Accidents, Ice, and Being Hopeful 

I’ve had a couple of setbacks over the last few years. It took me a while to recover from a partial knee replacement because I had to give myself blood thinner stomach shots. They slowed the healing process waaaay down. Then, I worked with a personal trainer and finally turned the corner. Yay! But, I promptly pinched my meniscus. Gah! That took over a year to heal.

Personal training - with comic bubbles. This isn't in my job description. She smacked me in the head. She almost put my eye out. Goodbye puny arms and weak left leg. Hello new club.

By Christmas, I was on my way to a very healthy 2020.

I’ve skied hard for the last few weeks and look forward to a hut trip next weekend. It will be my first time using all-terrain skis.  

Top of Whales Tail

Yes, there has been an extra spring in my already bouncy step.

Until yesterday.

Judging by the size and color of my big toe, I probably broke it. No, it wasn’t fractured by some fantastic feat like hitting the rail in the terrain park, kicking a football with Justin Tucker, or hanging by one foot for America’s Got Talent. 

snowboarder in tree gif

It happened when I set down the end of a couch while in a sumo squat. Somehow or other I missed the floor completely.

I didn’t think too much about it until our guests arrived. I tried to put on my North Face boot to go to Main Street in Breck. It didn’t fit. Nor did my leather one. Luckily, I found a really old pair of stretched out and faded Ugg boots that didn’t cause shooting pain. Yay! 

I vowed to keep my foot flat and the bounce out of my step. Right.

As I strolled down the crowded sidewalk with a short gait, that dang Tigger bounce reappeared. Pain shot from my toe. I gasped. Everyone around me stopped and stared. “Sorry!” I said and giggled. “It’s just a stupid broken toe.” How embarrassing. 

Tigger gif

So, here’s the dealio. I’ve already decided that this fracture, which usually takes football players six weeks to heal, is only going to take me one.

I’m going on that hut trip.

Have I seen a doctor? No. But, one of my husband’s friends, who is visiting, is in the medical profession. She told me it wouldn’t matter whether it was x-rayed or not. Broken toes need time to rest and heal with elevation and ice.

Perfect. I toured an Ice Castle in Silverthorne, Colorado, literally surrounded by ice.

Colorado Ice Castle all in blue with silhouette of woman with a hat

Come back on Wednesday when I post those amazing photos. Coolest place ever. LOL! By then, I’ll be flexing my feet and flying around, for sure.

In the meantime, I’m ready for AT skiing! I’m sure the swelling will go down in time, don’t you?

Ready for skiing after injury - Woman elevating big toe while in bed with her white dog. she's wearing a helmet, goggles and ski mittens

Have you ever willed yourself to heal super quickly for an event? Did it work? Are you good at lying? Go ahead. Lie to me.

Should we take bets?


Do you think I’ll heal up in time for hut skiing next Sunday night?

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The last time I toured an ice castle was in Breck a few years ago.

62 thoughts on “Accidents, Ice, and Being Hopeful 

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  1. Susie, Susie, Susie! How many times have I told you that Sumo Squating is not supposed to be a contact sport. You always have to learn the hard way.

    Seriously, sorry to hear about the turf toe, but my money is on you making the hut trip. My prediction for the final score: Susie and hut trip…1, herd of wild horses that tried to keep her away…0.


  2. Oh, ouch!

    I broke one of my little toes last winter. The advice you were given was the same advice I was given.

    I hope your healing process goes well.


          1. Wow, I’ve not seen snow in years now except my once yearly trip to Michigan in December for the family Christmas! That’s a ton of snow Susie, I do miss snowmobiling though.


  3. Ok, I’ll lie and tell ya you’ll be fine, but in reality, it will take some down time to heal. Trust me, staying down is the hardest especially when there’s life to be lived. Best of luck to you!


    1. Thank, Ingrid!

      Yes, that is so true. The only thing that may be on my side is when I hit the toe, I thought the sting was from the side of the nail. I worried that I’d lose it in time for summer, but it wasn’t affected at all! It was the edge of the bone that made me yelp. I’ll keep you posted. LOL!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You are a HOOT Wild Rider!!! You and me are probably pretty similar in the mindset of keep on keeping on no matter what, especially when you have plans to live the wild life. As I have gotten older the longer it seems at times to heal. Wishing you the BEST and a SPEEDY RECOVERY – Take Care – Enjoy Your Day 🙂


    1. I laughed out loud, Renee! You are right. It does take longer. For how bad it looks, it only hurts when I touch it. A doctor would probably laugh. 🙂
      Thanks for the attaboys! You knew I wouldn’t need any. We are a lot alike! Onward, upward and FORWARD!!!


  5. Oh dear! Yes I’ve said the ol’, “It’ll be fine, I’ll make it, no worries” speech. I’m a firm believer, it’s all in the mind, although if it is broken…Eek, love your optimism Susie 🤩🤩 Good luck!


    1. Thank you so much, Sam! I’m counting on the mind over body thing, BIG TIME!!! Last year I couldn’t go because of that stupid meniscus. I bet by Wednesday, it’s a lot better…. Crosses fingers and toes.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ouch! But I love your positive attitude, Susie. I predict that your toe will heal in record time, as long as you don’t keep hitting it and setting things onto it. Hmm … that might be a challenge … but I’m sure you’ll rise above it.


