When a Basketball Jones Strikes and Teaches Me a Lesson

I have been jonesing for basketball. Not for watching the Nuggets on TV or March Madness. I’m talking about shooting hoops. With the onset of warm temperatures, I went into the garage to grab a ball and shoot for a while. I haven’t played basketball in forever. I liked the idea of moving my entire body, stretching my arms and legs. Spazzing out. I discovered three flat basketballs, one super sad hoop with no net, and a broken pump. I tried to Macgyver the pump, but it was useless. The song, Basketball Jones has been an earworm in my head for days.

Why Basketball Jones? Whenever I have wanted to play basketball, I have said, “I gotta Basketball Jones,” in reference to the Cheech and Chong song. They were 1970s stoner comedians. In my thick head, I thought a Basketball Jones meant you really wanted to play basketball. I confused the song with the slang term, jonesing for something you reeeeeally want. After listening to the lyrics, I realize he was singing about his love for the game. All these years. LOL!

Listen to the song. It’s hilarious-


The Lyrics from Genius.com.

I own the album, Up in Smoke and played the song a million times. Imagine a tone-deaf singer, expressing his love for the game where he has “more moves than Ex-lax.” Yes, it’s that good.

“See I am a victim of a Basketball Jones,
I’ll take my basketball everywhere
I’ll even put my basketball under the pillow”

Yep, missed those lines.

I wrote this conversation between Cheech and Chong when Colorado passed the first weed law for medical marijuana.

I ordered a pump from Target. After a few days of waiting patiently for the delivery, it didn’t take long for the balls to sail through the air.

She shoots and scores

I felt the sweet release of letting go of my Basketball Jones.

I really enjoyed shooting, bobbing, and weaving although none of that helped my game. I did hit a couple of hook shots.

Demonstrating my hook shot!

The only way I got any through the hoop was by no bobbing or weaving and lots of follow-throughs. You know the kind. Where you flip your hand, limp-wristed.

Limp wristed shot

I made three out of five shots at my best.

And then came my worst. Danny came outside and beat me at HORSE. (He’s the one behind the camera.) I lost my focus. No more follow-through. Lots of bobbing and weaving and smack talk. I became competitive and tight, as if I were playing for the Nuggets or in the final minutes of the NCAA Championship. Staying relaxed and having fun always wins. Look at any pro sports. Or don’t. I think World Wide Marble racing has taken over.


Did your marble win? I know! The NFL Draft trended for the first time ever. People are jonesing for sports. I may have to put on my thinking cap…

I also need to practice when Danny’s not around. When will that be? Next year?

Even with the coronavirus, I gotta KEEP IT WILD!

Keep it wild

It was fun!

What are you doing to pass the time? Do you have a basketball jones? What are you reeeeeally jonesing for?

What My Basketball Jones Taught Me!

26 thoughts on “When a Basketball Jones Strikes and Teaches Me a Lesson

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  1. Love Cheech and Chong. Funny guys. Glad you had fun. I love it when you tried to MacGyver the hoop. Haven’t heard that term for awhile but it is so perfect.


    1. Love those guys! That song is so ridiculous and never fails to crack me up. πŸ˜‚

      My middle name is MacGyver. It’s amazing what can be done with duct tape, paper clips, and rubber bands. I take after my dad!
      Thanks, Darlene!


  2. I will share this – a few years ago I played the album, which I own, for my wife. She had never heard the song before – and she was immediately hooked – love it and you have a nice hook shot!


  3. I too liked this song. It always made me smile. What am I doing during this mess? Riding my beach cruiser bike up and down the hills (puff, puff) waiting for my athletic club to reopen. Oh yes, and writing. There’s that.


  4. Very few women I knew play basketball. I don’t even play basketball in reality but I had played basketball during the older-Nintendo game console era…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    A number of times playing basketball would come up in my head but eventually it just vanished and I end up doing lazy-game thing.
    I think you were once a member of basketball team when you’re still in high school. Am I correct Susie?


  5. Your follow through is awesome. Good shooting form. Danny must have had some nasty trick shots up his sleeve. FYI I’ve started a Go-Fund-Me page to buy you a new net.


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