Celebrating my Birthday on Lockdown!

Hello, Wild Riders! I hope you are well and surviving the pandemic. I woke up this morning and realized it’s my birthday! So, how does an adventure girl celebrate when everyone is supposed to stay home? I have a few ideas.

funny baby

First of all, I am very grateful to be here to celebrate. I’m seven years cancer-free and feel great! The sun is shining and Colorado will get the traditional warm before the storm. A big snowstorm and plunging temperatures are predicted tomorrow.

I’m also super grateful for my partner in adventure. He woke up early to start my day with birthday wishes!

Breakfast in bed for my birthday complete with candle in my bagel for a birthday wish!

I’ve been such a good citizen for the last month. I’ve ordered groceries, stayed home, and made masks.

Peacock masks

The only time we’ve been out has been to walk the open space trail one house away from us. There are very few people who use it, but we wear masks since bikers always seem to sneak up and pass us closer than six feet away.

Masked on the trail

Notice how shaggy Roxy is getting? I may have to experiment with my scissors in another month. Will I experiment with Danny’s? Yikes!

Today, I’d like to go for a drive. It will be like going to the zoo. I can press my nose up to the glass and see what’s not happening in Boulder. LOL!

I plan to make a pumpkin bundt cake for my birthday. At 4:00, my family will join me in a virtual birthday party on Zoom. Cake before dinner. Yes!

Zoom Birthday 1

Zoom Birthday 2

Tonight, Danny and I will order dinner delivery. I’ll eat another ginormous piece of cake. Then we’ll watch 1917. It will be a spectacular birthday even though we’re on lockdown.

This has been a big couple of days. I received my 9-year anniversary congrats from Twitter and WordPress! Must have been a busy week in 2011.

crazy texting

I’ve been busy writing, but more fun is on its way this week…

How have you been handling the coronavirus? Are you going stir crazy? Are you finding adventure at home?

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  1. Happy Birthday Susie!! I hope it’s a great one. Your hubby is awesome! Yeah, I’m basically stir crazy down here doing so many little things to stay busy. I must be following you for a few years now! Be safe guys. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Ž


    1. Thanks so much, John!

      You were one of my early followers, for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ We will have good days and bad ones where the walls seem to close in, but we’ll get through it together!!

      Stay healthy, my friend!

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  2. Looks like your day started out just fine. I hope it continues like that and you have a great day for your birthday.
    Funny thing about Roxy’s shaggy coat. My sister-in-law is fretting over the same thing with her dog (a Westie type). We don’t have that problem with our spaniels. They take care of that problem themselves – shedding all over the place!!
    Would love to see a photo of your haircutting abilities when you cut Danny’s hair. Did I mention that once I had my sister cut my hair and the next day someone said, “What happened to your hair?!!! It looks like it got caught in the lawnmower.”



      I used to cut my hair in college but it was really curly back then and could away with unevenness. Whenever I cut my son’s hair in high school, we drove right to the hair salon! I’ll definitely take pictures if I cut anyone’s hair. It won’t be pretty!

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Anneli! Stay healthy, my friend!

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  3. Happy Birthday, Susie. Our birthdays will be in lockdown as well. (All the females are Aries with me as the lone Gemini) It looks like an enjoyable day. Congrats on the seven years Cancer free. I’m six. Also congrats on the 9 years with Twitter and WP. My eighth just happened. (Looks like I’m a year behind you on most stuff) I still remember you teaching me how to know when someone leaves a comment on my blog. What a greenhorn. Looking forward to many more and wishing you the same. BTW there is something on that tray in Danny’s hand that looks very much like a donut. I’m sure I’m mistaken.


    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thank you, John! I bet a lot of birthdays will be celebrated during a lockdown. Itโ€™s been a blast so far!

      I donโ€™t remember helping you with comments but I am glad I did.๐Ÿ˜‚ Youโ€™re way ahead of me in published books. Iโ€™m still working on that…

      Itโ€™s a ๐Ÿฅฏ bagel!!

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  4. Happy Birthday Susie!๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ. Regardless of our currents circumstances, it sounds like there is lots to celebrate. Enjoy your cKe girl!๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ’ž


  5. Happy Happy Birthday. One you are not likely to forget. It is what you make it! And you have the right attitude. Have fun and enjoy the cake. Birthday hugs!! xo


  6. It’s my husband Joel’s birthday today! Yesterday I made him Black Bottom pie (took four hours). Make bacon and eggs for breakfast and will get take out for dinner. Kids are driving by at 5 pm to wave and say hi! Don’t know what we’ll watch tonight. Happy B-day!


    1. Thank you, Jan! Best birthday wishes to Joel! Sounds like a great day. Itโ€™s a big weekend. Happy Easter too!๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‡ we just finished our brunch and Zoom with the family.


  7. Happy Birthday!! We were on a quarantine for hubby’s cancer surgery on my birthday, so I truly believe that any birthday during quarantine deserves a mulligan (do-over)… What do you think? Rejoicing with you on all your blessings and accomplishments. Have a great day!





