Traveling with the Coronavirus Threat

A week ago, I traveled from Denver International Airport to Madison, Wisconsin for my mom’s 90th birthday. Did I worry that I may not be able to purchase hand sanitizer? I should have been since people were already stockpiling. Did I worry about the threat of catching the coronavirus or COVID-19? Not any more than worrying about what garden variety nastiness I might catch anytime I navigate the packed security winding line of doom. There were only nine cases of coronavirus in Colorado and most were diagnosed in the mountains. Instead, I worried that I might forget to pack something, leave something in the dryer, that my broken big toe would yelp after walking a couple of miles. Most of all, I worried that Mom’s friends and family might choose to stay home from her celebration in light of the outbreak.

This isn’t to say that I don’t take the coronavirus seriously. I do.

I understand that it is three to four more times deadly than the influenza-b, I endured earlier this year. That was rough. It is far more contagious, more severe and can require hospitalization and ventilators since some patients feel like they are drowning. Most importantly, it is killing the elderly and those with health issues. My mom turned ninety. That’s elderly. Sorry, Mom! She doesn’t think of herself as elderly.

I don’t want to carry a virus that could kill others.

The day before I left, my husband, Danny, stopped at our local King Soopers to pick up hand sanitizer. They were wiped out. Great. Panicked consumers bought more than they would need for a two-year quarantine IF they ventured outside. All because VP Pence said everyone should buy enough groceries to last two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Not TWO YEARS. It was so frustrating. No toilet paper, no alcohol, no bleach. No flu medications, no Coldeze, nothing. I’ve fought off colds all winter with the zinc in Coldeze.

stockpiling hand sanitizer - Empty shelf

Why are people stockpiling when others may need to buy ONE package of toilet paper; ONE pack of sanitized cloths; ONE preventative bag of Coldeze? By the way, Coldeze only works for the common cold.

stockpiling antibacterial soap - empty shelf

I imagine boxes of unopened meds being thrown out when they expire next year.

This isn’t armageddon, people. Nor is this a time to throw your pointy elbows out and fill your cart with water. WATER! Our water supply isn’t in ANY danger. OMG!

Sure, Colorado has declared a State of Emergency. Do you know why? So our state can get federal assistance for at least 30 days. It can be renewed after that. This assistance will be used to compensate those infected with the virus while quarantined. Thank you, Governor Polis! Colorado has one of the first drive-through testing stations too. Cool!

The problem worsens if people like me who travel can’t find disinfectant. If I had the virus, coughed, and wasn’t able to use hand sanitizer immediately, I would spread my germs around. Good thing, I was healthy.

What am I supposed to do if I can’t buy toilet paper when we run out? You really won’t want to shake my hand.

panic shopping coronavirus empty shelves

So next time you go to Costco, or your local grocery, think twice before you load your cart. Buy a wide variety of dry goods. Leave something on the shelf for those who are out of food or have to travel.

I’m glad I missed the freaked out frantic rush for bleach and rubbing alcohol while panicked consumers multitasked and tapped on their phones, ordering F95 masks online. I was focusing on my Marie Kondo packing routine.

Truth. I hate handling those grimy bins at the airport. I’m not OCD but sometimes I use gloves to pump gas. I tore the house apart looking for some cute baby blue gloves I bought for Courtney a long time ago.

That’s when one of those worries came to fruition. Running late to leave for the airport! Why was I wasting my time looking for baby blue gloves? And where was my hat? Did I lock the back door?

Danny and I got some looks when we arrived at DIA wearing winter gloves, but the few people who wore masks and latex gloves didn’t give us the hairy eyeball. I saw three mask wearers in the entire airport. One on the way back home. By the time I showed my ID held in my bare naked hand, I had tucked the gloves back into my backpack. What was the point? I used hand sanitizer provided by the airport and washed my hands for twenty seconds once I arrived at the terminal.

It seemed a lot quieter than usual. There was a super short wait in security. The plane, however, was packed.

