Stressed Out? Try this!

Are you stressed out like me? After alternating between pacing the house and updating the interactive electoral college map for Chrome, I had to calm the heck down. There are two kinds of stress β€” one you can do something about and another you can’t control. The latter requires TLC, or it can take a toll. Hey, that rhymes β€” Stress you can’t control will take a toll.

Take your dog for a walk

Or you can try this:

1. Exercise.

I shut my laptop and took my Bichon, Roxy, for a walk. We opted for the longer of two routes, where I met several other stressed-out neighbors doing the same thing! I arrived home and felt a lot better. Walking produces all kinds of creative thoughts. Today, I focused on my new book. It makes me feel good to burn some calories and work my muscles. Most importantly, I removed myself from the noise of the TV and Internet.

Forest hike

2. Write something creative or journal your thoughts.

This is an excellent time for creative writing. It’s Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month, so get to it! Not a writer? Jot down your feelings in a notebook. That’s a surefire way to alleviate stress.

Smoky skies in Boulder 2020

3. Start a project you’ve been putting off. When the fires started in the foothills, I packed up to evacuate and realized my artwork and photos are a hot mess. My flat file is waiting to be emptied and organized. The photos? Yeah, I’ll get to them someday. LOL!

4. Stay busy to burn off nervous energy. Need to rake your leaves or plant tulips? Make a menu plan? Order groceries? Make a list! It’s a rush to cross them off.

5. Prepare for the holidays. This can be a double-edged sword if they are stressing you out this year, but making a plan can help. Start by writing down all the things you have to do.

Christmas Decorations over the hearth

Here’s the beginning of my list of things to do:

  1. Sketch Christmas card – ink it – print it – cut out parts – assemble – finish – address – stamp – mail.
  2. Shop for three November birthdays
  3. Shop for December birthday
  4. Shop for Christmas presents
  5. Clean
  6. Decorate
  7. Cook
  8. Bake

Feel better about your list? You’re welcome.

6. What about cooking and baking? I always turn on an old movie, start a series, or watch one of my favorites, multi-task, and enjoy!


7. Sit outside for a while. A little vitamin D is good for you, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

8. Take off your shoes and socks and ground yourself by sitting down barefoot. It works for me! I’ll try anything, believe me.

9. Meditate. It’s easy and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

10. Stop negative looping. When you keep thinking about the same thing over and over, STOP. Think about three things for which you are grateful. Focus on them for a minute or two, and POOF! The cycle will break.

Hang in there. No matter what happens in life, it’s always changing. Maybe you need a lift from Ferris Bueller β€”

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

How are you feeling? Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Love it – Stress you can’t control will take a toll.! There is just something about a good spa-like shower followed by a good night’s sleep that is refreshing, reenergizing and recharging. I like grounding with bare feet too (i.e. on the mat, in the grass, etc.). I have been practicing lately in setting up a few things to look forward to. It motivates and excites me as well as gives me some balance, calm and a change of pace. Happy Day – Enjoy πŸ™‚


    1. I love the idea of setting up something to look forward to. My son is coming home for Thanksgiving. YAY! I haven’t seen him since March.
      The shower idea is great too. Anything to get through this!!!
      Have a fabulous day, Renee!! πŸ™‚


  2. Unplugging – going dark – staying away from electronics, all work to calm me. Most of us live in a pretty small world. If we focus on how we can stay happy in that little sphere, help one another out, and keep our miniscule worlds clean and hate free, we’ll be doing a lot of good without knowing what’s going on in someone else’s little world. I try to focus on what’s going on in my house, my family, my town and leave it at that. If we all improve our own micro-communities, the entire world will be a better place. We don’t need to meddle in someone else’s world, or worry about how they’re doing things across the country until we have our own world in order. That’s how I look at things.

    Stay focused on the “what you can change” and don’t worry about the “what you can’t change.” If you can change it and it needs changing – there you go – a project.

    Always good to see your holiday decorations and cards. Keep us updated on those projects.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Such great points! Yes, we need to start with our own microcosm and keep our world hate free! I’m so done with negativity. Love it, Patricia!

      There’s an amazing PBS special about Walter Winchell and how he affected journalism. It is sooooo eye-opening!! History repeats itself.

      I had a super creative day β€” thank God β€” and came up with this year’s card. I might even get it done early. Fingers crossed! LOL!

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  3. As a retiree, I’m rarely stressed. But when it does happen, an extra nap or to is the tonic. Pretty hard to be stressed when you’re asleep.

    Another topic. I’m wondering why I have to enter my name and email now to comment? Then I have to sign into wordpress again.


