A Quiet Reopening – Pearl Street in Boulder

Double tulips cream gold Pearl Street Boulder Colorado

Retail shops opened in Boulder, Colorado on May 9th. With tulips and curiosity at their peak, I swung by Pearl Street pedestrian mall to take some photos and see how many people showed up for the reopening. This may or may not surprise you. Take a look.

It was a quiet place.

A quiet place pearl street boulder empty benches and street

The tulips had peaked a few days before, but I still enjoyed the bright-colored beauties.

Multicolored tulips in portrait mode Pearl Street

Lot’s of buts on this list.

Sign social distance rules store Pearl Street. Long list includes face mask, sanitizer 6 customer capacity, serious try-ons only

I peeked inside the open doors of shops and found most of them empty. A few of them had one or two customers.

Macro shot of pink tulips in portrait mode iPhone 11

Most people who visited Pearl Street wore masks. This group practiced social distancing.

Social distancing on Pearl Street during covid-19

With cabin fever and temperatures on the rise, most Boulderites are still staying home and staying safe.

The tulips were worth the trip!

Pink tulips Pearl Street in Boulder in macro mode

Pearl Street was all dressed up for a party that didn’t happen. These photos were taken at noon on a Saturday.

Hearts on a Swing Statue on very quiet Pearl Street with Tulips

I remember when flying out to Wisconsin in March and feeling foolish for wearing gloves. At that time, about three people in the entire terminal wore masks.

Everyone wants to fit in. It’s a basic human instinct. We look around and see what everyone else is doing. Nearly everyone around Boulder wears masks now.

Posted outside a building under construction on the street. 

Face masks must be worn at all times no exceptions! Sign in window.

I have found that focusing on beauty and nature has kept me buoyant.

Pink tulips macro mode on Pearl Street during the pandemic

It’s spring. Nature is waking up. It’s time to stretch and get some fresh air, even if that means wearing a mask when outdoors. We are being respectful of others. What if I came down with the virus tomorrow? 

Susie Danny wear masks on empty Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

We are all looking for hope.  I have the strong belief that with the entire world working toward the same goal, we will dance again soon.

Stay healthy Boulder. We will dance again soon.

Boulder Theater with marquee - Stay Healthy Boulder We will dance again soon

Where have you been finding hope and renewal? Are you still on lockdown where you live? Are you seeing a rebirth in the hundreds of rabbits in your yard?

A Quiet Reopening Pearl Street in Boulder - Pinterest pin. Not many shoppers on the pedestrian mall. A statue surrounded by flowers

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64 thoughts on “A Quiet Reopening – Pearl Street in Boulder

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  1. That was fun to see again. I loved seeing Pearl Street when you took me there. The bookstore was very cool and playing the piano on Pearl Street was one of the thrills of my life, mostly because you were there, Susie.

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    1. Thank you!

      It looks like the numbers in Spain are going down. Yay! We’ll have to wear masks for a while, but it’s really nice to get outside.

      Stay safe, Darlene!


  2. Boulder looks beautiful–I haven’t been since I was a teen, visiting family in Berthoud. I remember Boulder as looking much grittier–a hippie haven–then. I remember my mom loving all the natural food stores and co-ops, etc., which as a kid I just thought smelled weird. Gorgeous tulips! And well done on your beautiful masks. I haven’t been out enough to know if people are wearing them or not around here. Today I go to the dry cleaner’s, which I know requires a mask and allows one customer at a time. However, my husband picked up food from a nearby restaurant last weekend, and the place had set up an outdoor bar and there were a lot of motorcyclists standing around, even dancing, with no masks, of course. I think there will always be the pockets of people who think this virus can’t touch them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Rebecca! Thank you so much.

      Yes! Pearl Street is gorgeous. I know what you mean about the co-ops. Whole Foods has taken over for the most part.

      It was fun to get out and see the tulips. We hadn’t been anywhere since early March. We drove by it last weekend and there were a few more people, but nothing like a normal day. People are being careful.

      I don’t know why people don’t take precautions. It’s not about getting the virus, it’s about spreading it when we are asymptomatic. A few people from my book club wanted to meet up outside, but I wouldn’t want to be downwind of anyone for a couple of hours. LOL!

      Stay healthy!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think people feel safe outside–and it’s certainly safer than meeting up inside. But, it’s safest if you keep going, and don’t just sit there in someone else’s air for an hour or two. Probably best to do the book club over Zoom still–though of course that’s not the same!


  3. Hi Susie. Another entertaining post. Your Pedestrian Mall reminds me so much of the downtown mall in Charlottesville, Va. We used to live there, but still go back often because our daughter and granddaughters are there. Click below to see how similar they are. Enjoying our newfound freedom here as well.



  4. That video looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Such a pretty street but so weird with it being nearly empty and the only people there wearing masks.Sometimes I feel I need to pinch myself to find out if it’s a dream/nightmare.


