When Life Reminds Me to Wear a Mask

So on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least cautious and 10 being hyper-aware of the contagious nature of Covid-19, I’m an ELEVEN! That said, crazy things always happen to me.

Susie Lindau biking during COVID with sunglasses, helmet and mask, flatirons in background

I know that when biking, I’m less likely to come close to anybody, but I pull my mask up whenever I pass. It’s a respect thing. And what if? Right?

Boulder Reservoir Trail

Well, last week, I rode my bike on a trail and a man walked right in the middle of the path. I pulled up my mask and said, “On your left!” He didn’t respond, so I tried again as I approached.

“Sorry. You must not have—”

As I was about to say, “—heard me,” he farmer blew snot out of his nose. SNOT! I kid you not.

Grossed out, I shook my head and made a mental note not to drink out of my water bottle. Luckily, I had on my mask.

I stopped at the reservoir to take a picture and had passed another man while riding to the top of the rise. I had on my mask on while I heard his footsteps crunch on the gravel behind me. Without social distancing, he took a picture right next to me! Did I mention this is a humongous open space park?

Boulder Flatirons from the Res

I held my breath until he walked away. Then I took off my mask to breathe! Why did I take it off? It was so stupid. He was farther than six feet away, but I felt the heat rise in my cheeks in embarrassment. As if anyone watched and wondered.

Boulder Reservoir shoreline

Then, I rode around the reservoir and came to a hill. As I crested the top, a biker came out of nowhere. She gave me about three feet as she passed by and said, “How’s it going?”

I had my mask off and we were both huffing and puffing, so I felt like we just swapped spit!

I pulled up my mask and said to her back, “I would be a lot better if you would have warned me that you were behind me. I could’ve put on my mask.”

“It’s all good,” she said and waved.

Ha. Not good.

Coot Lake trail, lake in background, summer

I rounded the corner and looked behind me. No one was around. I pulled off my mask and headed back home. While crossing a field, I relaxed and breathed in the fresh air and a giant grasshopper flew into my mouth! What were the chances??? I have been biking forever. Never has a bug flown into my mouth. I had a flying ant that flew into my nose when I was a kid but that doesn’t count.

Gah! After spitting a couple of times, I picked up my pace to ride the uphill climb home.

View from Coot Lake of the Boulder Foothills

With the shitshow of craziness while biking with and without a mask, I hadn’t drunk any water. Colorado is semi-arid and my mouth was parched. When I finally rode into my garage, I pulled my water bottle out and drank a swig.

Then I remembered.

I can’t wait until ski season.

Have you got the mask-wearing thing down? Have you been biking? Has anything crazy happened to you lately? 

When Life Reminds Me to Wear a Mask! Pinterest pin with Susie Lindau in a mask and sunglasses. Boulder Foothills behind

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67 thoughts on “When Life Reminds Me to Wear a Mask

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  1. Hey Susie! I have been doing a lot of biking with this but I don’t wear a mask while I’m peddling. I like to go at a good pace. But I put on my mask to protect you (and me) while I typed this. These are some crazy days!..

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    1. Thank you so much for wearing one while blogging! Those computer viruses are nasty and you never know what might lurk on my site. LOL!

      It’s overkill to wear a mask while biking, but look at what happened to me! I’m glad I had it. Plus, I don’t like when other bikers huff and puff right next to me while slowly passing.

      Every day, I wake up and STILL can’t believe we are living like this!
      Great to see you 3-D Man!

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    2. I think too many Americans believe Trump when he says it is no worse than a cold. We see how bad it is on our news and the extremely bad stats for USA. We are agog at the mass meeting of people who think it’s ok to do so with impunity.


      1. It’s absolutely ridiculous. No one could’ve predicted any of this or our lack of leadership. It’s baffling and frustrating. Trump said 99% of people with COVID are fine. What?? Luckily mayors and governors are starting to take action no matter what their party affiliation. Hospitals are filling up again too. Colorado has an amazing governor. If we could keep tourists from coming and spreading the disease, we would be in good shape, but with so many flying here again, I see an uptick in our future.
        Stay safe!!

