A View from the Top

What would your view from the top look like? A corner office? A penthouse suite? On a podium receiving an award? My view would include a shelf filled with my novels and non-fiction books. No pictures yet.

Now, what does your view look like if it includes something for which you are grateful? I bet you could find a lot of pictures. Right now, my views include moments between writing when I am grateful for the magic of summer.

a macro lens picture of allium

Here is one of my favorite views of the pond and the patio. There was a time when it was overrun with red ants. I became a mass murderer and they vacated.

Clematis on the trellis

And this view of our old trellis in my garden yesterday.

old trellis with roses on a garden path

The scent of these roses is heavenly.

my favorite roses on the trellis

Or do you feel like this guy? This squirrel will find a way to reach that feeder sometime. Determined, he works all day with few breaks. We all need to stay on task so we can reach our goals, but time off is necessary. And it’s summer!

A determined squirrel with a feeder just out of reach

Roxy has the best view in the house. She perches above the couch upstairs in my office. I would understand if she barked because of a coyote or a mountain lion. Instead, my Bichon warns me whenever there is stranger danger, even when the people are our neighbors.

Roxy's view from the top

A walk in my yard, past the stream to the pond:

What would be in your view from the top? Are you grateful for the summertime? What are your favorite views right now?

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44 thoughts on “A View from the Top

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  1. Great Post Today! I would be with my greatest someone first and foremost – adventure as well as partners in crime – ha! I am grateful and blessed for my loved ones, our health and living it one day at a time. Take Care, Be Safe, Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


  2. Wow, your yard and your garden look stunning Susie. What wonderful views. Looks like it may take a little gardening to keep it so nice but it’s fabulous.


    1. Thanks, Jonno! It’s been a lifesaver during Covid. Once all of the deadheading was done from winter-kill, the gardening got a lot easier. We have a lot less weeds since we’ve been around 99% of the time. 🙂

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        1. I saw that. Bummer! If everyone would just wear a mask, it would be so different. I’ve seen it reported that we don’t need one when we are outside, but I think that’s why Covid didn’t spike in some areas that had protests like Denver. Most people wear them here.


  3. We have been so grateful for the view from my desk, bifold doors to the garden, indoor-outdoor living has helped with the lockdown. Your photos and space look lovely too as does your dog. Lilly has become more protective during lockdown with no visitors coming. She protected us from a breeze rolled yoga ball this morning and a paper bag that was obviously a threat. haha!


    1. Hey Ellen! Thank for stopping by.

      Your view sounds wonderful. I laughed out loud at your dog’s antics. I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right. Roxy might be more protective with Danny home. She knows I can fend for myself. 😂😂


      1. As can I but super pup to the rescue is the sound track to Lilly’s world. Since I spoke last she put her hackles up and made a pretend type bark like muttering, to the cart horse behind the house. He looked up from picking grass, snorted and shook his head, as lilly ran, tail between legs indoors. The moral being, do not grumble at those bigger unless you can win. 😅🤣😎


          1. No Susie, it is in the field behind our little cottage. I grew up in a racing family so horses were like our lives. My step sis has a ranch in Colorado Judy lives in Cedaredge Yegensen is her sir name.


  4. No, not a fan of the summer at all, Susie. Too hot and humid, and yesterday we had record-breaking UV levels in the UK. It (or the pandemic) did not stop people from flocking to the beaches, though—no social distancing. I will sit at home or in my garden during the summer and watch the numbers.

    I am grateful for our garden, though. Even if it is too hot and humid to sit out in it during some of the summer days, the rest of the year I make good use of it.
    Here’s my favourite view from the top.


    1. That is gorgeous, Hugh! I read your comment three days ago, but the photo didn’t come up on my phone. I’m on my laptop and just remembered! Thanks for sharing! Where is this?
      You would love Colorado. Even if it gets hot during the day, it cools off at night and no humidity.

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      1. Sounds perfect, Susie.

        The photo is of the village, Corfe Castle. I took the picture from the castle built to protect the village. Corfe Castle is in Dorset, in Southern England. It’s one of my favourite places to visit.