        1. That’s the only way to stop the spread, in my opinion. I can’t believe how some people react. This is all about health and getting back to normal, even though our normal probably won’t ever be what it was. In the future, I plan to wear a mask any time I am out and about with a cold. I can’t wait until I board a plane for LA! I’m way overdue for a trip.
          Stay healthy, my friend!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks Susie, we have to follow the guidelines as a group, otherwise it’s all for nothing! FYI, my wife and I had to get tested due to a work project, and we both came back negative…which makes since as we are following all of the rules!


  5. Pearl Street looks so lovely and the tulips are such a beautiful reminder of spring! Things are very slowly opening here, with a tremendous amount of caution. Hopefully the numbers will continue in a positive light so that we can continue to move forward 💕


    1. Boulder is a gorgeous town.

      I masks are the key to keeping the numbers down. EMTs, nurses, doctors who wear masks everyday aren’t getting the virus like everyone else. It makes me feel a lot safer!
      Stay healthy!!! 😷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, no worries there, Susie. I am notorious for overlooking comments. I’ve gotten a lot better about it, but I used to be terrible. I still find unanswered comments on old blog posts, and I wonder, “Sheesh, three years ago? Should I reply, or is that just more embarrassing, now that they’ve surely forgotten?” 😜 And yes, I’m doing well. Hope you are, too. Have a lovely day!


  6. What a fabulous looking street! Hopefully it will return to life soon. Here in NZ we’ve been releasing lockdown by stages – currently (and until further notice) we’re on ‘social distancing’ restrictions and contact-tracing. The government has done a fantastic job & a lot of that was thanks to our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. It was a real challenge for her. One of the things NZ is really good at is biosecurity; the strategy for Covid-19 was identical to what happens whenever a rogue plant or animal disease is detected, not just the containment mechanism (slam it, VERY fast and VERY hard) but even down to the format of the charts reporting the results. However, that ‘slam it hard’ approach is tough when applied to people, and the PM had to get that accepted by the electorate. She did it with an astonishing display of compassion and leadership – and we’re down to 28 active cases nationally today, while the latest polls put Ardern at stellar heights politically. What’ll happen longer term is unclear, however for now the place is quietly coming back to life. I have my suspicions about undetected cases in the community, but we’ll no doubt see. Globally I think Covid-19 is going to be challenging on many levels. I hope all goes well for you and family in Colorado.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Matthew!

      It sounds like you have the right leadership in NZ. We are limping along in the US and are reopening regardless of what is going on with COVID. It’s causing all kinds of questions regarding safety too. I won’t sit inside a restaurant to eat, even though they reopened yesterday, but may feel safe outside at a table if there’s a breeze. I the person who wears a mask while bike riding but so are many others. It’s all about getting throught the next year without getting the virus. The harm it does to the lungs is terrifying. I can’t imagine how it would be to ski in the mountains after being compromised.

      Take care, my friend!

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  7. We are at L2 in NZ, every second day I wander down to town except for today. I wore a mask the first two times as everyone was out there. I didn’t on the second two times but limited my time everywhere. Sanitizer and log-ins becoming usual thing, less people in cafes etc, suggested limit of time together in an area 30 minutes, a QR app to help log where you go in case of need to contact. 0 new cases for last week. Jacinda did well health wise, hopefully economy will get better in a reasonable length of time


    1. NZ is doing fantastic!!!! We still are having between 200-400 new cases a day in Colorado and restaurants reopened yesterday! GAH! My book club wants to meet up but there’s no way I want to get a disease that could jeopardize my lungs and weekend visits to the mountains. We’ll get through it. I just wish our country had been more proactive like yours!
      The economy will bounce. I’ll be ready to spend some money after this!
      Take care, my friend!

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  8. Looks and sounds like the citizens of Boulder have the right idea in taking it easy as restrictions are lifted. Glad to see no crowds and face masks as they ease back to normality. Looks fabulous though.


    1. It’s still pretty scary here. Two of my commenters are from NZ where they had 0 new cases in the last week. I can’t imagine! Colorado is still reporting 200-400 cases a day and restaurants just opened. I’m erring on the side of caution and plan to stay healthy until there’s a vaccine or a cure. I want to be able to ski in the high country on the weekends without any lung problems!

      I hope you two are doing well!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re doing great thanks Susie, keeping well and being careful down in the south west of England. Can’t believe Colorado is opening up places with infection rates still so high! Seems crazy and irresponsible doesn’t it? You are so right to be cautious, just take it slow.