Empty DIA coronavirus

The Seventh Generation household sanitizing cloths, I found under my sink, did a splendid job of killing viruses and bacteria. (Thank God, I bought them a few weeks ago.) I wiped down my tray table, my seat belts, and then shared the wipe with the lady next to me who didn’t have any.

Lindaus and Mom on her 90th

Everyone showed up for my mom’s birthday. Pretty amazing and a testament to her friendships. After she blew out the candles, they stayed for a piece of cake. No worry about germs in that crowd. They shook hands and hugged.

By last Saturday night, there were only two reported cases in Wisconsin. Now there are six. When we left our state last Thursday, Colorado had nine cases, now there are thirty-three. Every day is a shock. My mind is having a hard time processing all of it.

sitting in the Dane county airport

While waiting to fly back to Denver on Tuesday, people stood in tight clusters in front of the gate. I wondered if anyone was sick. Probably. Once seated on the plane, the flight attendants didn’t seem concerned. That helped me relax.

A baby in the seat ahead of us, coughed the entire time we were flying back. Oh, well. I hoped I was immune to whatever she was battling.

Despite what you are hearing in the news, no one is being tested for coronavirus after flying to Denver, at this point. I read a spa announcement that they were asking employees to self-quarantine after flying out of state. We just flew in from another state. It hasn’t been suggested to the general public to self-quarantine after a trip. Who knows what they will say tomorrow…

Along with many universities and schools across the nation, CU called off regular classes. Starting next Monday, only online classes will be taught. Major events in Boulder hang in the balance. It’s not a matter of if they will be canceled, but when.

I have an active imagination and had talked to my family many times about what to do in a disaster. Everyone would head to the mountains. The mountains have diagnosed cases of coronavirus too.

What now?

boy in a bubble gif tenor

Is it safe to ski? We have a family trip planned. Will we have to cancel? Do we stop eating in restaurants? Do we make plans for the summer? Do we stay home or live our lives until further notice? It is so unsettling. I didn’t sleep well last night.

I would love to write about how impending isolation, loss of control, and a bleak immediate future feels, but we are all feeling the same thing. Right?

And how am I feeling two days after walking through the petri dish of what is otherwise known as airports? So far, so good. Tree allergies are high in Boulder, Colorado, so my sneezing isn’t from an oncoming cold, I hope…

Are you worried about coronavirus? What precautions have you taken? Are you planning to travel? Have you seen Courtney’s baby blue gloves?

Update: I wrote this on Thursday, March 12th.

A lot happens every day. Cases are still on the rise with most not being reported. At this point, I’m not going out unless it’s to hike in the fresh air to help stop the person-to-person spread in Colorado. That’s why I stayed home from the mountains.

My friends who are skiing said the resorts are empty. That’s a good thing! The sooner we contain the virus, the quicker we can go back to our normal lives. Keep in mind that packed grocery stores are adding to the problem. Buy a book. Read blog posts. Listen to podcasts or catch up on movies. Now is the time for Hygge!

Updates from the WHO (World Health Organization)

Traveling with the CORONAVIRUS THREAT PINTEREST PIN of airport

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  1. I’m not worried about the virus, but I’m taking it seriously. There’s a difference. My husband was to travel last weekend and this week but his workplace stopped all travel, so he avoided the airports and those nasty TSA bins. I’m glad you’re home safe. Be well.


    1. Thank you, Ally! Me too.

      I think you’re taking the sensible approach. My daughter has the choice to work from home, but she wants to get out and work as long as she can in case everything shuts down. I’m pretty sure she went in today.

      And I thought the ice castle was surreal!

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  2. Is it safe to ski? I’d go skiing! UV from sunlight deactivates viruses and being outside wearing gloves and other ski gear sounds pretty healthy to me. May want to pack your lunch and eat al fresco.


    1. Exactly! If we get sick, we’ll head down to Boulder to be tested. They don’t have big health facilities in the mountains. I don’t think anyone will die in two hours.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t take long to taper off like in China, although they quarantined, big time. I’m a hopeless optimist! LOL!
      Thanks, Susan!

