Something Unusual This Way Comes

When I took a walk in the yard a few weeks ago, I discovered something unusual had formed on the ice. When I took a closer look, the strange patterns appeared to be pine needles on the frozen pond, but nothing like that had fallen from the sky during the forest fires. What were they, and how were they caused?

Contrasts in snow and ice on the pond.

The strange formations appeared to be on top of the ice.

Strange ice patterns scattered across the pond

Shadows stretched in patterns across the pond, trimmed with a furry white robe. I had no desire to dig in my toes into the aforementioned fur. It was freakin’ freezing outside.

Ice patterns and long shadows on the icy pond.

I took a closer look, careful not to slip. Grace is NOT my middle name. The ice was a thin veneer. No animal tracks. Not even a bird. Nor mine. Whew!

Patterns in Nature found on an icy pond where shadows stretch, snow trims like fur and icy needles embroider the pond.

Strange shadows created their own patterns while icy needles embroidered the surface.

Strange shadows create patterns while icy needles embroider the pond.

Weird or what?

Strange needle patterns on the icy pond

The heck? Oh, yeah. 2020.

Something Unusual This Way Comes Pinterest Pin with strangely frozen pond. Boulder Colorado | Travel Photography

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  1. Yes, maybe wait a few weeks before venturing out on the ice to investigate. Do you have pine trees near you? Has it been very windy? Did they maybe float in from somewhere before the water froze? It would be interesting to know how this happened. Is it only on the surface and not frozen into the ice?


  2. Superb photos! And definitely unusual. Maybe the ash layer created places for ice to ‘nucleate’ around, and with a bit of wind rippling the surface it was possible for ice-needles to form? I speculate. Water is weird stuff in terms of its behaviour at various temperatures. (Not that I’m complaining, of course. Hot water goes very well with ground coffee…)


    1. Thanks, Matt!
      That’s what I think too. It was pretty windy when they formed. I’m going to keep an eye out to see if it ever happens again!
      Cheers to a fabulous week during crazy times! *clinks coffee mug*
      Great to see you, Matt!


  3. Who knows what they are but they look amazing. Brilliant photos Susie and probably the right idea not to go wandering around in the snow. Looks extremely cold.


  4. hi

    On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 3:39 PM Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride wrote:

    > Susie Lindau posted: ” <p value=" min-font-size=”6″ max-font-size=”72″ height=”80″>When I took a walk in the > yard a few weeks ago, I discovered something unusual had formed on the ice. > Whe” >


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