          On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:21 PM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

          > dearanonymousfriend commented: “We are well. Happy Easter! Hope you have a > wonderful day today.” >

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          1. Thank you so much, Deepak! Happy Easter to you. ๐Ÿฃ
            I am super grateful for my family and video-conferenced and group-called today. Thank God for technology!

            Everything you said is so true. Take care, my friend!


  8. Happy birthday! I celebrated both my birthday, my 2-year cancer-free anniversary, and my wedding anniversary at home. It’s weird. Not that I go out a lot anyway, but I like to know that it’s at least an option. We’re going into our 5th week of this crap. Now that I have to stay home, I don’t want to. I’m blaming it on spring fever. It is so gorgeous outside right now. At least I can sit on my porch and enjoy the weather. Always something positive right?

    Enjoy your day. You’ll be back out there again soon.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks, Patricia!
      Yes, itโ€™s amazing what we take for granted. Health included. Enjoy your Easter and sitting on the porch! It was 70ยฐ here yesterday, and we have 4 inches of snow today. โ›„๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜‚


  9. I hope you manage to have a wonderful birthday. Stay positive–and I’m sure you will. Enjoy it! Surviving lockdown here; happy to celebrate Easter tomorrow and Easter break for my kids, with no school work (which means more writing for me!)


    1. Yay!! Thank you, Rebecca!
      I enjoyed the family Zoom time the most yesterday! It was weird but weโ€™re all experiencing the weirdness right now.
      Happy Easter!๐Ÿฃ


  10. Happy birthday, Susie. I know the times are tough but then special days like this gives you a reason to be happy and celebrate in your own ways. Stay safe


  11. Happy birthday, Susie! Glad you’re doing well. Laura and I are doing fine, though for me it’s just another work day as I work from home. Besides the usual during a lock down, I don’t use the gym, but use Bodylastics resistance tubes. Growing ye old hair out. Nothing too earth shattering—oh, yeah, and working away at my WIP second draft, which seems to be coming along quite nicely.

    Take care!


  12. Many happy returns of the day, Adventure Girl. You seem to have been born with a humour spoon in your mouth! Guess what, I too managed to cling along in the upturned world so that I could say hello to you!! Those are capable masks with an Egyptian touch to them.


  13. Happy birthday! As I have started saying about births, birthdays, anniversaries, and other commemorations happening during lockdown–this will be one you won’t forget! And I love the picture of the tray coming through the door with the flower and the candle.


    1. Thank you, Audrey!!
      Danny is the best. Today he scrounged up some old candy and put it in an Easter basket. ๐Ÿ˜‚
      I think we will all remember this time and the surreal lifestyle changes. Take care!!!


  14. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Susie. Different celebrations this year but equally important to spend the day with your nearest and dearest. Be safe and keep healthy.


  15. Happy Birthday to you Susie, for old trees they just grow stronger I have yah know. So again a happy birthday to the best and most fun writer ever, I am hoping that all your Wild Riders and your family are staying well and well.


  16. A belated Happy Birthday, Susie. Was the snowstorm terrible, and what was the movie, 1917, like?

    Since the lockdown in the UK, we’ve had beautiful spring weather. It’s so extraordinary going out into a world that seems to have a population of only a few hundred. Empty roads, empty beaches, empty park benches. Where did all the people go? It’s so good to see that most of them are staying at home.

    Please take some pictures if you have a go at Danny’s hair.

    Take care.


    1. Thank you, Hugh!

      Snow storms are never terrible! We have about 5 inches and itโ€™s still snowing! Weโ€™ll have to x-country ski in our yard today!!

      I havenโ€™t seen 1917 since I made a cake that night. We started Stephen Kingโ€™s super tense, Outsider series and the intense and funny, The Witcher. Very entertaining!

      I notice Danny combing his fingers through his hair. Iโ€™ll definitely take pictures when I cut Roxy or Dannyโ€™s hair. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Thanks again, Hugh!! โค๏ธ

      Iโ€™m planning on driving around tomorrow to take some pictures. Iโ€™m still not used to this new reality although Iโ€™ve accepted it.

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      1. I’d forgotten how high above sea level you guys live. We sometimes get snow in April, but it’s been many years since it happened. This Easter (and most of April) have been sunny warm days, so it makes it more difficult not to want to go out. I hope springtime makes it to you guys soon.

        Stephen Kings Outsider series? That’s a new one on me. I’ll have to check if it’s available to stream in the UK. If you’re recommending it, then I hope so.

        Can’t wait for you to get your haircutting tools out. ๐Ÿ˜‚What a fun day that is going to be.


        1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Fun for me!!
          Yes, weโ€™re a mile high but this cold front and storm pounded across the country. I hope it peters out in the Atlantic before it comes your way!

          Outsider starts off dark and brutal but it appears to be a detective story. The paranormal aspect becomes more apparent by the fourth episode.

          The sun is shining today and the snow will melt then another storm is due on Thursday!!!


  17. Happy birthday sorry it’s coming late,am so sorry

    On Sat, Apr 11, 2020, 17:31 Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

    > susielindau posted: “Hello, Wild Riders! I hope you are well and surviving > the pandemic. I woke up this morning and realized it’s my birthday! So, how > does an adventure girl celebrate when everyone is supposed to stay home? I > have a few ideas. First of all, I am very grate” >


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