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  3. your mother looks great, i can assure you, she is more worried for her children than she is for herself, love the story, even if things slow awhile, maybe it’s time to recharge the hearts out there, this world has been on a bender for too long, amen, new direction hopefully, be blessed, amen


    1. I agree about my mom and the bender, not that they’re related. LOL! It will force us to slow down and take stock of what’s most important. We have to work together to try to get this disease under control.
      Peace, my friend! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  4. Oy, while I certainly understand the severity and potential of this virus spreading, the world has gone a bit mad, no?

    In regards to wearing masks, they are essentially useless unless the individual wearing the mask is symptomatic as the virus is not airborne but via droplet.

    Wash your hands, sing happy birthday twice while do so & for the love of God, ease up on the toilet paper!😂


    1. Do you hear that hoarders? Stop buying toilet paper! LOL!
      I researched masks and learned the same thing. I didn’t even wear a scarf! I think it’s time to be vigilant, but not the time to start a stampede. The water, that’s the craziest. I saw two women buying cases of it yesterday. They could have different reasons but I doubt it…
      Thanks for reading, Lynn! I hope all your travel adventures are healthy too!

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  5. Happy 90th Birthday to your mom – she certainly does not look her age and you do not as well. My mom and I are like that in we look about 10 years younger than we actually are. I think one needs to be concerned and take precautions, however panicked hoarding is not necessary. For one it takes supplies away from others, but think about the shortages it may cause from a medical/clinical stand point. Listening to the President talk about washing our hands last night is something good to remind, but we should all be doing it no matter what. Here’s to getting this under control. Be Safe and Take Care Everyone


  6. Susie, I was in Seattle last weekend and flew home Sunday. While people spoke of the threat, no one panicked – what people should remember is that we are all in this together, and there is NO need to stockpile toilet paper – 90% of America’s supply is made here in the US, so there will be PLENTY! Also, why stockpile water? Even if you are asked to stay home for a few days, they won’t shut off your water and power! Common sense like you mention is the key!


    1. Exactly!!
      I just came back from the grocery store empty-handed. I think they’re restocking at night and wiped out by 10am. It is crazy here! I spoke with a grocery employee and they said they’d been slammed since Polis announced the State of Emergency. No one knows what that means!

      Thanks for sharing, John. Stay healthy out there!

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    1. I just returned from two grocery stores and the shelves are empty! No paper or cleaners. I bet they restock in the morning. I’m going to go out early and see. Like you, I’ll only buy one pack of toilet paper. People are nuts! So many had carts full of water. I just shook my head.

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  7. Love your light writing style Susie. Be careful. Part of me doubts I will get sick despite my risk due to my suppressed immune system for my kidney transplant, and I would love to travel and feel like this is an opportunity for sprawling out in an empty airplane to Florida or Texas.
    Still my investments have taken a unimaginable hit, but plan to ride out the storm and not panic. Bug doesn’t like heat so climate change will be the big savior, wouldn’t that be ironic?

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    1. Thanks so much!

      I would be careful too. The airport is empty, but flights are still packed.

      I think the stock market will bounce. Not as high as it was, but it won’t stay in the basement. It’s a good time to buy!

      Did you see the photo of China before and after their quarantine and shut down? From high carbon dioxide to clear skies! You might be right. At least, scientists know now that immediate changes can be made.


  8. Flying on a plane with recycled air might turn out to be the worst. It is now known that Covid 19 can live in the air for three hours. Although the authorities say droplets are the cause I would not be too sure. I have an immune deficiency and use an antiviral mask (have for ten years) when I fly. I do the hand wash and hand sanitize things and haven’t even had a cold in ten years. So let’s all think about what we are doing and have some consideration for others. If you are sick, stay home. Use a tissue to cover your face when you sneeze and throw them away.

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    1. Wow, John, that is super scary. If anyone was sick on that plane during or before us, we’re screwed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      I’m glad to hear the mask and washing your hands works! Maybe one of the lasting effects of the coronavirus will be a drop in sick people since they are finally learning to wash them properly.

