Words Of The Year to Motivate You!

When I chose my WOTY, Word Of The Year, s t r e t c h, little did I know that all I would be stretching for over the last week would be a box of tissues and a thermometer. But I have recuperated from the depths of dissolute despair and detritus of scattered Cold-eze and Luden’s Cough Drop wrappers to once again s t r e t c h my healing body, while hopefully wringing out the last of the germs, to share some inspiring WOTY blog posts to motivate you.

Phoebe sick Giphy

I’m over the fever but still pretty bleary-eyed and spacy, so bear with me.

Choosing one word instead of a list of resolutions worked for me last year. My word Change changed everything. WOTY’s are catching on. I’m not alone in choosing one this year.

I asked readers to leave a link to their WOTY in a comment on my January 1st blog post. I have compiled the list here! I think you’ll find a lot of inspirational examples in this list. Have fun clicking to their blogs!

Ritu – But I Smile Anyway – 2020 Word of the Year

Darlene Foster – New Year, New Decade – 2020

Audrey Kalman – 12 Months of Discovery

Deb from Deb’s World – Jump into the New World with Me

Terri from Take the Leap and Just Breathe – Farewell 2019… Welcome 2020

Ra Allen from Mindmapping – 2020 1st January, A New Decade and a New Year

My old friend The Guat  from The Wish Factor – Word of the Year

And mine – My 2020 WOTY

I hope your 2020 is free of Flumageddon, the detritus that surrounds you only includes flower petals and sparkly things, and your WOTY’s carry you on their shoulders while marching toward your year-end goals.

Now excuse me while I crawl back into bed and take a nap.

a self-portrait drawing of being sick in bed

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Have you picked a WOTY or do you make a list of resolutions?

30 thoughts on “Words Of The Year to Motivate You!

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  1. So sorry to hear you have been under the weather. At least it was not during Christmas! Thanks so much for including my Words of the year. I can never narrow it down to one. Stretch is such a good one.


  2. I enjoy seeing what word other people pick each year. There’s something reassuring and encouraging about this habit. Happy to see that it has caught on instead of resolutions, that seem destined to failure.


  3. It was fun to see all the different words people chose. Stretch is a really good one! Though I didn’t even know about “WOTY” until now, I recently published a post about what I am in search of in 2020, which happens to be just one word: Clarity.


  4. Really glad you are better, Susie. The blogosphere is not the same in your absence. Had to look up detritus, but otherwise enjoyed reading the post.

    Two questions, did you sketch yourself while you were out of body during your raging fever and how did you presage this two years ago?


    1. Thanks so much, Al! The weekend was especially rough, but thank God for healing bodies.

      Love that word, detritus. I think of garbage floating in the water. Not a great image at all.

      A foreboding is a strange gift. LOL! I drew it during another bout of the flu. Funny how I got the likeness. LOL!


    1. Love that word! I had a nun who taught music in grade school. She told us to articulate, “What you can do,” not, “What chew can do for your country.” Now, whenever I hear the word chew instead of you, I cringe! I would die on the east coast. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sorry to hear you are dealing with the Flumageddon 😦 I am in the Workmageddon with year end, audit, etc. I will hopefully be coming up for air tomorrow with another week down. How did we get past the 15th of the month already?!? Take Care – Feel Better.


  6. Hope you’re feeling better now Susie, not much fun at all! We’ve been worried sick by the bushfires in Australia and now have arrived home to see that all is well, for us, but not for many others! Such devastation. Thanks for sharing these posts and I’ve enjoyed reading through them all.


    1. Thanks for reading, Deb!

      Yes, I’m finally over it and catching up. Apparently, I got super lucky since most people are down with this strain of the flu for three weeks. The best part? I’m immune!

      I’m so glad to hear your property is safe. It saddens me so much to hear about all the devastation there. Our planet is burning up!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Whoa. Fever. You were officially sick. Hope you are swiftly recovering ( I understand MLK Day and Pres. Day are 2 of the busiest ski days there – get up and moving!)
    I made it a whole day without a cough drop/coldeze yesterday – that’s progress. (almost 80 and raining here…great for getting well?)
    Outdoors is healing…tick with that. (I’ll give you a note if needed)


    1. Sounds like you were sick too. I guess the flu is rampant this year since they missed this strain. I’m immune now! I hope you’re off the Coldeze too.

      Yes, the resort was packed when I finally skied a couple of runs last Sunday. This weekend won’t be much better since it’s the opening weekend of the Snow Sculpture Challenge! It’s always fun to see what artists can create out of a block of snow. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Duuuuude you’ve been down and out for a while. I love that drawing… It totally depicts how you feel and I get it! I FINALLY figured out the comments thing. Have no idea WHY it happened but it’s fixed! Hopefully. I was wondering why nobody was liking Mary J Blige 🙂 Anyhow thanks for the shoutout. I found a post where someone posted Present and Enough and was like nice! As in be present and what I do is enough … and yes she sounded like she was a mom. Hope you’re gaining your strength back!


    1. It took a while to get rid of the brain fog, but I’m back! Some people are down with it for three weeks, so I’m super grateful.

      I should do more drawings, thanks!

      I’m glad you worked out the comment problem. It’s weird how that happened since you have to physically shut them off. Maybe WP updated to ypur theme and it glitched out.

      I like the idea of present and enough. I’ve always been future-oriented and driven, so I can see where enough might be a challenge. LOL! 🙂


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