Win an Illustrated Christmas Card!

In case you’re new to my blog, illustrating my family’s holiday card is one of my favorite traditions. This year, it brought a bit of normalcy to a super weird holiday season. My ninety-year-old mom is staying home in Wisconsin. My son is coming from California with his girlfriend. They will drive straight to the mountains to quarantine for a week. Life is nuts.

After coming up with an idea back in July, I thought I had this year’s holiday card in the bag. I would finish it super early. When I started on the prototype a week ago, the Christmas card elves smote me. Nothing worked. I gave up after a couple of hours.

Would I embrace the COVID insanity in this year’s card or totally ignore it? Hmm. I put on my thinking cap.

An illustration of my brain on inspiration.

I reviewed cards of Christmas past.

Some of my cards have been simple, straightforward drawings.

In recent years, I constructed pop up cards. They included pieces and parts. I still have painful memories of piles of paper snippets — that’s a lot of p’s — hand cramps while clutching a scissors, and glue stuck to everything.

Popup Christmas cards illustrated

One year, I missed a couple of parties because it took about thirty minutes to construct EACH CARD. Ughh. What was I thinking? I accidentally mailed all of them and didn’t keep one for my family. Mistakes were made.

This one was returned to sender for more postage. Everyone got them late that year. GAH!

Christmas tree popup card with the family gathered around while trimming the tree with real beads.

Last year, I compromised and limited my cut and pasting to a tree on the front and two sheets pasted in the center. Still, they took over a week to make. The envelopes kept ripping since they barely fit inside.

While I perused past projects I wondered why I would add to the stress of 2020 by killing myself over a card that’s supposed to be an enjoyable project?

This card would be simpler. It would be a year to enjoy what there is of this insane and sometimes depressing holiday season. An executive decision was made.

I returned to FUN.

The card is finished. Woohoo! After a celebratory dance around my kitchen, I’ll send them out today with the hope that they arrive before Christmas. Last year, making them took so long, the card reveal and contest winners were blogged on Christmas Eve. Yikes!

I’ll reveal the 2020 card and winners in a blog post next week.

So, what did I draw in this year’s card?

Here’s your chance to win!

Yes. YOU!

Guess what my family is doing in this year’s illustrated card and I’ll send you one. Don’t worry. If no one guesses, I will draw names from a hat!

Want me to send you one of my cards? Well, then. Go ahead. Make my day –


How weird is your holiday season? Are you embracing any holiday traditions? Have you added any new ones?

46 thoughts on “Win an Illustrated Christmas Card!

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  1. As a former recipient of one of your pop-up cards, I can attest to not only your creativity but the amount of time that goes into creating each work of art. Whatever your theme is this year, I’m sure the family will be wearing masks and maybe even showcasing a dumpster fire 🤣


  2. I love the card I won last year and put it up again. So much work goes into your cards. I won’t enter this year so someone else will have a chance. I look forward to seeing the end result on your blog. xo


  3. Susie, you are so talented and fun and creative. I can’t come up with any guesses to compete with that. I’ll just say you’re all dressed as Dickens era Christmas caroling – with masks – safely 6 feet apart. Merry Christmas!


  4. I would say it could be about some of those great hikes you’ve done. But I was lucky enough to get one of your cards a couple of years ago and I still put it out at Christmas to be admired. You’re a great artist, Susie, and whoever gets one of your cards will be very lucky and thrilled with the gift.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hand cramps! At some point you just have to be gentle with yourself ( and not miss the parties…whoops, no risk of that this year?)
    You art work is always a delight. I do cherish the one I won.
    This year’s design? Can you Zoom on skies? Mask up all creatures great and small!
    Jingle on!


  6. I won this one time and would love another. I’m guessing it’s you and the family with fire extinguishers putting out the flames of the fire that came so close to you this year.


  7. Hardly original, but I am also guessing something with Zoom–a family gathering with all of you in little Zoom rectangles? I know, I know, it’s not very creative so I’m probably totally wrong, because you are very creative!


  8. Your cards always rock I enjoy the posts leading up to the great reveal 🙂 I know Zoom is popular with the Brady Bunch style squares but I was thinking maybe it’s one of your epic hikes! With Roxy somewhere doing her thing 🙂 I know whatever it is it will have adventure and possibly a mask on the side somewhere 🙂 God luck!


    1. Hey Guat!

      I’m so glad you stopped by to take a guess. I’ll post the reveal later this week. I hope you and your family are enjoying this strange and very altered state of the holiday season. 🙂
      Merry Christmas!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re doing all right. Missing our summer and fall beach trips but chugging along like everyone else.So far we’ve been lucky. Always glad when I pop up and catch a Wild Rider post. Glad you’re doing well:)


        1. I’m glad to hear you’re hanging in there. Except for skiing, I’ve been a hermit. I went shopping at 7:30 AM the last two days which helped boost my holiday mood. My sister works retail in downtown Denver and no one there has gotten sick. Yay! It won’t be long until we we’ll be looking back on 2020 as the lost year.

          It’s always great to “see” you, Guat! Merry Christmas!


  9. I have seen these cards….they are amazing….I think it will be a mask that might be folded and opens up and shows something that might pop up! It could be the Lindau’s drawing that pop up all wearing masks….even maybe the dog? Just a wild guess but I think too much to ignore an idea of mask use for this Covid year! Merry Christmas Susie….I miss seeing you. We still live in Erie. Jon got married this past Sept. Wedding was rescheduled 4 times but took place in Durango Sept. 4th. Jon lives in Dacono with his wife Logan and two large dogs and a blind cat.


    1. HeySarah! So good to “see” you! Thanks for stopping by to make a Wild guess.

      Congratulations to you! I’m glad to hear you were able to celebrate Jon’s wedding during 2020. Definitely a year to remember. 😷

      Thank you so much! I miss you too. Hopefully, 2021 will be a much happier, healthier, and more social new year!❤️


  10. What a cute idea! I generally get sick at Christmas (from the stress) – I’m one of those people who obsess about the perfect Christmas which of course never is. So this Christmas with just my hubby it will be about doing things that make us and not everyone else happy!


  11. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO REVEAL!!! I am thinking you wild riders took up a new sport like bikesking (skis on bikes) or like snow ball (like paint ball) on snowshoes or social distancing acrobatics while exploring nature. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


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