      Now if I could just get my hands on toilet paper and sanitizer. I was just at the grocery store where it was a mob scene. People are NUTS!

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    1. I don’t know if that will happen since it’s been prevalent in warmer climates already, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      Mom is amazing! The party was a huge success. Whew!

      Thanks, Anneli!

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  9. glad you braved getting to your mom’s birthday. Hope she is snug and warm (and has 3-4 weeks of food and meds)
    You know human nature – here people were cleaning out the bottle water because some idiot said “It’s just like you yearly hurricane supplies”
    Don’t go skiing at Aspen! (Peru maybe HaHa) Sunlight is excellent to clear out virus. So walk the dog just stay away from others.
    Heat kills this virus – it flourishes in cool and damp. But does live on surfaces for 3-4 days – longer than they thought at first. Soap and water is better than hand sanitizer (with dries hands and can cause cracks which allows bacteria in) Not touching the face is the most difficult.
    This reminds me of the “year without the swimming pool or movies” when I was a kid and polio was the mystery pandemic – killed a neighbor and all those people in iron lungs.
    Well, it’s and adventure. Snug in, stay home as much as possible – certainly social distancing. And we found the grocery store (Randall’s is Safeway there) opens at 5:30 am and nobody is there and the shelves are full ( take just what you need as most animals do, please…) but we won’t be back for a while since I had already started collecting hurricane supplies earlier because soups and canned stuff here goes on sale buy one, get one – so why not stock up little at a time. ..but you always have to ration the chips, Oreos, and beer HAHA We’re in for a bit.
    Hey this isolation thing may work out – all those books to read/write? Naps.
    Stay calm. Stay cool. Stay safe.


    1. Oh, today the line for testing at the dive-thru place in Denver near the 24 hr fitness/grocery store area was 4 hours…and they ran out of test kits.
      CDC said they were ramping up to be prepared after the ebola scare – yet they aren’t…and we should have never let all the pharm manufacturing go to India and China. S. Korea makes most of the test kits (China does most of the antibiotics)..and who do you think gets them first? Testing is critical to identify in order to control the spread. Stay home Susie.


      1. I didn’t realize that. No wonder it’s taking so long. It is super frustrating. After this dies down, I’m focusing on the environment. LOL!

        I heard that the screening is faulty too. One of Courtney’s interns thought they might have coronavirus, but the doctor didn’t think so and didn’t test them. There are probably tons of people who have mild cases or think it’s the flu.

        Are you in Colorado now?

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        1. Should have been – but got wind of this virus in Jan (from docs overseas) and decided better off to stay here with dog/cat until crisis understood/ over. Kid is there(also still involved with Med center crisis intervention team with county here – listed as on leave but still active with remote and national phone conferences – which are happening and updating daily) The virus is airborne virus with long “shelf life” in atmosphere and on surfaces. It can’t take sun or heat. It will get worse, but then better. Hopefully it won’t come back in the fall – but by then maybe they’ll have anti-viral drug to fight it…one made in this country. (New Rochelle had one of the remaining pharm manufacturing co, but they are in quarantine there.)
          People are just going nuts. Shelves are bare in grocery stores – but most like HEB and Target happy to deliver. Commonsense (no hoarding water, dunderheads) as most will get sick and recover just fine.(conclusions are out whether this virus is completely cured or some form remains in body like HIV). Right now, sun, soap and water, eat your veggies, sun, social distancing, soap and water, and keep stress down. …and sun Hiking is good! We all knew it, right? HAHA


          1. Amazing that you had that forethought. Coronavirus would have made the normal stress of moving even worse.

            You must be on the cutting edge of what’s going on! I had to take a break from the bad news but will tune in for Trump’s announcement this afternoon. If we think people are panicking now, just wait until it’s a national emergency!

            I found a little grocery store that has everything so I’m really not worried. Like you said, online shopping will solve most problems.

            Stay healthy, my friend!

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    2. My sister is still there and had no idea about the toilet paper and cleaner shortage. Wisonsin is the paper capital of the world. They probably won’t have a problem.

