Just for the Thrill of It!

When was the last time your heart skipped a beat? Were you watching a terrifying movie? Were you late for something? Maybe you drank too much caffeine like I do every morning. How did you feel before you doing something for the first time, giving a speech, or pitching something? The butterflies flapping in your stomach might have more closely resembled a flock of birds. Humongous birds. Hawks with pointy beaks and talons.

Skiing Breck November

These are all pretty stressful scenarios. How about thrilling experiences and adventures? Even though we choose them, the adrenaline amps up when we push ourselves and ride on the edge of control. The last time my heart pumped like crazy was last weekend.

Most people strive to live inside their comfort zone. With COVID, our lifestyles have become isolated, humdrum, and boring. I’m an adventurous person and have found relief in hiking and biking while spending weekends in the mountains. I had looked forward to winter.

This ski season has been all kinds of weird.

Masked up at Keystone

With COVID restrictions in place, pass holders have to book ski days in advance. That has forced me to ski a lot more than usual since resorts frown on last-minute cancellations. Of course, they don’t ding anyone if they don’t feel well. Call me a rule follower.

Normally, I would peek outside at the weather, check the overnight snow total, temperature, and my energy level before deciding to go skiing. It’s only January, and I’ve already skied sixteen days. That’s more than some entire seasons!

Skiing and boarding Beaver Creek

After being cooped up writing all week, the fresh air is exhilarating. My body craves exercise. It’s a thrill to fly down the mountain.

At the beginning of the season, temperatures were in the forties, and the snow was soft — easy to carve at Keystone and Breckenridge. Only a few runs were open on intermediate runs, but I was grateful for the conditions. Then temperatures dropped. Storms continue to miss the area. If it snows at all, it’s measured in an inch or two.

Not like last year –

Whales Tail 2020 Breckenridge

Most of the higher and more difficult terrain hasn’t opened yet. The black diamond runs that I’ve skied this year are so rocky I have to pick my way down. That leaves the beginner and intermediate runs. Am I bored out of my mind? Nope.

Man-made snow on the slopes has turned to ice. Like driving during snowy conditions, I look for the rough texture of snow to get a grip, turn, and slow me down.

Courtney Danny Susie Breckenridge

The idea is to stay in control.

A few weeks ago, I skied a run to a lift at Beaver Creek. A couple of skiers had stopped on the far side of a headwall. As I started check my turn to slow the heck down, my brakes gave out. Although I was a safe distance away, I dug in as hard as I could, my poor instep on my downhill ski desperate for purchase. After making a super-wide turn, I gave up, and with my weight forward, flew down the slippery slope. Wow. That’s the kind of adrenaline rush I like to avoid.

Last weekend, conditions were so bad, no one was on the mountain in the afternoon. Bonus! That’s my husband, Danny.

Skiing down Peak 7 at Breckenridge

So far, it’s been a safe season — lots of adrenaline, but no accidents, muscle pulls, or horrible spills.

But it’s only January.

What do you like to do for an adrenaline rush? Do you enjoy suspense novels or movies? What completely bores you out of your mind?

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  1. So glad you are getting out and about and having fun! I get excited when I get to travel to someplace new and I can’t do that now. I get bored completely out of my mind if I have to do the same thing over and over. It’s our anniversary and all the bars and restaurants are closed again. So we are having a take out meal at home! We sure have had to adapt.


  2. I lived in Colorado a couple years and learned to ski in Steamboat. Such a beautiful place! It’s great to be surprised during this season! Thanks for sharing.


      1. Hey Kathy!
        I grew up in Wisconsin and learned to ski on ice. While at the UW I painted a scene of that iconic barn outside of Steamboat not knowing I would live in Colorado some day. That’s a great place to learn to ski! We are heading there for a family trip in March.

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        1. Susie, that’s funny because I did the opposite. I learned on the beautiful snow in Colorado and then moved to Seattle and faced the mountain ice snow. I stopped after a season or two. But this area has great hiking and I have learned to enjoy the fireplace during cold weather:) Would love to get back to Steamboat to visit though. Enjoy your trip!


          1. Thanks Kathy! It’s always fun when the family gets together.

            I bet the ice was a shock. I mark my skis so they fit my boots better, but this year, I switched them after that day at Beaver Creek. Sharp edges are everything!!

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  3. Glad to hear you’ve been getting out on the slopes regularly this season. Although as a bonified flatlander, I never developed a joy for skiing. I did make sure I started out my children young and loved watching them excel on the various slopes around Colorado. Downhill tubing was my preferred winter sport for an adrenaline rush.


      1. We used to visit Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA regularly and would tube at the ranch and in Frasier. The kids learned to ski at Granby Ranch before hitting up Copper, Keystone, and Crested Butte.


