Statue Rebecca Wants to Remind You

Rebecca has stood in front of our home for almost two decades. She has withstood many of my feeble decorating attempts, especially at Halloween and Christmas. Now she dons a mask as a reminder to wear one when you leave the house. Thanks, Rebecca!

Statue of Rebecca wearing a mask

Most of us wear masks if we’re going to the store because THEY ARE PETRI DISHES! But, what if we’re outside? Yesterday, I noticed about a third of the hikers and bikers on the trail didn’t wear them. Today, I walked by several people who chatted with friends as if the virus was ancient history. I gave them a wide berth and a hairy eyeball. Wasted effort since I wore sunglasses.

Do you think masks are unnecessary? A nuisance? Uncomfortable? I think they are a courtesy to others. What if I came down with the virus tomorrow after being out and about without a mask. What if I had sneezed on everyone? Scary thought.

Between sunglasses and a mask, I haven’t worn makeup for weeks. BONUS!

I don’t believe our breath disintegrates in the air, nor that the sun burns it up. Breath can travel farther on a light breeze. Am I paranoid? Sure. I don’t want to get Covid. Do you?

Did you hear that a sneeze travels six feet? How about TWENTY-SEVEN! 



The State of Colorado is reopening in stages even though Covid 19 cases continue to rise. Many Coloradans are mistaking loosening up as a sign that the risk has lessened. Nope.

Did you watch the video? Gross, right? Wow. 

I’ll continue to wear my mask. So will Rebecca. Will you?

She looks so put out. LOL! 

Wear a mask like Rebecca

Are you hanging in there? Do you feel more protected when wearing a mask? Do you know anyone with the virus? Are you getting cabin fever?

48 thoughts on “Statue Rebecca Wants to Remind You

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    1. Be careful, Kathy! I don’t want you to get the virus. It’s so contagious.

      I definitely wear one in a store. Thing is, the air in an enclosed space hangs around for a while. It’s really easy to pull a bandana over your nose and mouth and everyone will appreciate it!

      By the way, I just got back from Home Depot and only saw one person without a mask. I felt very safe! It felt good to shop again.

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        1. Yes! It may keep you safe too!
          With our relaxed restrictions, they are requiring masks to be worn at work here in Colorado as some businesses reopen with 50% of their employees. They have to wear them in stores too. 🙂 Makes me feel safer!

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      1. Hi Susie

        I’ve just started blogging again after a very long time, and came across your site for some added inspiration!

        I wear a mask at work as I’m a UPS delivery driver, I do keep my distance when I deliver, but it does concern me with the amount of people I’m being exposed to on a daily basis, but I’m super cautious.


        1. Welcome back!

          It is scary out there. Many people aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously and never wear masks. Here in Colorado, starting last Wednesday, everyone must wear a mask inside a store or business. It’s a state law. They’ll get used to it now!!!

          I hope you stay safe and healthy. I’ve known several young people who have gotten the virus and it was horrible. One of them, in his 20s, was hospitalized and in the ICU for a while. He had been super healthy! He is on the mend at home. Whew! I never knew that viruses stick to the outside of packages, jars, and anything else from the grocery store. Sometimes I would get sick with the flu and wonder how the heck I got it? I’ll never look at a bread bag the same way again. 😷😎🤞


  1. I don’t like face masks and I have had way too many ‘conversations’ about them with my brother who does. But, if we’re outside breathing fresh air and we have to wear a face mask – we have bigger issues in the world. I am not sick have been isolated with small exceptions of going to the store or to the a state park to walk for more than a month – I give folks a wide berth on the trails. But no face mask outside for me.

    It’s easy to peddle fear, but when we give up our liberty for safety, we end up with neither. Stay well and keep playing basketball. Peace.

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    1. Wow! I’m surprised. This is bigger than any war we’ve ever fought. And we thought heart disease was the silent killer.

      Everyone has the right to decide, but I don’t want to sneeze and spread it to others. I would feel terrible.

      Have a great weekend, Clay!


