A Wee Bit of the Irish for St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Weird, isn’t it? With cancellations and bad news updating by the minute, it makes the Irish celebration a wee bit damp. Not to mention the drizzle lightly fallin’ outside my window.

Good thing I have a ridiculous video for yah. If you can handle four of me, then have a look!

Our family’s Irish tradition includes finding Leprechaun coins (usually Jewish),

How to add gold coins to your St. Patrick's Day traditions! Click for ideas! holiday tips and tricks, culture, family traditions, Saint Patrick's Day celebrations #stpattysday #saintpatricksday #stpaddysday #familytraditions #culture

Wearin’ of the green,

leprechaun profile picture

And a fabulous feast of corned beef and cabbage! My book club has celebrated St. Patty’s Day with me several times.

St. Patricks Day feast

I have been self-quarantining, but need to buy red potatoes and cabbage before starting today’s feast. Wish me luck!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Another post to make your Irish smile a wee bit wider:

Wearing It Proudly!

Are you celebratin’ St. Patrick’s Day at home? Are you a wee bit Irish? Are you wearin’ green? Do you believe in leprechauns? Are you lookin’ for gold coins? 

36 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of the Irish for St. Patty’s Day!

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  1. I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in my heart this year, more than by going out and about. As a woman with Irish ancestry I may be celebrating it every day of the year, come to think of it. I like your video, although it’s amazing how all of you Irish dancers resemble each other.

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    1. Thanks! You too, Darlene! We’ve been celebrating with text messages all day. ☘️ ‪https://giphy.com/gifs/st-patricks-day-pat-happy-pats-2fSpPVBtBWEqnEYgbX?tc=1‬


  2. Love the Jibjab!!!! (Laughed at the Jewish gold coins – those are just so handy to have for some many occasions)
    (Got my red potatoes already)
    We’re staying in too, but that can be just as warm and happy
    May your St. Patrick’s Day delight all.


      1. Oh with butter, I ask with dreamy blue eyes? You just made me desire so hot tea and it’s 2:20 am here. Is it okay to say that I am scared? I do pray for everyone every night, and I have huge faith, but I fit two three things on the list. it’s just all occurring so fast, it’s quite surreal to night. maybe I better go make that delicious hot ‘Black Peace Rose. And maybe a special cup. Ok it’s not my day to fall all to heck. some other day them. I mean one day we could just not post any more comments. I’m going to go watch that silly Jig. Hugs.


          1. I am so much better now, I discovered my wife and sons chocolate stash. I just hope that I can replace it this week before they discover it’s all gone. Well nothing cheer me spirits like spending tones of money, I am going shopping this coming week, covered in biohazard gear. (Her pick rubber kitchen gloves because they so way up to the elbows.

            We don’t color discriminate in our home. My sons favorite color is Pink, mine is green. In the morning while mom sleeps, we are going to play space astronauts with toy ray guns, ride Mr. Bear around the house. Mr. Bear is a huge stuffed bear that is almost as big as daddy, Mr. Bear is 5 foot 3 tall. He loves his bear.

            This week I am going to again try to get the fence up in the back yard, so we can get an Emo Pet for Daddy. My mom had a dear little toy black puddle, and she was so lovey. I bed Roxy is lovey. See how much better I feel after eating all of the chocolate in the house.

            I just have to figure on how to sneak all that chocolate in the house with out them noticing. Oh Hell another panic attack here! What if there has been a huge run on, a buy out of Chocolate from the stores!!! ~” That wouldn’t happen would it? I have to figure out a in home school day for my six year old son.


  3. Ha! Your husband looks like he’s having a great time dancing with all four of you! Around here, my husband and boys are likely getting tired of me already. It’s a lot of together time, but I’m hoping we can make the best of our isolation, together. Schools are closed for two weeks, at least, and my guys can only put up with about an hour of “school” a day. We have all been doing a lot of reading. And I’m determined to make the best of my lack of freelance projects and finish draft 1 of my new novel. Wish me a little Irish luck! I’m sure yours was great–hope you found your potatoes and cabbage!


    1. I did, Rebecca! Thanks!
      I can’t imagine what it’s like with teenagers. Mine were used to going up to the mountains with the family, but weeks on end? I see a lot of outdoor family time in your future… Good luck to you!!
      Yes! Dancing in quadruplet was exhausting, but Danny had a splendid time!

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  4. Fun! As someone with the last name Gallagher, I can’t help but smile every March 17 as the world tries to get in on the act. Glad you all had a good time!


  5. Well, sadly t’is over. We went to the store which had no eggs or potatoes! And so bought fresh spinach and polenta! Hey, it was green food! Our one can ‘a beer looked like a rotter so I’ll probably cook with it and we settled on a wee bit ‘a the Jamesons!


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