        1. That sounds like fun! We are heading to Crested Butte in February. The southern mountains have been getting all the snow until now – forecasters are predicting a foot of snow this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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  4. Beautiful Captures Wild Rider 🙂 I have been getting my Barre on lately as well as taking in some nature walks. I have been reading more and who does not love a great mystery. I am not usually bored but give me something I loathe and here comes boredom! Happy Weekend – Enjoy


  5. So envious of your ability to get out to ski. All of our ski resorts in Ontario are currently on a province wide lockdown which of course is devastating to them. Argh! Hoping we get some sort of season in🤞


    1. Oh, wow. I’m as careful as a person can get and feel totally safe skiing. Everyone wears masks and socially distance while outdoors. Colorado’s cases have gone way down since Thanksgiving, surprising everyone.
      I hope your resorts open soon!😎 Great to see you, Lynn!

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  6. I haven’t had an adrenaline rush (or been skiing) for quite a while now. I’ve been following a routine of sorts which doesn’t involve a lot of stress so I’ve been on a even keel. I get enough stress wondering how my business is going to make it another month, week, day so I try to keep busy doing other things and mellow me out. Like writing. I started a new manuscript and I’m editing another so my brain stays focused on my make believe world.

    Although, I did have to slam on my brakes really hard the other day on my way home from the grocery store to avoid hitting a squirrel so there was that heart-pounding moment.

    I love that you’re enjoying the out doors. I miss skiing so I was virtually skiing with you in that video.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Make Believe World is the best place to hang out. Congratulations! I just finished a rewrite and am catching with blogging. 😎
      Things will turn around. We are staying at an Airbnb in Crested Butte and a condo I Steamboat. I feel very safe while traveling in our State.
      Thanks so much, Patricia! I’ll ski a run fir you tomorrow.


  7. Awesome! Be safe and have fun, Susie. Don’t have to tell you that, though. I’m dying to get on the slopes just once this winter. You’ve inspired me to make those plans. (Of course this is PA-skiing, nothing like CO, but also better than nothing!)


    1. Thank you, Phil!
      Yes! It’s a fantastic escape. It won’t be long and we’ll be able to spread our wings again. I do think I’ll continue to wear a mask during flu season because they work!
      Have a great weekend!

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  8. I do envy you your fresh air and sunshine. Reading really is the only escape I have had and it has been harder and harder to find books to get invested in. Still, they are an escape. It will be interesting when we all peek outside and come out of our hibernation. I long for it.


    1. What is it about boring books??? I have four next to my bed and two are supposed to be fantastic! — Telling instead of showing and no suspense. Even romance should be suspenseful! I’m back to puzzling. LOL!
      Yes, it won’t be long now. Are you signed up for your vaccination?

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      1. OMG! I have done so many puzzles. I do enjoy them though and they keep my hands busy so I am not munching. I was just looking for new ones to order. There should be some kind of big puzzle exchange at the end of this.


          1. I have been really careful about the pieces but somehow managed to lose one of the boxes. How does that happen? At least I have pictures of each one I completed and I will print that out and leave it with the baggie of pieces 😉


  9. I miss the adrenaline I used to get from skiing. But since my life went to sea and then moved to Western WA with a man who doesn’t do any sports, never mind winter sports, the last time I skiied was a handful of times with co-workers before I had my son. Honestly, the skiing closest to home, which is still about a 90 minute drive, ain’t great. The mountain is pretty much all steep, and there’s no such thing as powder. When I went down a mogul run that looked fun, the snow was so heavy I could barely turn my skis and my thighs burned so badly I had to stop and rest a few times down the run. I sometimes wish I could rewind my life and hook up with someone who loves to get outdoors and get active.


      1. Unfortunately, I’m in no physical condition to ski these days. My Kundalini awakening has absolutely decimated my physical energy and strength for the past few years, and I’ve gained an absolute ton of weight. And no, I’ve never been to Mt. Hood, I’ve only skied locally in northwest WA state. I’ll have to reassess once I have energy again and drop a ton of weight.


  10. Reading your posts never fails to charge me to the tip. You are one indomitable skier —maybe ice is the predominant element of your spirit. I have had bungee jumping on my bucket list for long but after the recent rendezvous with Covid-19 and the ensuing complications I had to let it go.


    1. Hey Uma! Great to see you.
      It won’t be long and we’ll be vaccinated against this hideous disease. Then we will live it up! Soon you’ll be swinging and screaming fir your life. 😂 😎
      I’m making a return to the ice today. But there’s a storm on the way. I better start dancing for snow!

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  11. You can include me in the “drank too much caffeine” category of adrenaline rush. I get to sipping coffee in the morning, mindlessly I guess. I’ve never skied nor had the inclination to do so, but a good walk out in a forest gets my heart a pumping. And inevitably I slip on or stumble over something along the path, providing me with an adrenaline rush, albeit perhaps unwanted.

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