Golden Inspiration to Remind Us: Friday Photography

I took my dog for a walk a couple of days ago and hoped I wouldn’t miss the sunset. Once it begins to slip behind the foothills, the colors fade quickly.

As we approached the top of the hill, it only intensified with color. Its vibrance changed by the second and moved with the wisps of clouds. It created an ethereal landscape. The golden clouds reminded me of my last post and commitment to repair my cracks with gold. We all need to heal in some way. 2021 could be the Year of You.

Golden sunset over Boulder

Even though I could no longer see the sun, it continued its magic in transforming the dramatic clouds. They seemed to be liquid gold.

Liquid gold sunset in Boulder

At that moment, I realized we cannot always choose happiness. It’s only momentary, like a sunset. But, we should be aware of it when it happens and embrace it fully to make it last.

Golden sunset along the foothills

I took one last look while thinking about repairing my cracks with gold. It was an amazing reminder.

Even with the sunset’s last gasp, the saturated colors were breathtaking.

Golden sunset in Colorado

No matter what happens in our lives, nature is there to remind us to look up.

Which is your favorite photo? Did you read my last post about making 2021 your year to strengthen and heal? How is it going so far?

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26 thoughts on “Golden Inspiration to Remind Us: Friday Photography

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  1. BEAUTIFUL CAPTURES!!! Along with treasuring I am really trying to set my day with intention each and every day to set the tone. I am continuing to bookend my day with time for myself in the mornings and time for myself in the evenings. I am finding my voice in a new way in learning to say no more and not only set but stick to my boundaries too. It is calming, balancing and freeing. I am a happier being and I have noticed a shift in those around me too for the better. Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂


    1. Yay! That is so good to hear, Renee. There is only so much that we can take control of in our lives and it sounds like you have the right idea. Your positivity is infectious! Happy weekend to you!


      1. I agree about nature. Living on the coast, we get amazing sunrises, especially during the winter. Here’s one I took a photo of this morning.

        They are not always like that, Susie. Only when we’ve had a cold, clear, night.


  2. Please don’t make me pick – all the photos are beautiful! And the golden color is perfect. Because my life has been a few years of very intensive healing, it’s not a new theme for me, but perfect for the collective in general. With everything that’s been going on recently, between politics, the pandemic, and wind taking out our power for a few days, yesterday became the perfect day to have a healing session, which I did. Here’s to the year of you!


  3. Wow, Susie, these pics are tremendous! You could hang them in a museum. If everyone could see sights like this in person, 2021 would be a very good year indeed. Wishing you a great one!


  4. Wonderful photos – a truly spectacular landscape and sky! And a reminder that, as you say, amidst all the global doom and gloom just now, the cracks in today’s world can be repaired with gold, if humanity sets its mind to it.


    1. Thanks, Matt!
      Very well said. I believe we will look back at this time in history as some of humanity’s darkest days. We need to get through this soul-sucking time with our heads held high. That’s how I noticed the sunset!! 😎


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