Explore an Otherworldly Ice Castle

When I explored the Dillon, Colorado Ice Castle last Saturday, I transcended into another world. Surrounded by frozen water, this new fantastical planet swept me away to a frigid continent where textures and colors combined. A perfect environment for a broken toe.

Blue Otherworldly Ice Castle in Silverthorne Colorado

My feet sank into the strange new surface like quicksand. It sucked at my boots as I explored. I slipped on its mercurial membrane. Slogged through the dry slush.

Blue otherworldly Ice Castle

So many rooms awaited us.

Ice Castle Blue jagged walkway

The walls like frozen, encrusted gemstones.

Ice Castle in Silverthorne, Colorado

I was grateful for the cold night. Looking up I wondered what torture spring might bring.

Ice Castle spikes in ceiling

I viewed rooms of icy royalty.

Ice Castle doorway

And a fountain to remind us of the chosen element.

Ice Castle fountain

Multi-colored majesty in mad patterns, textures, spikes, and relief.

ice castle in pink blue and turquoise

Funny thing. Most of the guests craved hot chocolate afterward. It warmed them in the chill.

But, ever since I toured the castle, I’ve had the strangest craving.

Susie craving popsicles and eats one outside in the snow

There are a lot more ice castle photos to come!

Have you ever visited an ice castle? Which photo was your favorite? Would you like to tour one?

If you’re in Dillon, Colorado and would like tickets, here is the link! I prefer nighttime visits when the walls are all aglow, don’t you? It’s so dramatic.

Pin for later!

Explore an Otherworldly Ice Castle! A pinterest pin with a woman walking through and icy blue room

35 thoughts on “Explore an Otherworldly Ice Castle

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    1. There was so much to see and do. I had to divide the adventure into two blog posts. I actually got lost a few times, although I’m directionally challenged. We had trouble finding the exit! More coming soon….
      Thanks for sharing on Twitter, John!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice photos Susie! Scary slogging through it. I leave the following link hoping that someone may wonder where we came from, what we are doing here and where we are going.

    It looked to me like you are offering a new version of “Use me and Abuse me” by offering bloggers to talk to each other. Thanks, you are always offering something for us writers out here.



          1. Yes..lol!! Funny thing is, I got the notification that you ‘liked’ the comment. But, none that you replied to it. Weird.


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