Stressed but Blessed!

Although I am blessed, the holidays can be a crazy stressful time for me. There have been some years when all the decorations came right out the twenty-five boxes and were hung or placed with ease, the cards created and sent in a couple of days, and shopping finished so early, I wrapped presents and went skiing!

Not this year.

handmade cards

I struggled with everything. After drawing the illustrations, I stayed home from skiing last weekend to wrangle my printer. Hand blown ornaments slipped from their hooks and exploded on the floor. Instead of simplifying my shopping list, I kept adding to it. I’ve worked super hard since the first of November.

I am finally kicking back to relax and reflect on how I am blessed.

This has been a year of travel: California, Utah, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey. I am blessed to have a partner in adventure; my husband, Danny.


It was fun to go to the US Open to see my buddy, Stan. Okay, so I’ve never met him personally. But, I was up close and personal when he hit that serve.

US Open Stan Wawrinka

But I personally met the cast of Betrayal, including Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston and Susie Lindau

Then, I was truly blessed to go on a family vacation in Europe in October. We traveled to London, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. Whew! We were blessed that Kelly’s girlfriend, Leksy joined us too.

Lindau Family in Prague

Enjoying happy hour in Vienna.

Vienna happy hour

A flower shop in Vienna.

Vienna flower stand

Prague at night.

Prague Square at night

Walking along the River Spree in Berlin.

Berlin at night along the River Spree

My eighty-nine-year-old mother is still traveling. Amazing! Here she is on Mother’s Day. She is our hero and a beacon to anyone who has gone through loss.

I am also blessed with a sister, Patty, who lives nearby in Denver. She is super supportive.

I am blessed to have two kids, Kelly and Courtney. They are a huge part of my life. I can talk about anything with them. We were blessed to have Courtney’s boyfriend, Dan, come along on several adventures this year too.

Mother's Day 2019

I’m six years cancer-free and enjoy good health and backpacking. YAY!!

Courtney and Susie returning from Woodland Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Click for hiking photographs of this amazing adventure!

I’m blessed to have my faithful friend, Roxy.

And to ski, of course.

I am blessed with the time to write books and finished a new one in November. I can’t wait to polish it up!

nanowrimo winner certificate

I am blessed to have wildlife in my wild life.

Bobcat in the backyard

I am blessed to have friends with a sense of humor.

Friends with a sense of humor

And for all of you!

Have the happiest of holidays!

Join the Blessed Project! Mention this blog post and link me up by noon on Wednesday. I’ll list everyone’s projects on Thursday, December 19. I can’t wait to see yours! It can be as simple or detailed as you want.

Also, if you would like to win a handmade Christmas card, guess what we are doing and leave a comment on this post. I hope you want one. I worked really hard this year. *sweeps paper snippets on the floor*

Click for more adventure on the Wild Ride!

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Stressed but Blessed

39 thoughts on “Stressed but Blessed!

Add yours

      1. I ran out of time. I looked at my last contribution and saw that all the things I feel blessed about are still the same. The only difference is that some of the old photos I posted then are no longer available online. Sorry. I had good intentions, I know that doesn’t count for much. I remember a teacher once saying about a kid who was always in trouble, “If roads were paved with good intentions, Johnny’s would be a five-lane highway.” I must be related to “Johnny.”

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Blessed is by far an understatement Susie. She absolutely loves you, and your paddle boarding with Roxy really blesses that little dogs live and heart. Your family looks absolutely dear together. I wish to you the most blessed Christmas year Susie as you truly deserve it. Huge hugs dear.


    1. Thanks so much, Brock. I wish the very same for you and your family!

      Roxy has a lot of energy for being eleven. She literaly runs circles around me! You should see my latest Instagram. LOL!


  2. Blessings My Friend πŸ™‚ Today is the work holiday luncheon (catering in for about 200) and then maybe I can shift focus on my family over the next few weeks. 2019 was a productive year, however; felt like it flew by a little too fast too. Maybe we should just walk around with a cookie in one hand and hot cocoa in the other hand to keep the stress on the down low – ha! Happy Day – Enjoy


    1. That sounds like a huge party. I hope you get time to put your feet up before changing gears.

      I love the idea of keeping both hands full of sweet treats. That way, we can’t check social media!!!
      Thanks, Renee!!!


  3. Hi Susie, Yes we are all blessed beyond belief, as we have family, friends, can travel and have the means to do so, enjoy life to the fullest, although from time to time we are stressed out over the small things. Thank you for sharing your year’s blessing. Also thank you for being part of SIPB. Merry Christmas to you and yours and the family.


      1. Thanks Susie – To be honest, this year I am cutting back drastically, so no the tables will not be overloaded, just enough for all with no extras, Merry Christmas to you all

        Liked by 1 person

  4. It sounds like a good year. I broke three glass ornaments this year – something I can’t remember doing before so what is with that? I think it is a good time to look back and give thanks and gratitude for 2019. Happy Holidays.


  5. You’ve had a wonderfully bless year Susie and hopefully an incredibly blessed Christmas is on it’s way. Great to look back and appreciate what you’ve done this year and also give thanks for your family and friends who have shared it with you. Many more adventures ahead I think ……


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