This special month lurked in the shadows and emerged last night, along with an ironic full moon. It’s October 1st. It’s time for 31 DAYS OF CREEPY!

Time for watching creepilicious movies between your fingers.

It’s time to read a spine-tingling book.

6 Haunted Books to Keep You Up at Night

It’s time to take a long autumn walk where a gust of wind severs the dying leaves, and they descend like golden angels around you. Desiccating leaves crunch under your shoes while their rot rises to fill the air. A breeze skims over your skin, then whispers through the skeletal branches above you, “We’re here, and we’re watching you.” Is that creepy enough?

It’s time to dress your home in appropriate attire or avoid dusting the cobwebs from the candelabras like me.

It’s time to get creative with some gruesome snacks.

Add a little dash of Halloween to your kitchen.

And if you’re dying to get into the mood, slip into a new personality, and dress the part.

Are you ready for a chilling month of creepy fun? Do you like to watch thrillers and horror movies? Do you have any favorites?

36 thoughts on “31 DAYS OF CREEPY

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  1. Generally I love October but we’re starting the month with more out of control wildfires and hot temps – ugh. No frightening movies for me – give me movies set in Hawaii!


  2. I have to say Rear Window is still a classic fav of mine. The movie A Quiet Place – need to sleep with the lights on after watching it. My mister rented Us (that was wicked weird – not one I would recommend to a good majority of people). Winchester and Knives Out were interesting. I have been watching Haunting in the Heartland – the history is just as intriguing as the bumps in the haunted places he investigates. I am a huge King fan too. Here’s to 31 Days of Creepy Wild Rider. Happy Treating with all the fun-sized treat options out right now. Happy October – Enjoy 🙂

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    1. Thank, Renee! I will have to check out some of your suggestions. I haven’t watched Haunting in the Heartland nor have I seen Winchester, even though I’ve been there! It was a weird experience.
      Yep, I see a few fun-sized treats in my future. 🙂


  3. I love autumn, but I’m no good at creepy or thrillers. When I was a kid, I’d go to a friend’s house and watch the Creature Double Feature with her on a Saturday afternoon. Without fail I’d get nightmares. To this day I don’t like watching scary movies or reading suspense books. Face it- I’m a wimp.


    1. LOL! Nothing wrong with that. Other than Stephen King, the scariest book I’ve ever read was Heart-Shaped Box by his son, Joe Hill. I had to read it during the day in my kitchen. LOL! I don’t like gore but some movies are sooooo goooood! I watched the end of The Sixth Sense today.
      Happy Halloween month, Susan!

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  4. Susie, as far as I’m concerned Halloween started in March. I can’t imagine anything creepier and/or scarier than Covid-19. The last thing I want to do is put on another mask! However, the real Halloween might actually serve as a welcome break from the daily creepiness that is our lives now. It looks like you do a superlative job of decorating and baking for the festivities. If only we come come trick or treat at YOUR house. Hope you have a wild ride this season.


    1. Thanks, Al!

      Yes, it’s been a living nightmare. The logistics of the upcoming holidays and travel is stressful too. I’m just staying in my bubble. Wake me up when it’s over! LOL!
      So, I’ll dive headlong into my favorite month as another diversion. How is your book coming along?


      1. About the book, thank you for asking. Interesting. I got to 20,000 words had a friend who writes books read it for advice and ended up trashing it and starting over. Got back up to 20,000 words again and hit a wall. Then I started helping another friend edit and get her book self-published and am just about done with that. Hope to get back to mine soon now. I did learn a lot about publishing which I needed to do anyway. Nobody said it was going to be easy did they?


        1. I don’t throw anything away. Sometimes, I have to wait until the ideas percolate again. It’s never easy but I do love it when the story flows. It’s as if I’m reading it instead of writing it. That reminds me. I have to get back to writing my latest book!

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  5. Ah, October and let the fun begin! Love the aspens waving.
    Time to shift gears into fall – and the most delightful and spooky time of the year. (If they hadn’t been playing The Shining ” constantly during COVID lockdown, that would be one of my favorites…always the story to read in the windy dark – the original “Headless Horseman” or some Poe read with feeling


    1. YES!!! I love everything spooky. We hiked yesterday and I pointed out the creepy shadows, stretching across the gnarled tree roots. My husband asked, “Why do you like creepy things? My mind doesn’t think like that.”
      “Mine always does. That’s why I write thrillers!” LOL!

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  6. Loving your deliciously creepy ideas for Halloween. It might be just the right sort of insanity to do something funny to creep out your neighbours other than coughing when they get too close. Probably not trick or treating this year but at least the decorating might give people different things to concentrate on


    1. You’re right! We decorate inside and out every year. We used to attract hundreds of kids. Last year, we had less than 10! I’m definitely going to carve pumpkins since I grew a couple this year. We’ll see about the lights, music, and fog machine… Happy Halloween Month!

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  7. Very creepy Susie. Not a huge fan of scary films I have to admit but love a bit of dressing up. Halloween has got bigger in the UK recently but nowhere near as in the US. As a child we had never heard of Halloween and only celebrated Firework Night. I think ET launched it as a popular craze over here in the early 80s.


    1. Wow! It’s the kickoff to the holidays here. And candy. Who can beat free candy for kids?

      I’m not sure where my love of all things creepy comes from. I don’t like slasher movies but love a good bump in the night story with super taut tension. LOL! I’m writing another thriller where things go from bad to worse to oh, my God, really quickly. I keep writing and can’t wait to see what happens!

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        1. I think most parents will take their kids to downtowns where they can trick-or-treat at businesses. I’m going to put a bowl out and won’t answer the door. One of my blogging friends suggested decorating to keep everyone’s spirits up! Pun intended. 😂 👻

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  8. I’m not a fan of the slasher type horror movies but those psychological thrillers get me every time. We watched the new invisible man last night and it definitely gave me the heebie geebies.
    I’m a big fan of some of those books so I will have to check out the others. Happy Halloween, Susie.


    1. Hey Michelle!

      Yes! That movie is on the top of my list! It sounds terrifying and got rave reviews.

      I want to write a post about all of the psychological thrillers I’ve read since the onset of COVID. There are a lot of good ones out there! I switched gears and started reading The Paris Hours. It’s beautifully written, but the slow pacing is excruciating. LOL!

      Happy Halloween to you, Michelle!

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