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        1. It is unfortunate that you had Trump as your POTUS during this pandemic as she started firing scientists or people with brains from his first days. He has his world view that is nowhere near actual reality but many people believed him. The horrendous thing with COVID 19 is that the attack against it would only work from him down if he actually believed the scientists. As a nurse from long ago I knew as soon as Hong Kong and other Chinese cities closed down entirely that this pandemic was real and it would be world changing. Every state needs to be in lockdown, be doing tracking/testing of exposed people and have enough medical gear/equipment so that your health professionals survive and heal all that they can. The longer USA doesn’t so enough to stop it like we did in NZ the longer before the world can re-opne without new flairs of cases. I am sorry so many people have died of it In the USA because treated correctly as the CDC asked before he fired the top staff would have worked. Sorry about the rant but his lack of care for all Americans and everyone else living in the US is astoundingly horrifying to the rersr of the world. New cases in NZ at the moment are from repatriations but we have no community transfer as we are isolating them for 14 days. Stop interstate traveletc. Businesses will come back later, dead people cannot buy or sell so they need to suck it up and deal with it properly.


          1. I totally agree! It’s become so partisan and it’s a health issue! It’s so frustrating to live through. Our numbers in Colorado are stating to go up again. Most counties and cities require masks but we are a travel destination, most coming from Texas, which is super scary since they are exploding in cases! I think we should have a travel ban but doubt that will happen. We could be done with this, like you said, but we’ll have to limp along instead.

            Stay safe, my friend!

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            1. We have new cases from travellers but only in their groups. Unfortunately three people have tried hard and escaped to walk in the towns. They will end up in cells but more mental health people are going to be used so they don’t do this anymore.


                1. Hi Susie, I was at our local mall on the 11th of August between 1-2 pm when someone from our new and expanding cluster of cases, after 102 days with nothing, was there. The scary thing is that today my temperature is 37.9C (38C is possible case). I need a test now as it is 12 days since the possible infection day. I am hoping my sore stomach as adenitits which I get fitting of an infection. One of the sorer spots is over a diverticular pouch I have so hoping that is the problem. I dn’t think the testing station across the road is open but I will check. Tomorrow at the latest. I have fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed it is not COVID


                  1. I hope you’re okay. Take care and don’t take any chances. Let me know the results! I’ll say prayer for you.

                    We have huge forest fires here and I have a chronic sore throat from the smoke and ash. It is crazy. On top of our own fires, we are getting massive amounts of smoke from California fires! Now we really have to stay indoors!

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                    1. The sooner 2020 is finished and things slowly become closer to normal the better. Unfortunately we have probably been the designers of the troubles on our planet at the moment but maybe this enforced pause will help us figure out the needed changes. I hope the forest fires don’t come near you and that rain helps to dampen them down. Take care of your health and stay safe.


                    2. It’s a pity but in some ways next year is going to bw similar to this year unles COVID magically disappears. You may have a new president wko may make some needed changes to help everyone. We as people of Earth need to change for many reasons as this is our only world to live in and skin colour is only skin deep. We are all the same except with our culture and beliefs but we ned tolerance and love for others to be more general. To divide everyone up into small groups will mean someone bad can dominate us.


  2. Sometimes I feel like I’m waking up from a nightmare and then I realize I’m still in it. The world has gone crazy! It’s good that you’re being careful. It helps a bit to make up for those non-chalant immortals who insist on putting everyone else at risk.
    Most people don’t wear a mask here (on Vancouver Island) because the risk is not bad – although that could change), but still I keep my distance and avoid crowds. It sounds like an awful disease for those who get it.

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    1. I know!!

      Last weekend, we went to Breckenridge. As we drove past the downtown area, the sidewalks were super crowded and only half wore masks. We avoided Main Street like the plague. Pun intended. The orifice that is DIA is open for tourists and they are flocking to the mountains. We didn’t even order food! Took a few hikes and stayed away from “spreaders.”

      Are you going camping this year?
      Stay safe Anneli!

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        1. Oh, no! Same in Breck. We went hiking and stayed away from town. I just saw that the mayor is making masks mandatory. Finally! Next time we go to Breck, I’ll get my sunglasses repaired! Didn’t feel safe last weekend. 😎

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          1. I know a lot of people think it’s too much fuss over something you can’t even see, but people have lost their lives and even if we don’t worry about ourselves, we should be concerned about spreading it to the vulnerable. I know I sure wouldn’t want to get it.


  3. susie what a ride, that was a roller coaster of a day, you should put on a cowboy hat and wear a fake gun on your hip, they will stay well clear of you if you look prepared, Jesse James comes to mind, we don’t take prisoners, stay healthy and blessed, amen

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    1. Oh, my gosh. I am still laughing out loud, BW! I should figure out a way to wear a cowboy hat at least. That would get some double takes, anyway!

