Celebrating my Birthday on Lockdown!

Hello, Wild Riders! I hope you are well and surviving the pandemic. I woke up this morning and realized it’s my birthday! So, how does an adventure girl celebrate when everyone is supposed to stay home? I have a few ideas.

funny baby

First of all, I am very grateful to be here to celebrate. I’m seven years cancer-free and feel great! The sun is shining and Colorado will get the traditional warm before the storm. A big snowstorm and plunging temperatures are predicted tomorrow.

I’m also super grateful for my partner in adventure. He woke up early to start my day with birthday wishes!

Breakfast in bed for my birthday complete with candle in my bagel for a birthday wish!

I’ve been such a good citizen for the last month. I’ve ordered groceries, stayed home, and made masks.

Peacock masks

The only time we’ve been out has been to walk the open space trail one house away from us. There are very few people who use it, but we wear masks since bikers always seem to sneak up and pass us closer than six feet away.

Masked on the trail

Notice how shaggy Roxy is getting? I may have to experiment with my scissors in another month. Will I experiment with Danny’s? Yikes!

Today, I’d like to go for a drive. It will be like going to the zoo. I can press my nose up to the glass and see what’s not happening in Boulder. LOL!

I plan to make a pumpkin bundt cake for my birthday. At 4:00, my family will join me in a virtual birthday party on Zoom. Cake before dinner. Yes!

Zoom Birthday 1

Zoom Birthday 2

Tonight, Danny and I will order dinner delivery. I’ll eat another ginormous piece of cake. Then we’ll watch 1917. It will be a spectacular birthday even though we’re on lockdown.

This has been a big couple of days. I received my 9-year anniversary congrats from Twitter and WordPress! Must have been a busy week in 2011.

crazy texting

I’ve been busy writing, but more fun is on its way this week…

How have you been handling the coronavirus? Are you going stir crazy? Are you finding adventure at home?

68 thoughts on “Celebrating my Birthday on Lockdown!

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  1. SUSIE! I missed your birthday! But it sounds like you made the best of it with that Zoom party! And Danny with that morning surprise rocks. That is great 🙂 plus ordering in sounds fantastic after days and weeks of cooking everyday. I’m glad you were with loved ones on the special day. Sending you a belated birthday hug. And 11 years! Congrats! WOW! I remember finding you in my early days what a great find! That’s awesome you must have some great archives 🙂


    1. Thank you! It was fun, considering. I don’t know how they did it in 1918. It’s amazing how the word went out back then and people avoided travel. I just bought Virginia Woolf’s Diary and was disappointed that the entry about the pandemic was edited out. I guess she mentioned that she wouldn’t travel to London because of the Spanish Flu. It affected so many people. Stay safe, my friend!


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