  2. I have worn a mask for the couple–really, only 2!–times I’ve been away from the house and yard over the last month and a half or so. When did this all start? I think we’ll be using masks more now, even as things loosen up. I’ll be buying nice ones for all of us, including my boys, so I’m shopping around. (I don’t have a sewing machine.) I mean, when we eventually go back to a place like the mall, makes sense to be a little cautious and wear a mask, I think.

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    1. That’s a great idea! I went to Home Depot this morning and only one person didn’t have one on. It’s that enclosed air that gets people. Here in Colorado where we are starting phase 1 of the reopening phase, our Governor is highly recommending wearing a mask whenever we leave the house. It’s so surreal!!
      Take care, Rebecca!

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  3. If you’re in a store around here you won’t see many people with a mask on. If you’re out walking or biking around here you won’t see anyone with a mask on. Whether we are foolhardy or just more adept at keeping our distance from each other I don’t know. I hope they do not become a thing, but if they save lives then I’ll wear one of course. Rebecca is cute in her bandana. Very nice.


    1. I think she looks pretty cute too, Ally! 😂
      Some states are in good shape. The virus is still on the rise and our governor is recommending masks whenever we leave home. It actually makes me feel safe. I went to Home Depot and out of the tons of people only one didn’t wear a mask.

      Stay safe!

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  4. I still don’t have a mask but I go nowhere except outside for walks and cycling. In my opinion you are safe outside without a mask barring sneezes from someone of course. Also good for my health is reading your posts my friend. – David


    1. I’m glad to hear I’m contributing in some way! 😂
      Since our state is still on the rise for cases, most riders wear a bandana and pull it up when passing people. The worst was a few weeks ago, before everyone here started wearing masks, Danny and I walked in the street and a spitting and snorting runner passed within a foot of us. I could have clotheslined him with my arm!!!
      Stay healthy!!

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  5. Yeah, I’m wearing my mask forever. I have been wearing one on airplanes for the last ten years. (medically induced immune deficiency) Now I wear one whenever I go outside and will continue to do so. Yes, that video is scary.

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    1. I wonder if any of my commenters who don’t wear masks watched it..
      I will wear a mask and gloves on a plane from now on. The question is will I scrub down my groceries after coronavirus? I’ve always been aware of the flu during the winter so I can imagine I will be more careful once this is behind us. Everything takes so much effort! I hope we get a vaccine by January. Sounds super optimistic to me.

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      1. I hope so too. What do you do with those gloves? It is actually safer to wipe down your surroundings and then to hand sanitize several times during a trip. You will be touching your face weather you want to or not. With gloves you are transferring one surface to the next unless you change the gloves frequently.


        1. Yeah, I don’t know if I will bother with gloves. The last time I traveled and went through security, I headed right for the bathroom to wash my hands. I may use them to and from the gate. The constant cleaning is exhausting!

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    1. Yes!! I pull it down to my neck if no one is around and look behind me, just in case. Even though the trail is getting busier with the warm weather, we can still find those off hours. Stay healthy, my friend!

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  6. OMG! That is so gross! I know that sneezes can make you sick. It happened to me when I was at a closing out sale of a kitchen store. A woman about six feet away from me sneezed and I backed up to get well (I thought) out of the area. I saw the droplets in the air because the sun was shining through the store window.
    Still, the next day I had strep throat!
    A mask would have helped but this was well before all the coronavirus awareness.


    1. The video is super gross! LOL!

      Bummer about the strep throat. If she had worn a mask, no particles would have been spat! I hope that was a while ago.

      Are you seeing masks in your area?