      Yes! I walked the dog today. Although I had no idea the weather would turn so drastically. I expected a warm before the storm. If we go to the mountains, we’ll stay out of the restaurants. There has been one case and it was in Keystone.

      I’m all for naps and oreos! LOL!
      Thanks for the insight, Phil!

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  10. That is surely a voice of sanity amidst the deafening (and most certainly frightening) cacoronaphony. No surprises that Contagion has been pulled out from near oblivion and being watched to death! Is Robin Cook, whom I used to read a lot until all his books started reading the same, getting enough royalty? He is quite the visionary though. Hopefully, barbaric propensities of certain folks to consume wildlife (dead or alive) will wane with the outbreak.

    I am happy for your Mom, and no, she is not an elderly any more than we are!

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    1. Yes, my mom is young at heart!

      Contagion is on my list. I wonder if I will get a good night’s sleep afterward… Maybe I should make it a double feature and watch a rom-com right before bed.

      Is the virus in India? They aren’t reporting all of the cases here. I know of a couple in Fort Collins and there are three now in Boulder The first one still hasn’t made the map. Like most viruses, we will have all been exposed to it by a year from now. I hope it gets less fatal as it evolves.

      Good health to you, my friend!


      1. It’s certainly here, all over the country, and I suspect not everything is being reported. We excel in brinkmanship and deception in plain sight.

        I suspect the Damocles’ sword will eventually fall over us one of these days. All that will be left of humanity will be the Elon Musk’s car revolving the red planet. And perhaps Mr Musk himself, and Mr Trump, Mr Putin, and the all important President Xi Jinping, the father of it all.


        1. OMG! I needed a giggle before bed. I’m always a sucker for dark comedy. 🙂

          The virus is being underreported here too. If they don’t report the three cases in Boulder tomorrow, I’m going to make a few calls. Don’t I sound scary???

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          1. Which, of course, means you are sane, and fit for flying a sortie! Why do you remind me of my favourite hero, Yossarian?

            “You mean there’s a catch?”

            “Sure there’s a catch,” Doc Daneeka replied. “Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn’t really crazy.”

            There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn’t, but if he was sane, he had to fly them. If he flew them, he was crazy and didn’t have to; but if he didn’t want to, he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.

            Catch 22, Joseph Heller


  11. Happy 90th Birthday to your mom, Susie! So happy everyone came and all is well. It’s unsettling to think about what’s happening and what could happen. I’ve learned to give my worries to God and trust in Him. I don’t plan on getting sick even it affects us, but I worry about my folks, who are in their 80s and my mom has heart failure, so I’m worried about family members who aren’t in the best of health. I will keep praying for the best. We already had emergency supplies. We live in earthquake country and we don’t run out and buy supplies after a quake hits. Nope! I figure when it’s my time to go, then goodbye world. In the meantime, we need to make the most of each day. Thanks for sharing your experience. Stay well!


    1. That is such a good point, Lynn. When it’s our time to go, we have to say goodbye. Hopefully, it won’t be any time soon. In the meantime, make it count!

      It is scary since it sounds like a horrible influenza no matter what your age. I’m saying my prayers and putting out positive energy. I’m not taking any extra risks either.

      Stay healthy, Lynn!!


  12. Bubble Boy was the funnest movie ever, not to mention it insulted everyone’s religion. And yes it is on DVD. It’s on my DVD list next to Anne of Green Gables. As for your stores running empty. There is a DIY recipe to make your own hand Sanitizer. And find your stores that are open 24 / 7, at our Winco stores they are open 24/7 and I just go shopping after midnight, as they have all the new cases of foods, canned goods and Bog Roll out on the floors ready to go onto the shelves. The ting I am worried about, is if the President declares a state of emergency and the bank accounts are no longer accessible. We need not scare ourselves in over thinking and worry, but we need to plan way ahead. My family is set here at my home, but if things run past May 1st, we may need to start harvesting earth worms and bagging song birds with stones. As for natural source of Bog roll. The leaves of the thimble berry bush are huge and soft. I do hope that you’ve stocked up on little Roxy’s food there. Stay well, stay safe and stay sane. Hugs.


