Beat the Holiday Blues with The Blessed Projects!

I feel so blessed this year, especially since several of my blogger friends joined me in writing a Blessed Project. Want to beat the holiday blues? Click on a few links. They are amazing!

Check Out The Blessed Projects! Skiing Breckenridge.

I found The Blessed Project to be a wonderful exercise in gratitude. The year goes by pretty dang fast, but the holiday season accelerates at a breakneck pace. Sitting down to reflect on my blessings in my life was just what I needed to vanquish the stress monster. He was getting pretty out of control.

This lesson in gratitude has lasted for several days. Perusing photographs and reliving fun times with family and friends put a smile on my face. My Blessed Project became a 2019 highlight reel!

Here are the Amazing Blessed Projects of 2019:

The Blessed Project by Darlene Foster

To the One Year Younger You… by Ask the Big Question

Daughter’s Four-Day Labor – Epidural Stopped Working – A Birth Story by Lynn Kelley

Gratitude for the Quiet Man by Catherine Hamrick – A Random Storyteller

Stressed but Blessed by me, Susie Lindau, AKA Wild Rider.

Be sure to read The Blessed Projects. They are sure to lift your heart and bring a smile to your face. They might inspire you to write your own Blessed Project to banish the holiday blues. It’s definitely worth the time!

If you would still like to join us, add the link to your project in the comments and I’ll include yours here. Make sure to click on a few links.

Have the Happiest of Holidays!

Merry, Merry!

Are you feeling stressed or blessed? Have you ever written down your blessings?

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28 thoughts on “Beat the Holiday Blues with The Blessed Projects!

Add yours

    1. I can relate! I started really early, but feel like time is going to run out and I’ll forget to do something important.

      I decided to ask for help in the kitchen this time. Delegating is not my thing. LOL! When the party starts on Christmas Eve, I plan to kick back, relax, and enjoy it with everyone else. Merry, merry, Kathy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I enjoyed the blog posts in The Blessed Project. Wan’t able to see where to leave a comment on the one blog. I clicked on my Blessed Project title link, but it takes me to one of the other bloggers. I’m fighting a cold right now and my brain is muddled. I didn’t get an email with your post for today so I came looking for it! I’m so glad you hosted The Blessed Project again. These posts were a treat! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


    1. Bummer!!! I fixed the link. I wonder why you didn’t get the email. That is super frustrating.

      Thank you so much for participating! Merry Christmas to you and your family and enjoy your newest grandbaby, Lynn! (((hugs)))


  2. So we were in a local coffee shop, getting our son a a mocha. And I exit the shop ahead of them, stroll down the sidewalk of the street, and turn into a ‘hat shop’, upon exploring I spot a hat that caught my eye. I lifted it off the wall rack, sat it upon my cranium, and peered into the full mirror, I was wearing a black Calvin Kline coat. the Bowler is black. I thought I looked quite fucking dapper to say the least of it. My son entered the hat store, I asked him what he thought of daddy’s new hat? He smiled and said: I like it daddy’. Then my wife entered and I asked her: So what do you think of this Bowler here? She shook her head no. Should toss her and buy the hat? Or should do as most women do with their show Fetish and buy it in secret and only wear it when I am with my Mistress? Bad joke, but I like the hat.


      1. Well then, you and I will wear our Bowler’s in secret then. some people can rock a bowler no matter what the masses say. She, my wife is not my best fashion critic, she shot down my Zuit Suit and my Argyle Stocking. What color Bowler did your buy Susie? Did you get that lavender garter for that Sheffield hip flask. I cannot believe that I mentioned my Irish Mistress of my past, I blame it upon those two lovely premium white Russians, last night. So it is set then, New Years night is Bowlers night, but don’t forget your black mustache if you’re going incognito. 🙂 Hay, stay out of trouble. Well it sounded good in writing. 🙂 Marry Christmas Susie.


  3. Your ginormous heart – and your amazing smile that would put Mary Tyler More to shame – are your greatest features, Susie.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend.


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