.

Susie in the snow

The skiing has been amazing for preseason. I’m feeling stronger than ever. Rehab works!

Danny, Kelly, Susie Lindau at Breck

I’ve never been to Keystone when Lake Dillon was open. See it in the background in the shot below? Here’s another live video. I’m in red skiing ahead of Kelly.

There’s more snow on the way this Thursday. It looks like a great start to ski season. Are you with me? Let’s go skiing!

Let’s catch up –

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52 thoughts on “Wild Cats, Snow, and Hitting the Slopes for Wild Wednesday

Add yours

  1. Three observations:

    1. Forget Roxy, that bobcat looks like it could take down a human!

    2. Roxy is quite fashionable.

    3. So are you, even while shoveling snow.

    4. You are quite the graceful skier. Enjoyed the clip as well as the spectacular view!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Al! Great to see you.
      That bobcat is huge. I caught a small one on video so there must have been a litter. I love them since they keep the raccoon population way down. I may attempt to put out bird seed once again.

      Yes, Roxy really hammed it up that day. I couldn’t understand what the swishing sound was until she walked into the kitchen. She could have easily shrugged it off, but wanted to show us. LOL!

      Thanks! I’m just glad I didn’t wipe out while being recorded. It looks like Danny almost fell when he jostled his phone. It happens!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My back, my spine is so jealous here Susie, as we had the threat of a bomb cyclone to come there last week, all we got was either as gentle breeze ratting our flower trellis, or it was nut squirrel messing with me again. As well a dusting of confectioners snow upon the Costco parking lot. My sorrel snow boots and flux weasel and skunk fur lined Parka await. Being stocked by bob cats and um, cougars named Ronda, I am use to. Susie, This perpendicular my dear, not side to side it does appear there that your are either shoveling fresh fallen snow from the left side of the sidewalk and piling that snow onto the right side. And lastly Christmas Cards, I was just viewing art work upon a web site and someone had posted semi naughty classy Christmas cards. Reminds me of Christmas of 2005. A lovely Christmas indeed. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards, love your bogs artwork Susie. Merry December. And don’t forget to watch Christmas Vacation.


    1. Brock? Is this you?

      Yes, skiing can be hard on one’s back. All that rising and falling, twisting and turning while skiing down hill. Ouch! It’s an full-body workout!

      You sound like you live in the wilderness, Brock. I love it here! The waterway that runs through Niwot comes from the mountains above Boulder, so many animals find there way out here. I’ve missed the bear and moose. Earlier this year, I caught a HUGE raccoon on Arlo then realized weeks later, it was probably the bear! Dang. It had already been auto-erased.

      Yes! Onto my Christmas cards. Thanks so much for saying that, Brock. I’m always worried no one will want them when I offer a few here on the blog. I will definitely tune into Christmas Vacation for a giggle while sketching today! LOL!
      Merry December to you!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy!

      The snow hasn’t melted over the last ten days. That’s unheard of here where high elevation means strong sunshine and huge bounces of temperatures. Denver got into trouble for not plowing roads. It’s like Wisconsin here in the west! I don’t think our autumn leaves will be raked until April. More snow is on the way!

      It’s always fun to see wildlife in the yard. The cameras are a huge help. By the time I grab my phone or camera the animal is long gone! I keep binoculars on a table below the window.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh you have sooo much more snow than we have up in Canada! Whistler is still half snow-free (although we are hoping to ski for the first time this weekend… squee!)

    I LOVE that you keep capturing wildcat photos! What a gorgeous bobcat!!


  4. Yap it’s me Brock, I don’t know why I posted as Anonymous up there. No, I just look like I been in the mountains all life 🙂 I and my wife and our son reside in the big city, here in Oregon. The closest I ever been to residing in the mountains was when I resided in coeur d’ alene, Idaho. No snow here in town yet, just a dusting of snow. It will turn cold here at night this weekend. So the dinner I made tonight will be hardy to warm the chill of the night. Today I bought my son a giant bear and driving it home as it sat in the seat of the car was just to funny. But getting it into our bedroom closet was quite a task. Yep I am in the mood for Christmas. A lot of artists post their art images on Reddit/ draw. and I know your card would do well there. That’s where I saw the naughty Christmas Cards. Well will see here if I post as anonymous again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Brock! Sounds like you are a great Dad. I can just imagine you driving with a bear riding shotgun. LOL!

      I haven’t seen that subreddit. Reddit has never liked it when I shared my own stuff, but I’ll check it out!
      Merry Christmas!


  5. Who needs a gym with all that snow. Whew.
    I keep telling relocated family you can’t just leave dogs out in the yard – even if they love the snow. Seriously wildlife – what area pictures.
    Also been curious about the Christmas card image this year…but skiing or being outside definitely beats sketching indoors. (Take care anyway HaHa – like a Wild Rider would listen)


    1. Yes! The snow is still on the ground from the storm on Monday before Thanksgiving. I don’t think our leaves will get raked until April!

      Tell your kids fences don’t keep predators out. My neighbor lost a dog two weeks ago and have a privacy fence. If coyotes or wild cats are hungry, they jump.

      I finally have a card idea. The cover is done. I hope to get the interior sketch done today and then ink it over the weekend. I always hope to work on it earlier. That NEVER happens!
      Thanks, Phil!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wondered last night if your card would be local wild creatures in the snow looking in the window at your family and Christmas tree..curious to see what you come up with – it will be wonderful ….and will get done…and you will be nuts until completed – hey, it’s the Christmas tradition!


  6. Goodness, that’s a lot of snow already. Poor Danny. I think Santa needs to bring him a snow blower. Looks like a gorgeous day for skiing as well. I miss skiing in the Sierras.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. It is a lot of snow and what’s weird is it hasn’t melted. Most roads were never plowed. It’s like Wisconsin out here with rutted, snowy, icy roads. It’s supposed to hit 60 tomorrow but more snow is on the way. Yay!
      You will have to take the train to Vermont. 🙂

      Merry Christmas, Patricia!


  7. I do like your critter cam! I really want to see a Bobcat (and a Lynx) even though that beast looks like it could take me down a peg or two. What a privilege to have them so close.


    1. I love the wildlife here, David! I would guess the bobcat is about fifty pounds; HUGE for that type of cat. The bobcats and lynx are skittish but the mountain lion that plodded along the creek in my backyard last year could have cared less that I stood watching. He was like a lion in the zoo! I haven’t seen that one for a while. We have or I should say, had a lot of rabbits and were overrun with raccoons. The cats and coyotes are keeping those populations in check.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Yeah, that bobcat is huge. I’m glad you’re keeping your dog safe. I wonder why the bobcat chose your property out of all places to hang out?


  9. Great photos Susie and brilliant work clearing all of that snow. You get so much there don’t you? Our little country would completely close down if we got a snowfall like that.


    1. Thanks Jonno! November, February, and March are our snowiest months.
      Many roads were closed and there were tons of cancellations along the front range. I love snow and can’t wait for the next storm. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m picking up pizza and that totally cracked me up!
      😂 It’s snowing big time in the mountains but it’s spittling in Boukder. I’m ready for more.

      Thanks for following!


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