      You too, my friend!


  4. This mask thing is crazy. To wear or not to wear that is the question, could you hear Dear William S asking that? I have mine with me all the time. Our county has just issued a mask ordinance, so more people are wearing them. Here in the south with the humidity, they can be stifling. Last week our daughter, son in law and sweet grandson were diagnosed with covid. It shook me to the core, especially thinking of my almost 8 year old grandson. They are over three hours from us and I hadn’t seen them since Christmas. yesterday, hubby and I did a dash and drop for them. We stealthily took birthday present and a few other things and I ran up and put them outside their apartment door, then headed back to the car where hubby called our daughter and told her to pick up a surprise at the door and if they could come to the balcony so we could wave. Immediately the balcony door opened and out steps our Little Man. Big smile, but very subdued. Hubby had on his mask, to which our grandson admonished him, Grampy, we are more than six feet apart, it’s safe for you to take off your mask, to talk to me. Broke my heart. Did my momma’s heart so good to see my babies. they looked spent and drawn, but, they are recuperating


    1. Oh, no! I hope they get through it quickly. That was such a nice surprise for them. I would keep my mask on if they had the virus. It’s so scary and you never know how your body will handle the clotting. Some people right through it. Sending positive vibes for them!

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  5. Great post. It’s amazing how many younger folks are being so irresponsible about wearing a mask and social distancing.
    Here in Colombia, it’s mandatory to wear a mask everywhere or a fine of $300,000 COP which is $82 US or subject to jail. And we are still under a national quartine that is now in its 4th, month.

    Here is a great news report on the merits of the need to wear a mask:


    Stay safe!


    1. Hello from Boulder, Colorado!

      Here, young people have heard that COVID won’t hurt them, but that’s not true. My kids have friends who have battled it. One was intubated. Even if you don’t go to the hospital, the long term effects can be devastating.

      There have been a few moments when I let down my guard, but luckily, I haven’t gotten COVID! We played tennis last week, but that sport is a 1 on the list of activities of 1 to 9, and 9 being bars and gyms. It was sitting down afterward and having so many people pass our table without masks that gave me nightmares. Never again! It’s not worth the risk.

      I basically stay home or ALWAYS have a mask around my neck that I pull up when I get anywhere within 10 yards of someone. Even outside!

      Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for dropping your link for those who might think twice about walking around without one next time.


  6. It is the law to wear a mask here in Spain so we do it automatically. I don´t wear one when out walking the dog as there are no others around but it is in my pocket just in case. I wore one today while getting a pedicure and having my computer repaired. It was on for over 2 hours and it was hot out. But, still better than being sick!


    1. A pedicure! Nice!!! I have a huge hill to bike up and if there are a lot of hikers, I wear my mask. Talk about sweaty! 🥵

      Glad you’re hanging in there, Darlene!

      A plumber did a repair in the house. I wiped everything down and opened the doors afterward. Overkill, but peace of mind is everything!


  7. Oh No!!! I am getting better with the whole mask wearing thing. Nothing crazy so far unless you call going to drink something and forget you have a mask on – ha! For some reason I am attracting the space invaders though. Why oh why do people think they can come right up to me when I have a mask on – social distance pretty please! I have a partial hearing loss and this whole mask wearing and talking has me looking like a deer in the headlights when I do not hear something and oh my goodness if I heard something completely wrong or have to ask to repeat multiple times – not good and embarrassing. Be Safe and Take Care 🙂


    1. I love your term for them- Space Invaders! 😂😷😂
      The worst is when I don’t hear someone and say, “What?” so they take off their masks!!! Never again.

      Stay healthy, Renee! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Tuesday to you! 😎


  8. I am right there with you at an eleven. This past January the hubbs and I both came down with the symptoms of Covid-19. Many people here were ill with similar symptoms as early as December. We live in a port city with travelers from all over the world and at the time most of us were unaware of the virus. He was ill for a week and I was sick for three. For me, it was horrible with secondary infection on top of it all, but no hospital stay.

    We learned eventually that mine was likely a worse case as I have type A blood which makes me more vulnerable to this virus. I am healthy and usually have a great immune system having taught for many years, but this virus knocked me on my keaster!

    During much of the three month lockdown many people wore masks. The stores that were open were very strict. The grocery store still is.

