The Christmas Card Reveal and Winners!

The Christmas Card Reveal

After a week of sketching, inking, printing, cutting and pasting, I finished my annual family Christmas card. Whew! After adding up the hours, each card took around thirty minutes to make. It was a bumpy road for this Wild Rider. I’m sure you’ve been there too.

Edward scissorhands giphy

This year, I struggled with every part of the card-making process, including my printer. It didn’t stop there. With three sheets of paper, the thick cards barely fit inside the envelope.

It was Saturday. I figured I had an hour before the mail would be picked up from the main post office at noon. I had to hurry.

Knowing the main post office would be super busy, I stopped a smaller one for stamps. Maybe I would get lucky and could mail them from there. My thick cards required an extra stamp and the mail had already been sent out for the day. Dang.

With only ten minutes to spare, I headed to Longmont.

There was a long line of traffic at the intersection a few blocks from the post office. Instead of waiting for a few lights to change like a normal person, I drove a little bit further and cut through a parking lot to get there from another direction. That’s when I found myself in another traffic jam. An endless train rumbled past. I laughed out loud.

Cutting ahead of traffic Giphy

I pulled out of the line of “parked cars” and drove back to my turn off. While driving over the overpass, the train passed by below. Progress. I still had two minutes to spare.

Soon, the post office was in sight, but a humongous US Mail truck blocked traffic. Was it there to pick up the letters? Oh, no! When it finally pulled out of the way, I realized I couldn’t enter the parking lot. It was one-way. I drove around the block and rolled up to the mailbox. Mail pick up was at 4:00! I cracked up laughing.

Are you kidding me giphy

Remember? I assumed the mail would be picked up at noon. Even though I searched online for a pickup schedule, I couldn’t find one. In the past, post offices closed at noon.

What a crazy end to a crazy project.

Anyway, here’s my 2019 Christmas card….

You can’t tell but the tree is loose from the paper and is only glued on the bottom.

Front of Christmas card 2019 with cut out tree. You better watch out!

And the innard skinnards….

Inside of card with illustrations 2019. A snowball fight!Christmas WAS right around the corner and now it’s HERE!

No one guessed our family was having a snowball fight, so I picked from my hat.

Jonno and Jo from J Walking! They are housesitting and don’t have a permanent address. They kindly asked me to send their winning card to someone who would appreciate it instead, so I sent one to Attention Homes. It is a shelter for homeless teens. They provide everything needed to obtain a GED while reaching out to relatives to give them a more permanent environment. They recently opened apartments for the kids who graduate. Pretty cool all the way around!

Susan from Marine 2 Mother won one! Email me at so I can send one to you, Susan.

And Darlene from Darlene Foster! That card went all the way to Spain. I hope it arrives before the New Year….

Congratulations to all the winners and a HUGE thank you to all of you who guessed.

I’m always truly worried that no one will participate. I actually ran a survey on Twitter and 25% said they didn’t care if they won a handmade card. *shrugs*

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays to you and your families. Thanks for making my year a little Wilder! 

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Has your holiday season been hectic or calm? Do you have a lot more to do? Are you ready to party?

54 thoughts on “The Christmas Card Reveal and Winners!

Add yours

    1. Thank you, Jacqui!!!

      I think Spain is the furthest I’ve ever sent one, so far. I wonder how long it will take time arrive…

      It’s been my family tradition since I was married. One of these days, I’ll have to display them. 🎅🎄
      Happy Holidays!

      plan to make simple cards next year.


  1. Love the card, especially Roxy pulling the sled of snowballs – cute 🙂 It was down to the wire this morning in getting ready. However, let the party and celebration begin!!! Merry Christmas Wild Rider


  2. Thanks ever so much!! I’m honored to be receiving your card. I checked my email because I sent you my address days ago, but for some reason, it’s putting my outgoing emails into an outbox and holding them hostage. I just went onto our provider’s webmail and got the message sent with my address. Looking forward to it!


  3. DUDE! I’m so sorry to have missed the build up to the Big Reveal and to miss my chance in getting one. I LOVE your cards! Every year I enjoy checking out your creativity. It is such a cool tradition. HIGH FIVE!! It’s great! I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. I hope your Christmas went well and that December was a good month for you Wild Rider. BIG hugs!


  4. Such a shame we couldn’t get the card but our nomadic lifestyle just doesn’t allow it as we have no address. Hope Attention Homes enjoyed receiving it and appreciated all of the hard work that went into it. Happy Christmas Susie.


  5. Cutest card ever! Love the hand block and Roxy’s role (is she taking sides now? HAHA)
    The annoyance of thick/special cards is one more added chore, but you know your people love getting gifted with these.
    Already wondering what next year will bring
    (Whew what a Christmas season – we were in Denver/Evergreen for a bit – got out ahead of that right after Christmas storm (gads all the wrecks and roll overs we saw in the fog and those winds…) the massive numbers of loudly encouraging ducks flew over head most of the way past the pan handle. Weird scenery along the drive.
    Anyway hope you’re new year is rambling on all gears


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