Hilarious Videos by Chris Mann!

Entertainment during coronavirus - A pink pair of gloves and an empty roll of toilet paper

A friend of mine sent me a hilarious Chris Mann parody this morning and I spat my coffee all over my laptop. I HAD TO SHARE! Humor the best way to beat stress. In fact, it’s instantaneous.

it felt really good to laugh.

Tell me how you were feeling before you watched these videos and how you feel afterward.


Now I have an earworm of “I need toilet paper.” I’m still laughing!!!

Here’s his newest to the tune of Adele’s, Hello!

Take a break from the ongoing and depressing news updates, which are terrifying. It is so important to continue smiling. Share something hilarious with a friend to brighten their day, just like my friend, Karen.

If you’re freaking out, remember that we’re all in this together. Every day is one less day of lockdown. We’ll come out on the other side of the outbreak much stronger and resilient because of it.

The key?

KeEp YoUr SeNsE oF hUmOr!  

After all, we’re all in this together!

Have any humorous or entertaining ideas to share? Please do! Did you enjoy the videos? Can you relate?  

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My most recent contribution to the humor cause is about my tattooed sleeves.

29 thoughts on “Hilarious Videos by Chris Mann!

Add yours

  1. Cute. I think there’s a whole genre of music videos based on TP right now. I’m seeing them and laughing every time. Of course I tend to be easily entertained– and have a blog to prove it. Stay safe, susie. Keep on smiling.


  2. I belong to a Disney FB group and people there are posting similar videos about homemade Disney attractions. It’s pretty darn funny.

    Lots of people are really creative when they have nothing else to do. Image what all the creative energy could do if we all worked together to solve the world’s problems right?

    Stay safe out there.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. These are hilarious – thanks! It’s quite cold here today so my mood is a little glum. But overall I’m not in a state of panic. Tomorrow though I plan to go to the grocery. I hope things are starting to return to normal. We’ll see!


    1. Good luck at the store, Jan. I haven’t been out since Friday and am putting it off as long as possible.
      I’m glad they made you smile. I cracked up laughing and had to spread the joy. 😂😂 It’s in short supply these days.


  4. Well, we Indians are infamous for our toilet mannerisms. Suffice it to say, we will outlast any Armageddon that threatens the exit mechanism Gods have bestowed upon us!


  5. Oh hell you’re back again! That’s three post this week woman, what are you on Vacation or in quarantine or something? These were funny videos I have you know, and to be quiet honest about it, they made me weep, as I miss my bog roll dearly so. Really, I went to three major outlet stored and they were out of Toilet paper, And boxes of Tissues AND the weeping part has come as I and me family have now resorted to pulling the cotton stuf n’ out of our finest Settee. 😦 / 🙂


    1. Yes! Me again. LOL! I’ve been procrastinating editing a book which isn’t as much fun. More posts on the way!

      Oh, no! Too bad Sears doesn’t send their catalogue to everyone. 🙂

      You should start a blog, Brock. Some of your comments are like blog posts! 🙂


  6. Laughter is a great shield to protect one’s already-fragile mind from the relenting onslaught of Covid-19 news and ever-deadlier projections.

    I’m going crazy; not being able to provide for my family on my own is really eating at me.

    So thanks for sharing this, Susie.


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