A Summer Escape to the Colorado Mountains

When the summer heat is on, there’s no better escape than the mountains. During the Fourth of July weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado, Main Street had been packed with people, half of them without masks. We hiked in the wilderness instead. Now that masks are mandatory in Colorado, I looked forward to a hike and a stroll.

Breckenridge flowers in front of a purple building. The mountains peek from above the town

The temperature can be so drastically different in the mountains. It was in the mid-nineties in Boulder but barely nicked seventy on our deck in Breck. I traded my short-sleeved T for a long-sleeved one and headed out for a stroll.

The flowers on Main Street bloomed profusely due to the cooler temperatures and afternoon showers.

Flowers outside Valley Girl in Breckenridge, Colorado

The fence around the perennials in front of Ruby Jane barely contained some of them.

Gardens outside Valley Girl Breckenridge

Breckenridge closed Main Street to traffic to allow for spacious outdoor restaurant seating and walking. I felt very safe while exploring.

Spacious outdoor seating on Main Street in Breckenridge

We passed the ever-popular Crepes a la Carts. Whether summer or during a winter snowstorm while enduring frigid temperatures, patrons line up outdoors. I’d say customers were pretty comfortable that Saturday.

Famous Crepe Stand in Breckenridge

We crossed the street at the top of Main and walked to Maggies Pond at the bottom of Peak 9. It never disappoints.

Maggies Pond Breckenridge at the bottom of Peak 9

There was a lot less activity, but the beauty of the mountains is always breathtaking.

The Dam at Maggies Pond

We decided to take a different route back and walked along the river. We discovered secret gardens tucked along the path.

Secret Gardens in Breckenridge, Colorado a path along the river.

There weren’t many people so we enjoyed the vibrant colors.

Secret gardens in Breckenridge, Colorado with a standing birdhouse and the mountains in the background

There were more people at the Riverwalk Center where concerts, performances, and events are held. Nothing was going on indoors, but many enjoyed the view.

Riverwalk Center Summer 2020

So did we.

Danny and Susie Riverwalk Center wearing masks.

The next day, we ventured out for a quick hike between rainstorms.

Baldy Trail Breckenridge, Colorado

We only ran into a few people and had no problem with social distancing. There were many fields of flowers but the sun slipped behind the clouds and the colors faded.

Wild Flowers in Breckenridge, Colorado

I pulled up my mask just in case and shared a giggle with others who did the same. “We are such great citizens of the world,” I said.

Danny Lindau and our Bichon Roxy on Baldy Trail

Roxy thought so too as we recovered from our mountain escape.

Bichon Roxy recovering after her walk

Where have you escaped lately? Have you carved out space in your home or yard?  Have you road-tripped this summer?

25 thoughts on “A Summer Escape to the Colorado Mountains

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  1. So GOOD to have an Escape Plan – either at home or away! We mostly get out into nature and have masks at the ready if come upon groups of people. We are also lucky in that we have a home where we can escape to the living room for movie nights, the kitchen to experiment, the back yard for some R&R, etc. We have taken a few day trips, however; pretty much stick close to home. Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂

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    1. I love your response, Renee! Those are great escapes. I think Danny would love it if I escaped to the kitchen to work some baking or cooking magic more often. 🙂 I don’t keep my mask on when alone on the trail either. Have you been enjoying the sunsets? The Sahara Plume has made them so intense!
      Have a great weekend too! 🙂

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      1. I cherish all the sunsets and sunrises more than ever lately. The pinks and oranges and yellows and then the blues and purples. The sky is its own rainbow. Plus working up on a 3rd floor can see the Summer storms roll in – pretty neat too.


  2. There is no escape. I have a compromised immune system so I an grounded. I can ride my bike and that is about it. I look forward to that every day. Nice to see the lovely flowers, Susie.


  3. Thanks for being here

    On Fri, Jul 24, 2020, 1:16 PM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

    > susielindau posted: “When the summer heat is on, there’s no better escape > than the mountains. During the Fourth of July weekend in Breckenridge, > Colorado, Main Street had been packed with people, half of them without > masks. We hiked in the wilderness instead. Now that masks a” >

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      1. My boys and I had to stop at one “travel plaza” midway between home and our destination, and almost everyone had a mask on. We haven’t been doing anything inside with other people, really, so we made a quick pit-stop. I did notice quite a difference between mask-wearing here in MD (where it’s mandated everywhere inside, and has been, by the governor) and mask-wearing in OH, where it had been a by-county or by-business thing. Notes on the doors to shops saying things like–“Please don’t disrespect my employees–I have them wear masks.”–makes me think there’s often a scuffle made over masking up. I was glad the weather cooperated. We swam and boated and fished–far away from others–and even ate out at a couple restaurants, that had us outdoors and very well spaced. I didn’t even miss the shopping and other indoor activities we would have done otherwise! But then summer’s good for that. I might not feel so pleased in winter!


        1. That’s so good to hear! Too bad we can’t get a nationwide mandate on masks. The good news? The Southern Hemisphere hasn’t had flu outbreaks this year because of masks! I bet I’ll still wear one in stores during flu season after this pandemic is over. 😷 I have no shame and hate getting sick!!!!

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  4. Ah, a breath of fresh air. ,Enjoyed the pix.
    You gotta love the expanded patios everywhere now. We have a few green spaces to wander, but yours look more spectacular…and don’t have alligators.
    The back yards really have benefited from extra attention this year.
    Stay cool

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  5. I’ve only been as far as Sausalito (about 45 minutes away) – it was great to be on the road without any traffic to speak of but awfully sad to see how the small shops and restaurants are suffering. We used to go to Aspen and Vail during the summer – it was quite beautiful and I love a mountain thunderstorm (as long as I’m not on the mountain).


    1. Road trips are essential after feeling so isolated. I can’t wait until we can safely eat out and TRAVEL!!! I’m being very cautious….
      Love me a good thunderstorm and I know what you mean about taking cover on the mountain. It’s nothing to fool around with!!

      Have a great night, Jan!


  6. Yes, I’ve been to Breck a couple times in the last 4 weeks and very impressed by the compliance on masks. Vail Village, not so much 😐


    1. Hey Judy! Nice to “see” you!

      I think the warning sign in Breck saying something like, “You are entering a mandatory mask zone,” really helps. I went down to Pearl Street two weeks ago and it was packed with people. Many didn’t wear masks. I stopped by my favorite place, the Boulder Bookstore and felt like we were breathing all over each other! Too many people inside at one time. I’m still healthy, thank God!

      I had heard about Vail. One of my friends said he wouldn’t go back since he felt so unsafe. Covid is real!


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