    1. LOL!

      I picked up food for Roxy yesterday. There were no lines in Petco!

      My hope is that none of us have to resort to berry bush leaves to get us through the crisis. That might be a bit rough.

      Take care, Brock and stay healthy!

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  13. Hi Susie. First of all, plaudits to you and Danny for braving he rigors of travel these days to celebrate with your mom (who looks awesome, BTW).That is something she will revere always. And also something you will be glad you did for years to come.

    As one of the “elderly” (77 in June) I have curtailed my activities except for plenty of doggy beach walks in the sunshine (still chilly though). It wasn’t that hard since I’m pretty much antisocial to start with, he, he, he. We have a San Diego wedding trip planned in June which is pretty much up in the air. Well, the flight out there will always be up in the air, I suppose.

    As for the blue gloves, did you look under the stack of pink towels in the linen closet? I’m pretty sure they got put there by mistake when you were in such a hurry to get to Vail last time.

    Stay healthy and may reams of toilet paper shower down upon you and Danny!


    1. 😂😎😂
      Thanks, Al! I needed a giggle today! It’s crazy out there. I’m so glad we were able to celebrate my mom’s birthday with so many guests. As the number of cases multiply, more people are reluctant to socialize.

      Since Denver has an international airport and Colorado is a tourist destination, I think there are lots of people walking around with coronavirus who haven’t been tested. Many were turned away from stations yesterday.

      All we can do is try to stay healthy and hunker down for a while. I hope we’re on the other side of the bell curve in June and we can all enjoy our summer. Disinfected fingers crossed!🤞


  14. Yeah, what is it with this toilet paper panic buying, Susie? I’ve even witnessed people fighting over the last few remaining rolls of toilet paper in the shops. Fake news is certainly doing the rounds, such as toilet paper is only made in China, don’t eat pizzas because they’re made in Italy or, before long, wifi will be turned off everywhere to stop the spread of the virus! I don’t know where people get these stories, but they only add to the panic. I even had someone tell me that they had coronavirus three years ago, so they are safe to travel!
    I do take this health threat seriously, but I take advice from the scientists rather than from the general public. Every hour things seem to get worse (nearly 800 cases in the UK now), but we just need to keep ourselves and our families safe. If everybody did not panic-buy and washed their hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds several times a day, it would go a long way in helping this problem.
    As for Courtney’s baby blue gloves – have you looked in the last place you usually find lost objects? For me, that’s in the cupboard under the stairs.
    Stay safe.


    1. 😂😎😂
      I haven’t heard the one about Wi-Fi causing the coronavirus. It is truly scary that people that dumb are spreading that kind of nonsense. Wisconsin, where I’m from, is the toilet paper capital of the world, so don’t worry!!
      The the craziest thing I’ve heard today is that China is accusing the US of starting the coronavirus. What!??? Danny and I are going to hunker down for a while. Colorado is a tourist destination and people are flying in for spring break.

      Hopefully with all the precautions and people self-quarantining, the virus will die down by summer.

      Great idea! I’ll take a look under the stairs…

      Stay healthy, my friend!

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      1. Over here, I’ve heard it said that Russia planted the coronavirus in China. Given that Russia has only reported a few cases, I can see why some people may think it’s true. It’s at times like this that fake news often becomes silly news.

        Here in the UK, all major sporting events have now been cancelled, although I see that happening all over the world. Some European countries have also closed their borders, and it doesn’t look long before Mr Trump stops us Brits from entering your part of the world, Susie. Who knows where all this is going to lead? In the meantime, I’m stocking up on red wine and chocolate.

        Have a lovely weekend.


        1. 😂❤️ 🍫
          It’s surreal. It seems to spike every day along with bad news.

          I watched a great Q and A on our local news station and tweeted to thank them. A troll responded to espouse his political views. All kinds of people liked his tweet including my handle. Yikes! I thought about deleting the original tweet but it I don’t think it would delete retweets of the guy’s response with my name in it. Gah!

