Showing off My Tattooed Sleeves while Social Distancing!

LOL! Okay, so I don’t normally start a blog post with LOL. But this deserves a big LOL. Of course, when anything embarrassing happens to me, or at least would embarrass a normal person, I have to share. Personally, I have very little shame. It all started with a bike ride.

I have been a very good citizen and have stayed home for days in light of the outbreak of coronavirus except for very short trips to the grocery store. That’s has been easy since I’ve been doing the opposite of stockpiling. I buy a few things and head back home again. Now it’s flour that morons are buying in bulk. Just wait until those little moths hatch.

Isolation is nothing out of the ordinary for writers. We live quiet lives in order for our characters to come out and play. Wow. That makes me sound psychotic! Well, I spend a lot of time quietly writing and editing while my characters roll out their scenes in my bedroom. That’s where I’ve been writing lately. I know, but I’m a writer. It’s comfortable, dark, and quiet. Shhh!

BUT, I woke up yesterday morning with waaaaay too much energy. My body must have sensed the oncoming snowstorm in some primitive way. As the day grew longer, the temperature rose. The typical warm before the storm here in Colorado. Unlike other days that precede rapidly falling temperatures, it never became windy.

I had to get some exercise.

I filled my bike’s tires and then had a thought. It was warm enough to take a bike ride without a jacket, but I anticipated the icy wind (that never came), so I headed upstairs to get a longsleeved exercise shirt.

A Bike Ride to Coot Lake

As I walked past the laundry room, I remembered something. I bought fake tattooed sleeves a while back. They were still in the package. Resembling tattooed pantyhose for arms, I slipped them on. Perfect! If the breeze grew sharp or it got too hot, I could roll them up or down.

I straddled my bike and headed down the driveway.

That’s when I saw a man walking past with his wife. He took a doubletake. I figured it was because of the sleeves. I decided that if he said something like, “Nice sleeves!” I would go along with it. Why not? They are!

Tattooed sleeves perfect for biking!

Our driveway is lined with humungous skyrocket junipers. I didn’t see him until I rode out onto the street. He was walking backward, staring at me.

I laughed all the way, well, most of the way to Coot Lake. I road by a lot of walkers and bikers out in isolation, practicing social distancing with their friends. Ahem.

social distancing at Coot Lake by biking. I stopped to take a selfie in front of the lake

Did I know the neighbor? Nope. Am I afraid of the gossip? Ha! Not at all.

This was my public service contribution to steer the conversation away from coronavirus. Everyone I passed yesterday was talking about it, except for the kids who walked by me while I drank my water. Their jaws hung open while they stared at me wide-eyed. LOL!

My sleeves are pretty garish and realistic, don’t you think?

Will I wear them again? Sure! They kept my arms warm. Why buy biking sleeves for the same purpose?

And I love the silliness of them.

Here’s the video! I have the inflection of someone with juicy gossip. Hilarious.

Thought you might need a giggle during an intense, surreal, and terrifying week.

I smile every time I think about it!

Tattooed sleeves for biking and giggling

Have you enjoyed any comic relief during the crisis? I laughed out loud yesterday when I read the Utah Earthquake Twitter feed. Have you been outside? Are you still exercising or finding it hard to motivate to do much of anything?

Comic Relief and Fun with Tattooed Sleeves! All about bringing a smile to your face during the coronavirus.

58 thoughts on “Showing off My Tattooed Sleeves while Social Distancing!

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  1. What fun! I only wish that it was warm enough around here to engage in such shenanigans. We can all do what we can to lift the spirits of others, if’n we put a little elbow grease/tat sleeves into it. 😁


  2. Love your sleeves! And the reaction. Thanks for the giggle. Educating my son from home for 4 years now, our routine hasn’t changed much. But we have 2 regular appointments that are now by phone and video chat. Because of the essential nature of my husband’s job, we’re very fortunate that he can’t be laid off or have significantly reduced hours.


  3. Oh how funny! I thought about buying a pair of those simply for the shock factor. Love it! Although, I must admit, I feel a little sorry for the young gals that have actually done this to their arms. What will their tattoos look like as their skin ages?


  4. Oh no! Next we’ll see you doing wheelies on your Harley hog!

    We’re going over to the beach each day with the pups. 75 degrees today and 82 tomorrow! Otherwise strictly dullsville. Patty is painting and I am writing so at least there’s some productive moments.