    Now that the beaches are open and hotels are allowed guests it’s as if the virus has ended, which is far from true. We wear masks for the sake of others. If everyone did the same we would be in less trouble.

    It is as if the world has gone mad.

    Be a hero.
    Save lives.
    Wear a mask.


    1. Is there any chance you built up some antibodies? Do you have any lasting effects? It’s so scary. I had a weird bug in January too.

      YES!! If everyone would show some respect and care about others by wearing a mask, we could keep the virus under control. So many people are too anxious to put this behind us, but I’m afraid we’ll be right back where we started!
      Thanks for stopping by, Ellen!


  9. People probably assume that you were outside exercising and therefore are not at risk. Just like so many obviously believe they can’t get the virus if they’re young. Our leaders need to provide the same message: there is too much unknown to make any assumptions.


    1. EXACTLY!!! The WHO believes it’s airborne not just spread through droplets meaning it’s spread more easily since breath hangs in the air. My book club wants to meet up outside but I’ll be the one on Zoom. It’s not worth my health. We’ll get through it by being careful!
      Stay safe, Jan!!


  10. I did laugh aloud–not at you, but with you–and I really need laughs these days. Thanks!

    I basically am not going anywhere except walking in my neighborhood. I used to just keep my mask in my pocket and put it on when I saw someone getting close but since I live in suburbia, that’s a PITA. So now I just keep it on all the time. I’m getting used to it! Thankfully, the weather here has been pleasant, not too hot.


    1. I’m always that person, but it occurred to me that being home so much has limited all the craziness! 😂 After all that has and hasn’t happened, I had to share. It was like the old days. 😂
      I’m so glad to hear you’re being careful, Audrey. I want all of my friends to make it through this mess safe and healthy. What’s a PITA?


  11. It’s beyond belief isn’t it that so many people are so selfish and irresponsible about mask-wearing. It needs to become the norm that you stand out if you aren’t wearing a mask not the other way around. We are about to leave our rural location and head back to a city so masks will be standard wear for us both. Public transport is a bit of a worry but we will be careful and take every possible precaution but you can’t prepare for thoughtless people you meet. Stay safe Susie.


    1. It’s the norm to wear a mask in Boulder, but some of my friends who belong to clubs that look the other way have different attitudes about them since they rarely go downtown.

      I just read where Breckenridge is going to make them mandatory. I thought they were mandatory in Colorado. All the retail stores require them. We get so many tourists and each community seems to have its own rules.

      A blogger friend mentioned how most of us really miss participating in the usual summer activities while others are DOING all of them and thumbing their noses at the rest of us.

      Colorado was reporting 100 cases a day but since Memorial Day, we have slowly risen. United and American airlines are packing people on planes. We depend on tourism so the doors and the orifice that is DIA are open wide. I’m expecting a very quiet month of August with more restrictions.

      Stay safe out there!

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  12. I feel your pain and frustration. I go for long walks through our neighborhood and while I wear a mask most of the time, there are definitely points where the heat gets to me and I have to take it off for a bit. Most of my neighbors are really good about keeping their distance, but I try to get my mask on before I get close to others, for everyone’s sake. At the same time, I understand why people exercising don’t want to wear a mask… it can be really hard to breathe.


    1. Hey Kit!

      Exactly! There’s a lot less risk outdoors, but you never know when someone might sneeze or farmer blow. THAT WAS SO GROSS! They can be very unexpected! 🙂

      Back in March before everything shut down, I traveled to Wisconsin for my mom’s 90th birthday party on the 7th. A man in DIA sneezed right on me without covering his mouth. I thought for sure I was going to get COVID. I did get sick the following week, so you never know.

      To me, this is so simple. If everyone would wear a mask in public around people, we could slow the spread and everyone would be better off. We may not be able to eat indoors safely or go to gyms or bars without risk, but think of how many lives would be saved!

      Stay safe, my friend!


  13. I have one but haven’t worn it yet. Probably because I have been nowhere other than in the house or out when walking the dogs. When I do walk the dogs, I stay well clear of other humans. I liken anybody coming towards me like a zombie and make a quick getaway from them.

    I’ve seen lots of video footage of people going crazy with those wearing a face covering. Many of them are not caring about how close they get to other people.

    Once I do venture out into busy shops or spaces, I will be wearing my face-covering. And if any crazy person starts shouting at me, I’ll pretend they’re a zombie and make a quick getaway.

