My 2020 WOTY and How to Get Featured!

Happy New Year!

Have you picked a WOTY? It’s a Word Of The Year chosen as a reminder to work toward a goal, several goals, or a life change. If you pick a word of the year, you could get featured here on the Wild Ride!

You may have made a list of New Year’s resolutions in your lifetime. How often have you attained them? If I took the time to make one, I usually lost or forgot all about it by the second week of the New Year. In 2019, I picked ONE word. With my goals super-simplified, the word CHANGE changed everything.

My 2020 WOTY is STRETCH. 

snow leopard stretching giphy

Why stretch?

To stretch literally –

I would like to incorporate stretching and toning into my daily routine. I hope to lengthen my muscles and grow a few inches. Pshh!

But seriously, I have a lot of muscular scar tissue that needs to be broken down. I pull muscles pretty dang easily so stretching every day may prevent soreness after exercise along with injury. I hope to strengthen them with a few exercises as well.

I'm stretching into my WOTY, word of the year stretch

To stretch figuratively as well –

I need to stretch into the uncomfortable zones of my life and do the things I have procrastinated.

Either I’ve put off this long list because:

A. I don’t have any idea how to do it.

B. It would be a brand new experience and I may not like it at all.

C. I reeeeeally don’t want to do it, even if it would improve my life in some way. *stamps foot like a petulant child*

D. It involves some kind of FEAR!

dark forest with spooky people giphy

A look backward:

In 2019, my WOTY, change, brought about many changes in my life. Instead of doing things the same old way, I took different approaches for better results. It worked! Every time I had a choice, I took the road less traveled, tried something new, or did the opposite of my status quo.

adieu wave goodbye giphy

I made quarterly goals, said yes a lot more often, broke out of old routines, drastically limited social media, found a new critique group, wrote a book in record time, and reached several other goals. YAY!

And now for the one-eighty:

This year, I hope my WOTY STRETCH will help me to face my fears while giving me a hard shove into unfamiliar territory. I hope to attain a better work-life balance and prevent injury. I plan to tuck last year’s WOTY change in my back pocket for good luck. I’m always up for change.

The cool thing is, I KNOW it will work!

Stretching into my Word Of The Year or WOTY, Stretch

I’d love to feature yours!

Want to write about your 2020 WOTY to get featured? Maybe you already have. Leave a link to your WOTY blog post in the comments below. Include this link in your WOTY post and I’ll add yours to my follow up post on January 16th!

Let’s see if our WOTYs make 2020 the best year ever! I’m ready… Are you?

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Have you ever made a list of New Year’s Resolutions? Have you ever picked one word instead? How did it go? Would you be up for picking a WOTY?

64 thoughts on “My 2020 WOTY and How to Get Featured!

Add yours

  1. Great word! I love that it’s both literal and figurative. I’m afraid I may not get around to blogging about my WOTY, but it’s Clarity. Going through a very difficult spiritual awakening for the past few years, my inner world is shifting and changing rapidly. A bit too rapidly. And my mind has been quite foggy for much of the past few years. I know it’s a temporary state, and I’m looking forward to more clarity of thought and mind.

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    1. I look forward to facing my fears. After a year, I hope they aren’t scary anymore!!

      Great! I LOVE the word YES! Be sure to link it up after you post it.
      Happy New Year!


  2. We must be on the same wavelength… I just published a post about my intentions for 2020. I didn’t pick a word, but if I had, it would probably also be “stretch!” I have committed to posting something daily related to a monthly theme, with the intention of getting myself out of my same-old-same-old actions and thoughts. For January, I want to learn about something new every day. I can’t wait to hear how your commitment to “stretch” goes!

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  3. This is great! I have written the past couple of years about how I do not do New Years Resolutions because they don’t work for me. Instead I do mantras, and challenge myself to grow each year by focusing on one thing. This year I wrote about how I want to Live each day. I want to be present and live in the moment, instead of being stuck in the past or wasting time worrying about tomorrow. My word for the year is “Live”. Though it wasn’t an official WOTY post here is mine–

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    1. Fantastic, Terri!! I love the idea of the WOTY LIVE. Living in the moment and being present makes life so much better! Just think of the time we waste worrying and rehashing. I bet this will be an amazing year for you!

      Happy New Year and Decade!!!


  4. What a great idea to pick a word of the year. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I struggle with my goals all year long. I already know what my WOTY needs to be for 2020: Declutter. It’s a slow process, but necessary if I’m going to reach my other goals and find peace of mind. Happy Nee Year, Susie! Hard to believe it’s 2020!

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    1. Happy New Year and Decade, Lynn!!
      May this be a very product year for you. I need to work on decluttering too. On the surface everything is tidy, but don’t look in my closets… 😂


  5. Funny, but I did exactly that this year! I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in ages because I believe every day is an opportunity to improve and change. But somehow, this year I felt like I wanted to focus on one thing that will improve my life immensely: discipline! I can’t count the opportunities I have lost out on due to my lack of discipline! So that’s what I’m going to work on this year.

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    1. Yay for you! It really makes a huge difference to have a WOTY. If you write about it, be sure to include this link and drop yours in the comments so I can include yours on the 16th!


  6. I remember your Change word! That was so great! Glad it worked out 🙂 and the new word totally awesome pic to go with it. Love it! I’ll come back and put a link once I post 🙂 good way to start your year and hoping you stretch it to the max!