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  15. I understand there is a threat to SOME people, but the hype is what’s killing me. I’m in the tourism business and if any more people cancel their reservations I’m going to end up in bankruptcy court. There are 2 cases in Mississippi and far away from me. But the cancellations keep coming in.

    I heard that 1 in 4 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s a staggering number yet women are not flocking to hospitals to have their breasts removed right? I think women stand a higher chance of contracting breast cancer than they do coronavirus, but whatever.

    The problem is the media, not the disease. Sure, it’s bad. Yes it can be deadly. But so is a government shut down. Balance and common sense have gone the way of the Edsel. If you’re at risk, stay home. Otherwise, be sensible but live your life.

    I’m glad you decided to continue with your travel plans. I’d have done the same thing and I’m one of those “at risk” people.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your B&B cancellations, Patricia! It’s not as if it’s a forty-story hotel with a small elevator. We are still considering our trip to Steamboat in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. They are telling people to stay out of the high country since there are so many cases and it’s already being spread person-to-person, so we stayed home from Breck this weekend.

      I think the statistic is one out of eight women who get breast cancer.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this virus eventually affects a ton of us. Most won’t even know that they had it. Right now, they are underreporting all of the cases in Colorado. There are three in Boulder but the state map doesn’t show any. I know of someone else who believes they have it, but the doctor told them to stay inside for two weeks instead of getting tested.

      The most likely place we could pick up the coronavirus??? In the grocery store!!! So many people, so few rolls of toilet paper. Sheesh.

      I’ve already had influenza-b this year. I don’t want to get anything else, especially since I could pass it on to someone older. Thank God we had my mom’s party last weekend! My sister is returning on Sunday. The panic is probably just hitting Wisconsin now that there’s a National State of Emergency.

      Hang in there and stay healthy, my friend!


    1. I agree! It has to be insane today, now that the weekend has arrived and it’s a national emergency. I’m staying home and out of the fray!

      Thanks, Arv. Stay healthy too!


    1. How is it your part of the world? Are you seeing a downturn in tourism?

      It’s a scary time for everyone. I’m not afraid that I’ll die from it, but I’m staying home to help prevent the spread and to keep hospitals from being inundated.

      Our mountain towns are the hot zones in our state since tourists traveled there to ski. The ski areas shut down yesterday for at least one week so medical centers can get a handle on their long list of patients. I don’t know the details, but may call my friend who lives there to get the skinny.

      We stayed home this weekend. We’ve already watched All the President’s men, Knives Out, Parasite, and several episodes of Homeland. Thank God for TV!

      Stay healthy, my friend! Are you wearing gloves? I would imagine that it would make your uniform, spiffy!


      1. No gloves, I’m afraid; they wouldn’t work with my uniform. As for business here, it sucks at the moment.

        There’s a big meeting at work tomorrow to see what’s going to happen.
        I have a feeling I’m screwed…


  16. On Friday I tried to go to Costco to pick up my prescription. I could not get anywhere near the place. After 20 minutes of not even getting close enough to see the parking lot I just told my husband I didn’t need the drugs that badly and that we would try again later. At that time it didn’t occur to me what was happening. I just thought is was Friday and especially busy. Since then, there have been reports of line ups to get into grocery stores, fist fights over carts, one guy with an actual gun and a fire marshal presence to not let anyone into a building until someone comes out. It is a world gone mad. I am beginning to think that this virus has a bigger affect on mental faculties then on lungs. It is indeed a good time to catch up on my blog reading.


    1. Whoa, Michelle! THAT IS INSANE!

      I haven’t been out since Friday but imagine shopping is crazy this weekend. Ironically, grocery stores are hotbeds for passing the virus since it’s hard to keep a 6-foot distance from people. Also, if someone coughs, the virus can float in the air for a while. Walmart and King Soopers (Kroger) just shortened their hours so they can restock and disinfect. It lives on surfaces for 3-4 days!

      Stay healthy, my friend! It’s always great to see you!

      Liked by 1 person

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