  4. Thank you for the Ferris Bueller clip! That took me back and made me laugh… and laughter is definitely a stress buster.

    Today I did a meditation class followed by a writing class, drove out to the beach where I walked and wrote, and logged almost 2,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Avoided stress by only listening to the news for about 10 minutes total and staying off social media.


    1. Yay! Way to go! Woohoo!
      I turned off the news seconds ago. It’s too much and not enough, if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚ I plan to wash windows and get some writing done today.


  5. Nice one Susie, so right about relieving the stress. Just getting outside or concentrating on a hobby or craft is so helpful. We’re fed up with the US election so I can’t imagine how it is for you guys.


    1. OMG, I’m dying. The stress is like that of the most intense sporting event ever except my life may depend on it. AND it will be another day of waiting! I’m going to plug into a podcast, wash windows, write two more chapters, and take a bike ride!

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  6. Have you seen the new ad for the video garage door opener with the dad realizing sone & friend are touching his prized sports car? It’s Ferris Bueller – look closely HAHA (great chuckle with the clip)
    Just when you think it would all go away…cruel and unusual punishment – seriously people, it’s like always 50% of the population will be mad/sad/miserable – but wait always better and able to moderate with at least part of the Legislature being of a different party. Sigh, another 4 years of anger from either bunch that is unhappy…bet it all drives up prices in postcard pretty outdoor lands – People are just worn out.
    I’ve been waiting on your card prep notice. Can’t wait to see what you come up with
    Beat you on this though: all presents wrapped and shipped last week (travel may be out this year. Boo) and Dug out the Christmas music CDs and vinyl- yes we have a turntable and the ban on early holiday music is lifted for this year….only this year. Might even do 2 trees this year – and unpack the train to go around the big one…cheery distractions welcomed!
    Jingle on, Susie – gotta play the cards you’re given!


    1. That commercial is HILARIOUS!!
      We sure do! It’s been an exhausting week and I’m so relieved. I’m all about reasonable discussion and compromise. ❀️ I’m looking forward to beef stew, apple pie, and a movie tonigh! Simple pleasures!
      This is the first year that I have an idea before Thanksgiving.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No excuses this year!

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  7. When I am stressed, I make a note of things that are causing stress. I then take on one thing at a time and see how I can work around that. Oftentimes, it acts line a monster while it is in my head and when I write it down , it is nothing that I cannot handle.
    I do take a walk or go for a run to clear out my mind, but to tackle it, writing it down is what works for me.
    I do that with my kids too. With online classes and stuff, they seem so stressed sometimes. When I ask them to spell out the things that are making them stressed, they seem so manageable to them.
    Great post Susie.


    1. I’ve been so stressed this week that I’m just now getting back to comments. LOL! I’m finally decompressing today.
      I love your tip and how you help your kids’ stress too, Deepa! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Oooooh! Yum. Raking is an excellent exercise β€” all that twisting and pulling. I had planned to return my candy, but it looks like I might have to break it open. LOL! I see raking in my future. πŸ™‚


  8. So Useful I love how you can’t think about anything when you exercise all you can think about is finishing the set. Now I have an excuse to at least attempt to get fit


  9. I LOVE Ferris! It’s a great movie to watch any day of the week πŸ™‚ These are all good suggestions I always stick with exercise running, boxing, swimming or the beach. And of course baking πŸ™‚ But Ferris … Ferris is the best way to destress. I even have my own Save Ferris shirt. It’s old and has the soft cotton feel. It’s my favorite. Hope that you’re doing all right πŸ™‚


    1. I want a Save Ferris shirt! I’ll add it to my Christmas list. πŸ˜‚
      I have not tried boxing! I would think that would be the best way to get rid of all of my pent-up anxiety. POW!
      Great to see you, Guat!


    1. I had a huge interactive community and used to spend half of every day reading and commenting on other blogs. Most of them have quit over the years. My focus has been on writing books instead. Yesterday, I made a plan to reach out and build my community again. That’s how I found your blog! 😎
      Do you follow a lot of blogs and make your rounds every day?

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Blog for ten years. LOL! I’m coming up on my anniversary here at WP in May. WordPress has changed a lot. They used to give Editors Picks through Freshly Pressed and I picked up a lot of followers back then. Later, it became Discover but the number of bloggers exploded. Now it looks like they’ve given up on it. Discover is only on my phone and is a random selection of blogs. I don’t understand the algorithm yet but suspect blogs pop up on it, depending on your interest and after interacting with their stream. Any thoughts on that?
              I think your stats and the number of readers on each blog are more important. Pinterest brings a lot of readers to my site.

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