    1. There you go! Perfect, Al. It’s still safe to be outdoors as long as we keep our distance or hold our breath as we whiz by on a bike. 🙂

      I’m working on that Harley moment. I’ve been wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle since I was in college!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! It’s amazing how de-stressing laughter can be. I read Seth Rogan’s twitter feed on Cats and cracked up! He said he was stoned while watching the movie. His comments were hilarious!

      Thanks for sharing, John!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m normally a home body anyway so this “isolation” thing is pretty much the norm for me. But, my husband has been home now during the days and as a result, I get NOTHING done. He’s like a kid or a pet always interrupting me. So much for getting this manuscript done.

    Our business has tanked so we’re just trying to hold out hope that we’ll be getting some economic relief pretty soon. Otherwise, it’s buh-bye Baer House. But, I do go out from time to time. I’m still going to my tap dance class. There’s only 7 of us and we decided we needed the social interaction and excuse to get out of the house so we go there. Obviously I still have to go to the grocery store, gas station, post office when it’s necessary. We even went out to eat once. Restaurants here are seating people at every third or fourth table and everyone is just trying to maintain some sense of normalcy if possible. But, we also live in a very rural area and have a small population with no reported cases in our county, so things are a bit different here. Plus our weather is quite a bit warmer than in most places so that helps, or so the experts say. That’s not to say we’re immune, but we’re all trying to be sensible.

    I’m glad you were able to get out and about. They say fresh air is a great way to get rid of germs. I try to sit on the porch for at least an hour every day. The sunshine feels good and the birds offer a nice chorus.

    Take care.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. It sounds like you’re hanging in there! Danny and I are working on different floors so that helps. I’m sending prayers for your business. I’m sure you’ll be bailed out. Taxes have been postponed until July which helps. Be careful, there are a lot of undiagnosed cases out there!!! ❤️


  6. You are a HOOT Wild Rider 🙂 I am still heading into work until they tell me to work from home (in the health system on the corporate side). We are going to setup a home gym this weekend. We like to take walks and have a good amount of space to walk around within the garage or head out to the back yard area. Take Care and Be Safe.


    1. Same to you, my friend!
      😂 I had to share.
      I LOVE your idea of a home gym. Now that it’s snowing, I’ll hit mine too!
      Getting outside is key, but I’m keeping my distance…. 🚴‍♀️ Take care, Renee!

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  7. This whole thing is hysterical – sleeves and story. Thanks for the giggles (flour? Seriously – bisquick, too? Poor children..they’ll get to homeschool real science with the bugs in the mixing bowl HaHA)
    Take care, stay safe, and go with the wild!


    1. Thanks, Phil! I had to share it since I was still laughing when I came home.
      There’s no shortage of flour so I’m sure frantic and freaked out consumers will eventually figure that out!
      Take care of yourself too!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Now that seems like a load of fun ! I’d love to shock my grandkids with some like that. It’s a great mood buster at times like this when the whole world is quarantined . And the only thing that helps get by is a sense of humour .


  9. Love the “tats” Susie! I think writers and other home-based freelancers are poised to handle quarantine conditions better than most people, but it’s still good to step away from the keyboard every now and then. Thanks for sharing your great post!


    1. Thank you, Darius! You can count on me for a few giggles while it lasts.

      On top of the usual writer routine, many of us out there have been isolated when recovering from illnesses and injuries too. All of it makes us stronger!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The shirt is separate from the nylon sleeves. Maybe it is the biking shirt you like. I bought the sleeves in the Halloween section of the grocery store for a few dollars. 😂😜 I’m definitely going to wear them again. But first, I’ll have to wait for the new fresh foot of snow to melt!!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I think those tattoo sleeves are very cool! We cleared out the under the house storage and put in a new furnace and ductwork just before Christmas, went to visit kids and now are spending our isolation time going through all the crap that is not going back into that storage! The title of my current life/movie should be Dances with Rat Poop!


    1. Oh, No!!! I hope you’re wearing a mask. Eeuw. I’ve dealt with my fair share of mouse poop. It’s disgusting but there’s a huge payoff in having a clean house!


  11. I do love the crazy tat sleeves but they may have done a double, triple take because at first glance they look like sleeves of the colourful top you have on. Then it’s… wait, no, they are tats…wait no it must be sleeves…keep them guessing. That will keep it interesting.


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