  5. I’m not a big fan of hot weather but I do like watching the fog roll in over the coastal range, generally in late afternoon. It is a lovely and welcome sight! You have a fantastic view which I don’t think I can top!


  6. Your backyard rocks! I like all the views outside your door. The colors are so rich and the nature surrounding you are a definite blessing. Enjoy your outdoor adventures Wild Rider 🙂


    1. Thanks, Guat! I’m on the patio near the pond and rarely used it until this year. No biting ants and a little shade made all the difference! We finally met our neighbors across the way. 😎😂 It only took 6 years!!! Everyone is using their yards this year.

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      1. Ha! Six years that’s awesome 🙂 I figured everyone would be looking how to improve their outdoor space since we’d be at home for soooooo long. Dude. But your outdoor space is an AWESOME one to have during quarantine. I bet Roxy loves it. Glad there are no more ants!


        1. Me too! Roxy’s poodle cut I gave her is starting to look like an alpaca jacket and boots. LOL! It’s too hot for her so she’s been staying in the house. I ordered a clipper and will try my hand at taking it down about 4 inches tomorrow!! Wish me luck…

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          1. Good luck! Have you been giving Danny haircuts? My son hasn’t had a haircut since late February early March and the Beatles vibe is cracking me up.


  7. Wow, Roxy’s view is gorgeous. The fact I have a lot I’m grateful means maybe I’m already at the top (of something anyway); however, I’m still working toward a (small) shelf of my own works. To write what I want to write and be read widely would be amazing!


    1. She’s up there half the day!

      That’s a great way to look at life. ❤️ Being grateful is that moment of recognition when we should appreciate where we are. Tough for a type-A, Aries sprinter. 😂

      Someone’s books need to fill those shelves. Might as well be us! Right?

      Thanks, Rebecca!

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  8. Oh my goodness, I would love to sit on your patio and read for hours! It’s gorgeous. It looks so peaceful that it might even help me get my reading mojo back. With all the craziness going on out there, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.


    1. Thanks, Carrie!

      I’ve been escaping by reading, but it took a little longer for me to get into the creative writing zone. Our world has changed so much since March!! I saw an ad for a company where everyone is hanging out close together and it threw me!


        1. I’m an 11 on a scale of 1-10 of being careful. I played tennis which is a 1 along with food pickup but ran into some friends who weren’t wearing masks. I’ve had nightmares for the last two nights! I’m hoping it’s true that social distancing works. We haven’t seen a spike even after the outdoor protests in Denver and Boulder. Fingers crossed!


          1. Your governor, like my own, has done a good job, I think. My sister lives near Denver. Can’t wait to be able to go back and visit her and the area. It’s so pretty.


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  10. Your view from the top is lovely and quite magical! I love it.
    My view from the top is quite literally the view from the top floor of a 30 storey building. We are very fortunate because it backs on to a nature preserve so we overlook a creek, greenery and deer. However all I have to do is turn to my right and there is downtown Toronto and the CN Tower. If you look up and out we are surrounded by the asphalt jungle but below us is this little piece of nature.

    My favourite views are quite different. They are of pictures and videos of my Niece and her wee ones who live a border away. A border, that we use to cross like we cross the street. I know it has to stay closed. I want it to stay closed but I cherish every time I get to see them on screen.


    1. Aww! This would make a great blog post for you. Your readers would love it! It sounds like a wonderful view in contrasts. Imagine what our world would be like without that virtual contact. Untenable, and yet most survived our last pandemic. I too am grateful to connect with my family however I can!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Michelle!

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  11. In New Zealand Auckland is in an L3 lockdown which means stay at home unless you are an essential worker, going food shopping to the pharmacy or doctors. Children of essential workers with no-one who can care for them when their parents at work can go to daycare or school. we can exercise withing 5 km from our home though they prefer you to stay nearer where possible. Masks to be worn when you are out of your home space. Public transport wear masks and social distance. Goods can be brought from a lot of shops if they have a click and collect system or contactless methods for doing so. Luckily we have a lovely green space with walking tracks lower down the hill from us.
    I did a blog on this at https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/raallenauthor.wordpress.com/6188 Copy and paste in google search to check it out if you want


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