    1. Thanks, Anneli!

      It has been a challenge. I forgot to mention that a lady putting vegetables away in the grocery store backed into me with an enormous cart, then I tripped over my foot while walking, and set a chair leg down on it at the restaurant. Really!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It might take a miracle, but I BELIEVE!!!!!

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  7. Yeah, buddy tape it to the next toe and get on with it. I have broken every toe and buddy tape keeps the injured one immobilized so you can do almost anything. he only thing you have to sweat is the swelling. Get it down so you can get into a boot. If you find it hurts to take the boot off, leave it on, elevate before trying to get it off. That toe may swell while you are active. Good luck


    1. Thank you for the advice, John!

      It’s sore today but the swelling is already going down. I’m counting on it being a distant memory by next Sunday. At least we aren’t using cross-country skis and boots that flex! If I can get my foot inside the rental, I’ll be good to go! In the meantime, I’m having steel-toed shoes overnight shipped. LOL!

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  8. Susie, Susie, Susie – when are you going to learn? I’m hoping for the best, but seriously girl, you need to take care of yourself and listen to your doctor and I’m not talking about your inner doctor either.

    I hope you enjoy your ski hut vacation, but if you don’t take are of that it might never heal properly and then you’re screwed for life my friend.

    Okay, I’ll stop mothering you now. Have fun.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thank you, Mom, I mean, Patricia!

      It will either heal up enough by Sunday or will hurt like hell when I put on the boot. I promise to listen to my body! *raises hand in pledge* 🙂 If all goes well, I’ll post pictures next week!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Gads – a lovely snow season and you bonk your toe.
    Oh, just wear firm shoes – cowboy boots…snow boots/stiff hiking boots will work and off you go. (Had to laugh – right angled a right little toe once, in the middle of traveling and going to pub. conferences as a rep – aspirin and stiff shoes …besides who minds a little hop at the end of the day?)
    Really no need for doc. but FYI – those toes never go back exactly like they were. As long as they can be stuffed in a show that’s all that matters.
    Forward march (Loved the picture of you against the blue. Really nice!….only 70F here)


    1. Thanks, Phil! I’m marching forward to Sunday! I have been wearing Crocs which don’t flex. Thanks for the tips! It’s a great lesson learned. SLOW DOWN!!! Lol. That will never happen. 🙂

      That first shot is my favorite place. Lots of photos to come!
      Have a fabulous Tuesday!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Decades ago I twisted a knee fairly badly playing soccer. Instead of taking care of it, I pushed myself to walk on it until it healed but …. to this day it sometimes gives way on me. Be nice to your toe!


  11. Here’s what I know: The Law of Attraction works and it CAN heal things in an amazingly short time. So, no bets, but we will see. Picture it healed and know in your heart that it is….no negatives!


  12. I think there must be a hall of fame for embarrassing toe-breaking stories. I’ve broken two toes in my life, once by running (literally) into a vacuum cleaner while racing to answer the phone, and another while practicing yoga at home. Yikes.

    Hope you heal quickly!


    1. Oh, no!!! I laughed out loud since mine is just as bad. The big problem is wearing shoes! Thank, God for my old Uggs and Crocs. I’ll be a real fashion statement when I’m out running errands today.

      Thanks, Audrey!


  13. Susie, you just cannot keep your tow out of trouble can you? I personally am addicted to gently placing my big toe into those little lime green sea Anemones. So just close your eyes and meditate it, and there be you, Its great for inner and outer healing, and fine tunes your laughter. Lots of love and heal well Susie.


    1. Wow! Just reading about lime sea anemones soothed my big toes. Your description took me right into the sea. I will meditate on that, even if you were kidding!
      Thanks so much, Brock! It looks a lot better today. 🙂


      1. No Susie, I was not kidding, those little lime green friends are healers of souls and toes. But be very gentle as you can harm then very easily. And I think it is their softness, their gentleness and the vivid color of lime green. But do not stick your toe in the purple ones, they will dissolve you into slime. and um, maybe you shouldn’t toe meditate in the little green friends if you’re color blind. that could prove to be a bad idea indeed. Although its a slow process that leaves you quite giddy with that lovely dopey feeling between your ears. You become pea soup in a matter an hour.

        And being your toe has a habit of going rogue and partying, you better just keep it at home and soak it in Remy Martin XO. and that’s $$$$$$. I suppose you could also wrap it up in cash, a 1000.00 dollar bill if you can find one, the Feds discontinued the 1000.00 bill. It has Grover pictured on it. That’s Grover Cleveland. Not the Sesame Street Grover. But yep, Huge cash bills heels a toe right quick and proper. Who would have knew it.


  14. Its both of my little toes that have given me problems.Broke both of then at the top and the bottom at different times so that is 4 breaks in two toes. Rest it up, ice as needed to keep swelling down, strap it to the next door toe going from the front, up, around in a crossover action, can put some padding in between and wear whatever shoe is not painful, usually firm shoes. Good luck but make sure you have books or handcrafts to do if you can’t be out there with everyone else.


    1. Thanks for the advice. I’m so sorry to hear about your poor little toes. Ouch!!

      It doesn’t hurt unless I bash into something. 😂 I didn’t realize how often I trip over my own feet!!! 😜 I’ll try harder tomorrow…

      Liked by 1 person

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