    Keep staying safe, Susie.

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    1. Hey, Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News!

      There was a time when I might have confronted someone without a mask. After watching the Ken and Karen’s Gone Wild videos, there’s no way I want to risk a knockdown drag-out fight nor being coughed upon for good measure. When I finally went inside the grocery store, (I usually order online and pick up or go to the dinky one in my neighborhood), two people were inside without masks. One man held his head in a way that said, “I double-dog dare you to say anything about my anti-masker choice.” I avoided him like the COVID spreader he could be.

      Save lives. Wear a mask.

      That should be a public service announcement here and in every country in the world but not with our leaders. Who would have thought health would become political?

      Stay safe, my friend!

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      1. I did read yesterday that The World Health Organisation is now looking into evidence that infected droplets can hang around in the air. If the findings confirm this, I think many responsible countries will make wearing a face-covering mandatary; otherwise, you could face a fine.

        If those fines are something like £1,000, I think it would bring a lot of people onboard to wearing one when they go outside of their home. And you’re so right about health becoming a political matter. You’d have thought our very own prime minister would have learned his lesson, but it seems most of his team haven’t.


        1. I believe they can linger in the air. My son calls it the fart experiment. 😂

          I agree about fines. I’m pretty sure we have them here. Our governor has shut down businesses that weren’t complying with mask wearing and social distancing.
          Fingers crossed on getting everyone on the same page.

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      1. Oh, no. No surgery. Going through a very intense type of spiritual awakening that is physically and mentally very exhausting (Kundalini awakening). Unfortunately it can take several years to walk through such a dramatic process. I’ve blogged a little bit about it. Being changed from the inside out.


  14. Masks for my family are a must! When exposure to COVID could kill a loved one you look at the whole situation differently. I’m of the mind that if wearing a mask lowers the spread by .000000000002% then I’ll wear four.


  15. The mask thing has become a challenge every day. We have been wearing them from the beginning. It is challenging as an asthmatic to wear it for any length of time. I make short trips as quickly as I can before I start having trouble breathing or trigger a panic attack. Out of the apartment and down the elevator to the car, huffing and puffing until I get to the car and take it off to calm down and catch my breath. There is always someone who will get on the elevator with out a mask. I find myself holding my breath which is crazy but it is what I do. My treatments have started back up again (they were on hold since March because of the COVID 19) so now three time s a week I catch my breath in the car on my way to the hospital and then don the mask again to enter the hospital. My mask is off during treatment but my technician is masked. Then I do it in reverse to get myself back home. We have had some 40C degree humid weather her for a couple of weeks and by the time I get home my mask is soaked. Who would have thought that the mask would be the most challenging thing about cancer treatments? Crazy times.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Michelle! I didn’t know you had cancer. You can beat it!!! I did!

      As long as you can social distance, you don’t need to wear one if you’re outside. I would worry about walking through a space like an entry where there are a lot of people even if I social distance since there may be Covid lingering in the air. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things! What kind of mask is it?

      When I wear mine biking, it’s a workout since my blue mask is doubled with double interfacing. I only wore the green bandana in the photo once. I think it’s poly/cotton, which was hard to breathe through and my breath blew straight down and out. Anytime I wear a mask while biking, I figure I’m getting a lung workout. LOL! It’s much harder! The last time I came back from biking, my mask was soaked too and I live in a semi-arid
      state. It was all me. 🙂

      I’ve heard so called experts say that holding your breath doesn’t work, but that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I hold my breath around someone who has Covid and inhale a good distance away, I’m not going to contract it. So much mixed messaging out there!

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      1. Actually, Susie, we have talked about the cancer thing. I am already a cancer survivor as I did the breast cancer thing in 1992 with surgery, radiation and chemo. My older sister had it after me and just went through her second bout with is last year. My Mom passed away from breast cancer when I was 12. So, yeah, I know the drill with cancer. This time around for me it is a different cancer. T-Cell lymphoma which is one of the Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas. It is not curable but it is manageable. It was just a little unnerving when my treatments were interrupted because of the pandemic. I know you talk to a lot of people, and a lot of breast cancer people so I don’r really expect you to remember my story. You are an inspiration to so many. I appreciate that a great deal. Thank you for your encouragement.


        1. Cancer sucks. Now I remember, but this was new. I’m so glad it’s manageable. Whew!

          Polis just made masks mandatory yesterday, but there are exemptions for those with asthma like yourself.

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