Colorado Ice Castles. An Icy Adventure! Part II

Ice Castles 4 A couple walks through a blue and purple ice castle

Are you ready for an icy adventure surrounded by the surreal inside a castle fit for an Ice Queen? Did my last post’s photos transport you to another world? Then get ready to come along for a FULL virtual tour of the ice castle in Dillon, Colorado!

Ice Castles 9 A view from the ballroom or plaza of an ice castle surrounded by ice rooms in Dillon, Colorado

Entering the large courtyard from the entry, as an apprentice, I had many choices of linked Ice Castle rooms to explore.

Ice Castles 7 Susie walking through a purple, green and blue ice castle

I discovered one icy wonder after the next.

Ice Castles 13

Some rooms had towering ceilings.

Ice Castles 3 Slabs and spikes of blue

Others so small you would have to crawl through them. Not becoming of a queen, of course.

Ice Castles 11 a Small room with arches to crawl through

Overhead, spikes of icicles rippled.

Ice Castles 5 overhead rippled spikes in blue

The glowing ice walls in trippy colors, patterns, and textures drew me for a closer look.

Ice Castles 1 Blue Glowing room with red lights

Walls like painted silk with shelves for candles were better off empty.

Ice Castles 8

I found lots of perfect Instagram locations.

Love sign in Ice Castle - Dillon

An occasional sign reminded us that ice can be brittle.

Ice Castles 1 - walking into a glowing blue room

Ice hung in sheets above and around. Colors added dimension and depth. All walls created by hundreds of thousands of icicles.

Ice Castles 6 - Green and blue glowing ice room

I couldn’t anticipate what I’d find around the next corner.

Ice Castles 15 Blue passageway with a choice of two ways to go

 A chunky couch of ice.

Ice Castles 12 - A purple bed of ice

An icy slide.

Ice Slide Ice Castles Colorado

Extraordinary spiked ceilings.

Ice Castles 17 - spikes of ice in blue

I wouldn’t risk walking underneath them on a sunny day…

Ice Castles 14 - spikes of ice in blue overhead

I’m sure I missed something along the way.

Ice Castles 13 tour

The fountain flowed in a myriad of colors.

Ice Castles 22 Ice castle alienlike person walking in the glow of a fountain

The perfect backdrop and an hommage to the castle’s icy origins.

Ice Castles fountain in Dillon

As the water rose…

Ice Castles 18

the vibrant pink transformed into a warmer palette.

Ice Castles 19 fountain in hues of orange, pinks and purple

then cooled in hues of lemon yellow, all in a matter of seconds.

Ice Castles fountain in Dillon Colorado in hues of lemon yellow


Stunning archways in feathery ice held up by weighty columns.

Ice Castles 21

I took one last look around and wondered if I would enjoy living in such frigid surroundings.

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be an ice queen after all.

Ice Castles 10 with decorative dome

But wait. In less than an hour, I seemed to blend right in. Where’s my crown?

Ice Queen in an Ice Castle, Colorado - Susie Lindau in shades of blue

Here’s a quick video tour for you!

Did you enjoy the tour? Which photo stood out? Could you imagine sleeping in an ice castle?

Pin for later!

A Colorado Ice Castle. An Icy Adventure! Pin for Pinterest - view of ice castle with people milling around

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38 thoughts on “Colorado Ice Castles. An Icy Adventure! Part II

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  1. Very impressive ice show. Do they ever have icicles dropping? Do you have to sign a waiver before going through there? Gorgeous though, with the lights adding wonderful effects. Thanks for sharing this super tour!


  2. Amazing photos, Susie! Thanks for the personal tour.

    One question, do you have to leave a medical directive and copy of your will along with the waiver? (You know me, always lurking on the dark side)


    1. Lol! I should have. We signed a waiver, but it didn’t really sink in, nor did the stalagtites, thank God!
      Thanks, Al! It’s been a wild month of adventure. 🙂


    1. LOL! That’s right, Ted. Thank you!
      This has been the craziest month filled with visitors and wild adventures, and it’s not over yet, even though it’s March! 🙂


    1. Ice castles are amazing. They make them with icicles. I’ve got to stop by when they’re constructing it next year. Maybe I’ll meet the artist!
      I’m from Madison, BTW. Go Cheeseheads!

      This has been a month full of adventure. I’m posting about my ski hut trip tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by, 3Gen!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to take the icy tour, Sartenada! It really was an incredible tour. I keep wondering what I missed. Having a broken toe might have affected my brain and I’m directionally challenged anyway!!! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was! This ice castle was so much bigger than the one in Breck a few years ago. Room after room of amazing and icy surprises.
      Thanks for touring, Lydia!!! Nice to see you!


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