Sunday Ski Photography: Views

I just arrived home from skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. It finally snowed. Yay! It amounted to less than a foot, but it improved the thin conditions. I took a few photos and thought you might like to take a virtual run.

The sun shone bright and cast strong blue shadows across the snow.

A view of the mountain range from Breckenridge

As it warmed up, so did my legs. I headed over to Little Johnny to ski some bump runs. Don’t tell my orthopedic surgeon.

View of Baldy Mountain from Breckenridge

I stopped to take a few pictures. A couple of skiers flew by and killed it.

Skiers on a bump run in Breckenridge

Here’s a video of a skier shredding Little Johnny. Do skiers shred?

As I caught my breath, someone skied through the trees.

Sneaking a peek at Peak 8 Breckenridge

It was a bluebird day with lots of blue shots. More snow is on the way. I hope it’s measured in feet next time.

How did you spend your Sunday? Did you get outside this weekend? Do you enjoy winter?

For more photography, click here!

43 thoughts on “Sunday Ski Photography: Views

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  1. That looks like so much fun, Susie! The beautiful views and subtle blues, very nice. I used to ski years ago in Michigan, certainly not as you guys do. ❤️😎


      1. Mostly to do yardwork in the spring, summer, and fall, and to deal with firewood in the winter. And of course to put out the birdseed and to feed Lincoln. I don’t ski anymore. Too afraid of broken bones, but I used to go skiing a long time ago.


        1. Nice! It’s great exercise. No lifts involved! I love cross-country and just took up all-terrain skiing. I went on a hut trip last year and rented them but skiing uphill without a heavy backpack is so much easier. I’ll post about my recent outing sometime soon. ⛷

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  2. Looks like you had a wonderful ski day! I am a landscape photographer on the other side of the state in Ridgway, close to Telluride. I am so happy the slopes have gotten some good snow with more on the way!


    1. For the most part! Yesterday, I skied single and the lifties packed my chairlift. Gah! I wore an N95 and it zoomed up the mountain, but I couldn’t help thinking, how I can’t wait to be vaccinated!
      Have you gotten yours yet?

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      1. No. They are doing our seniors and front line people first. We have also run into a problem on with both Pfzer & Moderna reneging on their agreements with Canada so we didn’t even receive any in the country for a couple of weeks.


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