Happy Halloween!

After a frightening month of wildfires, which are smoldering under the snow — I decided to throw a Halloween party with my family. Halloween falls on the second full moon of the month, so it’s called a blue moon.

My daughter, Courtney, her boyfriend, Dan, and my sister, Patty, arrived dressed up and ready for fun.

Halloween Costumes

Danny could use a trip to the dentist. LOL! He put his costume together in five minutes. Have I mentioned that I have a room in the basement full of costumes collected over the years? Yep. I’m into Halloween. I’m embracing my inner Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek.

We had a Halloween feast and dined on stuffed Cornish game hens.

Then, we headed out to a place where we wouldn’t have to worry about COVID-19. Anderson Farms! The corn maze was incredibly spooky since Halloween falls on a full moon this year.

It was fun to walk among the cornstalks, except for the mud.

Spooky cornfield under a full moon

This Halloween is peculiar. There won’t be many kids out trick-or-treating, but I’ll watch a scary movie, maybe Bird Box or The Invisible Man. I’ll light candles, and then I’ll enjoy a slice of pumpkin cake. It’s Halloween, after all!

Are you doing anything for Halloween? Will you check out the full moon?

40 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

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          1. My wife is the Executive Producer of The Kelly Clarkson talk show on NBC…they film in the studio several days each week and everyone goes through strict safety protocols, which for her include NOT mingling with others….


    1. Thank you, Darlene! It’s was a lot of fun. I wanted to decorate but couldn’t rationalize all the time it takes just for Danny and myself. Hopefully next year will be better. Do they trick-or-treat in Spain?


  1. Love your Moira outfit! Sounds like a fun time for all. We don’t get trick or treaters where we live, so we’ll be taking it easy tonight, as per usual. But I hope to get a photo or two of the full moon – we’re actually supposed to have clear skies tonight, which is unusual for this time of year in the PNW. Happy Halloween.


    1. Thanks, Ted! Great to see you!

      My wig could have used a hairpin to keep it from slipping off my face, but I LOVE MOIRA! LOL!
      We watched Bird Box. SUPER CREEPY, but great storytelling and acting. What did you do?


  2. I totally wanted to get dressed up as Moira this year! I would have had a ball impersonating her speech especially. And if I could have done that, I like to think I would have convince my Hubs to go as Johnny Rose. Darn Covid! Maybe next year.


  3. Two full moons only, not three. I’d freak if there was three because the most they can come is the 1st and last day in one month. I could not sleep last night as it was too light so read until daybreak and had a snooze. Wanted to watch Godzilla on Neon but too many others on it meant it was cutting out every few minutes. Did have some pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing and some chocolate bite-size pieces for the evening.

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  4. Great costumes and a lovely evening Susie. Love the idea of the spooky maze in a full moon. Very halloweeny. It’s not a huge deal in the UK or Europe really so we never do anything for it. Great excuse for a party though.


  5. The moon was beautiful, wasn’t it? I think we had just about as many trick-or-treaters as usual, which I was surprised by. Luckily we had enough candy. And we capped off the holiday with a bonfire with good friends and neighbors–a success all in all. Very rainy today, so we’re glad it held off for our outdoor activities!


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