        1. That’s so good to hear!

          Our numbers are going down because most people are wearing masks. We seem to be part of the grand (and risky) experiment. We’ll be watching the numbers in 2-3 weeks. *gulp* My concern is with so much reopening, many people will think they can leave their masks at home if they stay 6 feet away. That measurement is way too close if someone sneezes. *fingers crossed*

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  9. Hey Susie! I live in Westminster and I’m so glad you posted this, even though it makes me a little sad. I love Boulder. It is so weird to see Pearl Street mall so empty. But it also makes me think how much fun I’d have if I went to Peppercorn right now. I’d have the place to myself! Hopefully before the end of the summer anyway we’ll be able to make a trip down there to enjoy the Saturday farmer’s market 🙂


    1. Hey Rhonda! Nice to meet you!

      You would have Peppercorn to yourself. 🙂 I think most people are staying home regardless of the reopening.

      Have you been out since they reopened restaurants? I like the idea of taking over parking lots and having a lot of space between tables. That said, I the person who wears a mask while riding my bike! Most do up here in Boulder. There’s always a chance that someone sneezes right as I pass them. Such a weird life we are living!!!

      If you want to go to Boulder’s farmers market, be sure to go online an make an appointment. They aren’t allowing the usual crowd density.

      Stay healthy, my new friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good to know the Farmer’s Market is still going! Will have to make an appointment soon for one of these Saturdays. I’m cool with avoiding restaurants for now-have gotten used to ordering through Uber Eats or restaurants directly for at home delivery. I’m not too keen on the idea of going out to eat and sitting in a parking lot. You stay healthy too 🙂


  10. great to see that people are being sensible, as nobody wants to be taken back to being locked down again, and the flowers are a real treat, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Diane! It was our first outing and we really enjoyed the flowers. 🙂 Most people are wearing masks in Boulder.

      My hope is we don’t spike after opening restaurants. There’s a lot of pressure to get back to normal, but until the US resembles NZ with 0 new cases for a week, I will take precautions.

      How is it going where you live?
      Stay healthy!!


  11. The color on those tulips is so great! Easter like. I’m glad that people are being responsible as things start to open up. There are a lot of dumb people who think it’s Spring Break or something. Beaches so crowded so we’ve stayed away, just drove along the coast to check out the scenery with lunch on the mountains so we could see the beach at lookout points:) that was still pretty cool and no people at all. Good escape from our daily. Glad you’re staying safe!


    1. Hey Guat!!!

      Nice idea to picnic instead. I’m not taking chances either. My book club wants to meet up outdoors, but I’m not feeling it. I would be the person who ended up downwind!!

      I can’t wait until there’s a vaccine and life can go back to somewhat normal. After this, I’ll always wear a mask in airports.

      How are the kids doing without school? Do they like their teacher? 🙂
      Stay healthy, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! A vaccine. That would be great I think everyone will feel a lot safer. Kids are doing well. They don’t like their P.E. Teacher as she makes them work out first thing in the morning before math or science but that’s how we start the days 🙂 and we ended the semester on a good note 🙂 Definitely a lot of patience required with two kids and one computer:) sending you some good vibes!


          1. I know right? Get some physical activity in before we hit the books 🙂 they liked the sports the tennis the baseball but weren’t fans of medicine ball or core work 🙂 but all was necessary to get our muscles back 🙂 they enjoyed it after I made it a competition…for some reason competitiveness makes things more interesting


    1. Thanks, Michelle!

      I hope the majority is still wearing masks. Restaurants opened last week and with that, my friends seem more relaxed about meeting up. Not me!

      Stay safe too!


      1. It will be awhile before I am comfortable “out” among people as well. Both of us already having cancer and my current bout with my treatments on hold justifies us being overcautious without crossing the line into paranoid 😉 .
        We haven’t opened our restaurants yet. The few stores that are open have to have an exterior door (no malls) and can do curb side pick or deliveries. Some parks/beaches are still closed because people were just swarming to them without using any precaution or following any guidelines. Always young people who still think they are immortal and don’t care if they pass it to someone else.
        Tomorrow, Salons (hair, nail, etc.) are allowed open. As much as I feel the need for a pedicure, I think I will wait.


        1. Me too! I dyed my roots last night.

          All bets are off with all the protesting. I would have participated and considered helping others with clean up, but I can’t take a chance on getting it. I cried when I saw that video. We need a hero!

          Liked by 1 person

  12. Susie, Love the post and I love your outlook. I’ve been looking to nature and its rhythm. Rising with the sun and going to sleep with the sun has been where I find the most peace. I’ve been watching Earth’s renewal – flowers, birds, leaves and enjoying the slow renewal. I don’t know why but I find the color of a robin’s egg a work of art. There is so much good to see in our world, you just have to be looking.


    1. Exactly! I’ve cut back on blogging with all the bad news and have focused on manuscript revisions and spending time outdoors. It’s a magical place. Right now, we all need to see the magic and find some hope.

      Thanks so much, Clay!


        1. Namaste Susie Lindau’s how is your family members God bless all of them take care of yourself & be happy 👍

          On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 11:29 AM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

          > Sartenada commented: “I agree. Happy weekend!” >


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