My 2020 WOTY and How to Get Featured!

Happy New Year!

Have you picked a WOTY? It’s a Word Of The Year chosen as a reminder to work toward a goal, several goals, or a life change. If you pick a word of the year, you could get featured here on the Wild Ride!

You may have made a list of New Year’s resolutions in your lifetime. How often have you attained them? If I took the time to make one, I usually lost or forgot all about it by the second week of the New Year. In 2019, I picked ONE word. With my goals super-simplified, the word CHANGE changed everything.

My 2020 WOTY is STRETCH. 

snow leopard stretching giphy

Why stretch?

To stretch literally –

I would like to incorporate stretching and toning into my daily routine. I hope to lengthen my muscles and grow a few inches. Pshh!

But seriously, I have a lot of muscular scar tissue that needs to be broken down. I pull muscles pretty dang easily so stretching every day may prevent soreness after exercise along with injury. I hope to strengthen them with a few exercises as well.

I'm stretching into my WOTY, word of the year stretch

To stretch figuratively as well –

I need to stretch into the uncomfortable zones of my life and do the things I have procrastinated.

Either I’ve put off this long list because:

A. I don’t have any idea how to do it.

B. It would be a brand new experience and I may not like it at all.

C. I reeeeeally don’t want to do it, even if it would improve my life in some way. *stamps foot like a petulant child*

D. It involves some kind of FEAR!

dark forest with spooky people giphy

A look backward:

In 2019, my WOTY, change, brought about many changes in my life. Instead of doing things the same old way, I took different approaches for better results. It worked! Every time I had a choice, I took the road less traveled, tried something new, or did the opposite of my status quo.

adieu wave goodbye giphy

I made quarterly goals, said yes a lot more often, broke out of old routines, drastically limited social media, found a new critique group, wrote a book in record time, and reached several other goals. YAY!

And now for the one-eighty:

This year, I hope my WOTY STRETCH will help me to face my fears while giving me a hard shove into unfamiliar territory. I hope to attain a better work-life balance and prevent injury. I plan to tuck last year’s WOTY change in my back pocket for good luck. I’m always up for change.

The cool thing is, I KNOW it will work!

Stretching into my Word Of The Year or WOTY, Stretch

I’d love to feature yours!

Want to write about your 2020 WOTY to get featured? Maybe you already have. Leave a link to your WOTY blog post in the comments below. Include this link in your WOTY post and I’ll add yours to my follow up post on January 16th!

Let’s see if our WOTYs make 2020 the best year ever! I’m ready… Are you?

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Have you ever made a list of New Year’s Resolutions? Have you ever picked one word instead? How did it go? Would you be up for picking a WOTY?

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