An April Colorado Snowstorm, a Frosted Paradise

After an April snowstorm trudged to the east from Colorado, I discovered a frosted paradise. The stormy skies had been mottled gray, moody, somber, the bellies of clouds filled with snow. But it scrubbed the air, refreshed the skies, made it clearer, bluer, crisp. I found my favorite muse and had to share some of my favorite photographs.

Heavy snow in the sunshine

As I walked in the yard, diamonds dazzled on the snowy surface.

Footprints in the snow

I approached my muse, knowing the light would soon become too bright and wash out the contrast. It wouldn’t take long before the intense, mile-high, April sun would melt the snow.

Snowy backyard with deep footprints

I quickly captured the mirrored pond, reflecting the surrounding beauty.

Trellis in front of the snowy pond

Within the frame, whipped cream topped every surface.

View of the pond from the trellis

Sometimes, the views are so breath-taking, a photograph isn’t enough.

Reflection in the pond

I had to breathe it in. Take in the moment. Memorize the feeling. I immersed myself before it slipped away.

snow angel

Here’s a video of that magical day.


Are you ready for spring? Have you been getting some fresh air? Are you a winter or a summer person?

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39 thoughts on “An April Colorado Snowstorm, a Frosted Paradise

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    1. Thanks, John! It was a magnificent day. Yes, you do have a lot of warm humid weather, perfect for destroying the coronavirus, fingers crossed…
      Thanks for sharing!


    1. It was 9 degrees! But the sun is intense here. ☀️

      I loved Barcelona! I heard Spain’s curve is flattening. YAY!! We have too many anxious politicians here. I’m afraid it will take our country a while to reopen safely.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Susie, after the snow left Colorado it stopped for a while here in Indiana…….uugggghhhhh!!!!!!!!! As you must know by now, I’m a SUMMER person. The pics are artistically beautiful, but …….., personally I prefer a beach with palm trees, a comfortable hammock, and a cold drink !!!!! 🎋🍷😊


  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Living now in Southern California, I miss those “once in awhile” snowstorms in Seattle…although once we had a big snowfall at the end of April – in Chicago! Within a day it was a disgusting dirty mess piled against the sidewalks!


    1. I remember snowstorms like that in Madison, Wisconsin. The sun is so intense here, it melts really fast! The sun is shining and the grass is super green. Thanks so much, John and for sharing!!


  3. Great snow pictures. Nothing quite as innocuous looking as fresh snow a la “pure as the driven snow.”

    Loved the snow angel. I could pick a Susie snow angel out of 100 pictures. It just has that certain je ne sais quoi quality about it!


  4. Hello Susie.

    White beautiful World. Your photos are beautiful, so enjoyable. My country is long, which means that in the south, spring has come with some flowers, but in the north “full” winter. Thank you. I wish that you are all right!

    Have a good day!


    1. Hello Sartenada!
      Thank you so much. Finland is on my bucket list. It sounds wonderful! I grew up in Wisconsin, north of here, but not on the same longitude as your country. The storm nipped the buds on our flowering trees but I hope the apples still bloom. It’s still early here.
      I’m doing great, thanks! How are you hanging in there?


    1. It was gorgeous!
      I guess a lot of people have been sneaking up to the mountains. We need to check on our place one of these days.

      The moisture is always welcome here but the cold temperatures froze the crab and pear trees’ buds. I’m hoping for apples. Now they’re predicting high 80’s!!!

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      1. We’re sneaking down to the beach which is open for walking, surfing but not standing/sitting still from 6-8 am during the week. Those are our beach dog walking hours this time of year anyway, so works for us. It was 91F yesterday – CO may need AC this summer – that leaves out the Stanley! HAHA (Oh, but that front porch with a drink at the end of the day…great place) Take care and smile on


        1. Walking on the beach sounds wonderful!!! We’ve been walking on the trail near our house. Colorado relaxed some restrictions although not much has changed. Now I’m seeing less people wearing masks!

          We always need AC! Gone are the cool days of yore. 😂

          Thanks, Phil!

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  5. This was an excellent Earth Day post! I love your muse! That is the most Zen yet 🙂 Inspirational indeed. These pictures are so great, that pond … man! And you’re right. Crisp air is the perfect description 🙂 glad you were able to find the moment. I love this pic but the temperature must have been super COLD. Sending you some good vibes lady!


      1. I’m glad to hear the sun was making its way to you! It’s been hit over here and you know how much we LOVE the beach but it was closed and we’re not acting like some of these fools so we made do with water balloon fight. Kids and I are doing well just heading into another week of distance learning and Home Ec but missing sports badly 🙂


        1. Thank you!
          I bet! I love water balloon fights.
          I just posted about basketball. We’ve been walking the neighborhood too. Now, I’m focusing on gardening. I forgot what a workout that can be. This is so surreal!


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