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      1. Duuuuuuude. No they’re not. I have no idea what’s going on. I tried to write a post this week and then poof! I’m gonna have to investigate…. THANKS for letting me know 🙂


  7. My “resolution” is summed up in 2 words: purge negativity. It feels like everyday, everywhere I am bombarded with negativity, which in turn creates hatred, anger and anxiousness. I don’t like those feelings so I’m going to try to purge negativity from my life. Especially in the social media realm. I’m tired of people blasting out unkind words on social media and I’m choosing peace.

    So, in a way that’s stretching too because by purging negativity I’m going to be faced with some tough decisions about how I “unfollow” in the next few weeks.

    Live long and prosper my friend. Here’s to a great 2020.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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    1. That’s a fantasitic way to start the New Year and DECADE!!!

      Have you noticed how it’s always the same people who rant? I stopped commenting or liking all of their posts so FB would take them out of my feed. It’s like magic! LOL!

      I have written about negative thinking and how much time it wastes and plan to write a link-up of articles I’ve read recently that worked for me.

      Here’s to a very positive, uplifting and fun 2020!!! *clink*

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  8. I think my word for this year would be “Let Go!” but since that is two words, it is “Release!” My new spiritual views tell me to let go and the Universe (God) will take care of things. Quit worrying and trust and intend (Law of Attraction).

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    1. YES!!! The baggage gets so incredibly heavy along the way. There may be some satisfaction in knowing another person has wronged us in an underserving way, but forgiving them and letting go of resentment far surpasses that feeling on the satisfaction meter. Especially because it can only be achieved through love.
      If you write about your WOTY, be sure to link up this post and leave your link here in the comments, Scott.

      Happy New Year!

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  9. I literally wrote and published my first blog today, that describes my WOTY for 2020 which is START. If anyone else is like me, so much in life can hold people back, including themselves wondering and worrying consuming way to much of our time. I hope to share some of my experiences and expertise to benefit others, and I am super excited I have STARTed that path this year. Wish me luck. 🙂

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    1. Welcome to the Blogisphere!

      Great timing! Include this link in your post and then paste the url to your WOTY post here in the comments and I’ll include yours on the 16th!


  10. Great word Susie, and I love the stretching photo too. You look like you’re really enjoying laying there. We don;t really do the WOTY but may have to have a chat about it now as it’s a great idea. Our general word for JWalking has always been YES though as we aim to always say Yes to every opportunity or offer that comes our way. Happy 2020.

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    1. Yes is a great WOTY! My word stretch has already made a difference. It’s amazing what one word can do…

      If you come up with a WOTY post, be sure to link me up in it and then leave the URL to your post in a comment back here.

      Happy New Year and Decade to you both!

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  11. As usual, Susie, you have my mind racing. I have made New Years resolutions in the past (and did quite well with them) but stopped a long time ago. I have never heard of picking a word for the year, so I went back to your link posted for last years word. I’m not sure why I missed this last year but I would like to think it was because I needed to read it this year. You shared a lot there. Some of your reveals about how you were feeling etc. would be the last thing I would think of when you come to mind. I know I am butchering what I am trying to say but, to know that one of the people I consider to be the strongest and most remarkable people has self doubts and the occasional feel sorry for themselves moments was very reassuring. Does that make sense? I haven’t picked a word yet, but I am going to. Thanks Susie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. Yes, I’m totally human. LOL!

      The word Change completely shook up everything last year with better results. Stretch has already made an impact on my life. I skied hard yesterday, accidentally went off a cliff and don’t feel any pulled muscles. I’m lucky I didn’t have to go down on a sled. Ha! I also faced down a couple of tasks I was procrastinating. I still have a long list though…

      Let me know if you write a WOTY post. Mention this post and drop your link here in the comments and I’ll include yours!

      Happy New Year and Decade!!!

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  12. What an inspiration it was to read the various WOTY others have chosen for this year. My word for last year was open. In reflection, It brought a space of pause (Why not?) before I chose to committed or not. It brought me down paths that I was too afraid to walk on before.
    This year I plan to do a WOTY of the month instead of one word for the whole year. I want to play with this notion. Life is all about trying out new ideas.
    If you are looking for inspiration for the year I write poetry about possibility and hope.
    Thanks for the gift you have brought to your readers with this post. Happy 2020.

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    1. Awww! Thank you, Ali.

      I love your idea of a Word of the Month! It really made me hyperfocus last year and can imagine that the flexibility of changing the word will really make a difference. 🙂

      Happy 2020 to you!

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  13. I can procrastinate at times and this year I want to do something with my writing so I have four words for this year, write, edit, rewrite, publish and the blog is here: I am going to challenge the members of my writing group to do the same. The second writing group I am in is aiming to have a book of our stories out by October.
    Last year my word was Abundance and in many areas of my life, there was a positive change. Not so much healthwise which was annoying but am dealing with that. I shall start that stretching myself to help my back and legs.


    1. I love your four words and bet you’ll get a lot done in 2020. It sounds like all the groundwork has been laid. It’s all about checking off the list.

      Thanks for sharing your WOTY! I’ll include it next Thursday.

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    1. Woohoo! Oh, that is so great, Guat! I’m so glad you wrote about your WOTY. Choosing one really works. I’ll include it in Thursday’s post.

      I’ve been sick with the flu for 5 days and am slowly climbing back to the living. The only stretching I’ve been doing has been for a glass of water. 😂😂


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