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  7. Here in the UK, we haven’t been told by our government or the scientist that wearing a facemask helps stop the spread of COVID-19. So far, they’ve told us it doesn’t matter, but I think it won’t be long before they follow the excellent advice and tell everyone that facemasks must be worn when travelling on public transport or when in confined spaces outside of the home (such as supermarkets and other opened businesses).
    I haven’t been wearing one, but only because I haven’t been using public transport or going shopping. Fortunately, we’ve been able to book home delivery slots for food.
    I’ve not seen many people wearing them where I live, but we’re not living in a major built-up area. And I’m pleased to say that there are no signs of any restrictions being lifted in the UK. In fact, most believe the lockdown will continue for another three weeks until May 26th. With the infection rate still climbing, and the death rate nearing 30,000 in the UK, I’m all for continuing the lockdown, Susie.

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    1. It sounds like you are doing all the right things! It’s different everywhere! At first, it seemed strange to wear a mask. Now non-mask wearers are in a very slim minority at stores.

      In a few cities starting on Monday, we won’t be able to shop in some stores without them. They just made them mandatory on planes. I was surprised they didn’t have that rule already!

      Here in Colorado, we are in the top 20% of cases in the US. Denver was a portal for travelers who carried the virus from Europe. One group from Australia hopped from one ski area to another, sprinkling the virus along the way.

      Our state is in the process of reopening businesses at 50% with strict restrictions of wearing masks, social distancing, and temperature checks. We are part of the grand experiment. *gulp*

      I went shopping at Home Depot yesterday for plants and seeds. All the workers wore masks along with nearly every shopper in the store. I felt completely safe. When I picked up my preordered groceries next door, (we live too far away for delivery) everyone coming and going wore masks. It has made a huge difference, but cases are still on the rise since there is a percentage of people who are meeting with friends and family while defying all of the recommendations. It’s so contagious!

      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

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  8. Good on Rebecca for wearing her mask, more people should be doing the same and I suspect it may become the norm in public places very soon. Not a lot of masks are being worn in the UK at the moment outside of medical facilities but then again everything is closed. I think public transport and shops will make it mandatory once they begin operating again. The more we all obey the guidelines the safer it is for everyone. Hope you are keeping safe and well Susie?


    1. Thanks so much, Jonno!
      Colorado is making mask wearing mandatory for all businesses and stores on Wednesday. They were slow to catch on. After people started wearing them, the numbers came down and have flattened a bit, although our state still has 400 new cases a day. The majority of sick people aren’t being tested since there’s a wide range of symptoms. My hope is when we test for antibodies, 40% have already had it, including me!
      Stay healthy, you two!

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      1. Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction Susie, here’s hoping that the number of cases just decreases rapidly now. Glad you are keeping well.



          On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 8:50 PM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

          > Jonno commented: “Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction Susie, > here’s hoping that the number of cases just decreases rapidly now. Glad you > are keeping well.” >


  9. Hello.

    We are not using masks. When shopping we use gloves! When coming to home, the first thing is to wash hands. After undoing our shopping in home, again we wash hands. When outside we keep distances – everyone keeps distances with other people. Our daily walks happen mainly in the nearby woods, but always it is not possible and then we go outside early. So, our key words are wash hands many times during the day and keep distances.

    I wish that you and yours are well. Happily, we are.

    P.S. in my newest post, I have the link to Coronavirus cases round the world.

    Have a good day!


    1. That’s the opposite here! It became mandatory to wear masks in stores on Wednesday. A lot of stores are reopening this weekend. I plan to stay home and watch the numbers. We’ll see how it goes……..

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  10. Oh, cabin fever has definitely arrived here. In fact it has moved in and taken over the joint.
    As far as the masks go, we are wearing them. I liken it to Pascals Wager…we will wear them “just in case” they actually protect us or the people we come in contact with.


    1. That’s great to hear! Everyone in Colorado has to wear them now unless you’re outside and can social distance. We wear them anytime there are people around outside. It’s so crazy, don’t you think? My new normal will include wearing a mask when I feel like I’m coming down with something and when fly somewhere..

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  11. Hello!
    I am really happy to say that this article is very useful to me. I wear a mask and consider it my responsibility. We must think not only about our safety but also those around us.
    In this difficult time, my family and friends support me, and I also read my horoscope at, I don’t want the future to catch me off guard 🙂


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